Electrical help guide - My ceiling light is not working ?


If you have switched your light on and it does not work , it is either a problem with the circuit or the lamp / bulb . When it is more than one light that has been affected it may be the circuit . For just the one llight , its more likely to be the lamp .

Lamp change - you should always make sure the power is switched off before attempting to change the lamp . If you are unsure the direction of the switch , when it’s a 2 way circuit in a hall for example , pull the fuse or switch off .the circuit breaker Simply remove the lamp and renew with the same type . Most light fittings will have a maximum wattage stamped on the fitting and you should never exceed this . Fluorescent lights may need a starter in addition to a lamp . For low voltage lighting it may be a faulty transformer and should only be changed by an electrician .

Check the circuit - find the fuse box / consumer unit usually located beside the meter . If you find you have an older fuse box with pull out fuses and wire I would recommend calling an electrician . The fuse can go with a loud bang and can take longer to blow than circuit breakers . If you have a circuit breakers then you can simply switch on and the lights will work . If your lights have come back on then you will often find you have a lamp out as circuit breakers are sensitive to filament fracture . If there appears to be no reason for the fuse to blow you should have a visual check on the switches and lights on the circuit . If you find it does not reset then call an electrician .





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electricians swansea 6 years ago

Great post, excellent information. If in doubt get a Part P registered electrician.

electrician dunfermline 6 years ago

or go to the NICEIC website for more info

Caz 2 years ago

My son has managed to pull the light wire completely out of the ceiling. I have taped it up and switched it off at the fuse box. I'm now really worried about fire and how dangerous it is left like that. Am I over reacting?

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