Dupont India Has Built a Strong Base

Du Pont is functioning in many areas

Ballistics Centre

Ballistics Centre
Ballistics Centre | Source

India’s Defence Needs Are Growing

Ballistics Centre

Dupont India has opened a ballistics centre. It will be providing a combination of solutions to suit the local requirements. Dupont India is the wholly owned subsidiary of Dupont. The ballistics centre is the company’s first such facility in the entire Asia Pacific region. It has been opened in Hyderabad at Dupont Knowledge Centre situated in the outskirts of the city. The ballistic centre has a 600-tonne helmet press, a ballistic testing range and stab testing equipment. It will provide lighter vein solutions to Indian defence forces.

India’s Defence Needs Are Growing

By setting up the ballistics centre, Dupont will provide an alternative to the Indian defence forces to the existing DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) and ordnance factories. Dupont did not disclose the investment in the new ballistic centre facility. However, Dupont foresees big opportunities in the Indian defence sector in future. Already India has become the biggest arms importer in the world, overtaking China. India is surrounded by enemy nations like Pakistan and China. Constantly India has to be alert in the defence sector to guard its Territory.

Use for Kevlar

There is a challenging requirement for internal security forces and defence with regard to ballistics. The ballistics centre will be developing applications and solutions for helmets and protective vests that could undergo local testing in the company’s centre. Here the company is planning to develop solutions at cheaper costs by working jointly with partners/customers and end users. Dupont also plans to introduce its patented material Kevlar and solutions that take care of the local requirements. Apart from vests and helmets, the Kevlar material is also useful in other sectors like oil & natural gas, aerospace, automotive industry and alternative energy. The end users can test the applications in the company’s facility, which are of global standards.

Change in Executive Level

Earlier, Dupont re-jigged the Indian team. Dupont is a science and engineering products company with a global brand image. Rajiv Vaidya was appointed as the new President for South Asia. Rajiv Vaidya replaced Balvinder S Kalsi who was appointed as a leader in corporate strategy in the company’s Willingdon headquarters. Kalsi was handling the South Asian region for six years. However experienced and skilful the person may be, if he is kept in the same post for more than five years, he will develop a distaste and monotony in his job. Therefore Kalsi’s replacement is quite correct. In the last six years, Dupont India tripled its revenue to around $1 billion. During this period, the company launched its Dupont India Innovation Centre in Pune. In 2008, it launched Dupont Knowledge Centre and Dupont Services Centre in Hyderabad. The company also expanded into the markets of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Development of Coragen

Dupont India has also decided to focus on formulations and pro-biotics. The company is also renowned for its agriculture and chemicals expertise. Dupont has decided to launch at least three innovative products in the crop protection segment in India. It includes an insecticide and two fungicides. Dupont is headquartered in Delaware in USA. Dupont wants to take advantage of India’s eagerness to increase agricultural productivity to feed the growing population. Dupont is a $32 billion turnover company. Last September, Jim Borel, the Executive Vice President of Dupont visited India. He disclosed that at least six crop protection products were launched by Dupont in the last couple of years that included Coragen, an insecticide, which was an international launch. This product is used in India now in over six million acres of sugarcane and rice crop.

Developing healthy snacks

Developing healthy snacks
Developing healthy snacks | Source

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Delaware State, the Headquarters of Du Pont

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Delaware State, the Headquarters of Du Pont

Dupont India Has Built a Strong Base

Rice-Related Research

Dupont Knowledge Centre in Hyderabad is focusing on rice-related research. The yield of rice has not undergone much change in the recent past. Dupont wants to increase the yield of hybrid rice using biotechnology methods. The company is planning to have strength of 500 in its research centre soon. It is already playing a useful role in Dupont’s global research. In genetic engineering, Dupont is focusing on developing molecular markers and improving traits that can bring about dramatic improvements.

Developing Healthy Snacks

Some time back, Dupont launched a draught-tolerant corn in USA. It has also introduced soya bean modified to accommodate high levels of olieac acid. The acquisition of the Danish company Danisco which is engaged in sweetener and pro-biotics, Dupont is well on the way into entering food business. Here health and wellness sectors are the priorities for the company. In fact, Danisco is already present in India. Dupont India is also collaborating with some Indian nutrition institutes and food companies to develop health snacks.

Technology for Automotive Sector

The company’s India Innovation Centre in Pune focuses on the fast growing automotive sector. It focuses both on original equipments and components. It serves as a platform for bringing together various players in the Indian automotive sector to come out with scientific solutions that fuel application and innovation. Dupont has already opened such centres in Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand. Here, collaboration among its 100 R&D centres and auto companies are allowed. Both home grown and multinational companies can take part in the collaboration and get benefited. Companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors, Volkswagen, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Kirloskar among others will be benefitted.

Automobile Sector in India Is Witnessing Tremendous Growth

Dupont showcased the new air-duct technology. More such innovations are on the cards. Dupont has prioritised three vital areas for its growth in India. They are automotive sector, healthy food sector and safety & security. The purpose of setting up its Innovation Centre is to make vehicles lighter, faster, more fuel efficient and safer. Right now, India is the tenth largest car producer in the world. But in a decade, it will be the third largest producer. Dupont does not want to miss the opportunity in the tremendous growth that is going to take place in India in the next decade. Pune centre of Dupont will look after chassis, power-train, sustainability, alternate drive and comfort & design. In developing electric vehicles, technology for battery separators will play a crucial role. Pune is already an auto hub for India with many major auto companies having set up their facilities there. It was the right choice for Dupont to set up its Innovation Centre in Pune.

Pact with Advanta

Last year, Dupont signed a pact with Advanta for sorghum research. Under the pact, Dupont will be supplying its biotechnology to Advanta to develop a high yielding sorghum.

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