Electric Fence Energizer Security System Malaysia

We are local company in Malaysia and in collaboration with Arena Trade & Management, specializes in Electric Perimeter Security Fence System installation for residential, commercial or industrial, warehouses, swiftlet farming, agricultural estate or cultivated areas, telecommunication towers, plantations, airports, detention facilities and many other areas where effective security system are required.

We sell and install an affordable, latest technology and highly effective Electric Perimeter Security Fence System to protect your property and ensure that intruders do not unlawfully enter your property. It is the first line of defense and enhances the ability to detect and respond to break-ins or intrusion immediately. The intruder will get a short, sharp, painful but non-lethal, safe electric shock once the intruder comes in contact with the electric fence and an alarm will be raised.

Our Electric Perimeter Security Fence System can be connected to an optional GSM Alarm System where it will immediately call and send SMS text messages to 8 pre-set mobile phone numbers (all Malaysia GSM networks) when intruder alarm triggers to alert your to an intrusion. It can be attached to existing chain link or wire mesh fence and gates, to existing brick wall fence, building and roofs.

Call us or email us if you want to talk more about Electric Perimeter Security Fence System, an ideal solution for business and property protection. We can be contacted as follow. Visit our website www.econet.net.my for more information and gallery pictures.

* BT. Teoh ( 016-4848211 ) email:  btteoh@econet.net.my

* Patrick ( 019-9346177 ) email :  patrick@econet.net.my

* Kulim branch - Zulkifli Hashim ( 016-4311330 ) email :  kifili@econet.net.my

Electric Fence Energizer Maaysia

Electric Fence Energizer Malaysia
Electric Fence Energizer Malaysia

Email us for more information: 4 comments

Jason Loot 6 years ago

Do you have any installer in Klang Valley?

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econet 6 years ago from West Malaysia Author

We don't any installer at this moment in Klang Valley but we are able to do installation of the electric fence security system anywhere in West Malaysia. We are happy to do site inspection prior to our final quote.

Please email us econetmy@gmail.com or call me 016-4848211 if u have more questions. TQ

lai 3 years ago

any installer in kuching, sarawak?

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econet 3 years ago from West Malaysia Author

JVA Electric Fence Security Fence System Installation, Malaysia.

I am sorry we don't have installer or dealer in Sarawak yet. Only Sabah. TQ. BT Teoh website: econet.my

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