Email Marketing, How To Add Newsletter Subscription Form In Your Blog / Website

Creating your own newsletter subscription form for your blog is a key step in having a successful blogger career. Remember even spammers know the important of having mailing list.

The more number of regular visitors to your website or blog, means more revenue for you.

So, for this tutorial I will teach you how to add a newsletter subscription form in your blog.

You could see my form in action at If you want to subscribe, just add in your details in form to subscribe to my newsletter.

I am using Mail Chimp service for this tutorial and you could use them also. They got free starter package for email marketing and list management service.

Once you have create an account with Mail Chimp, you need to create your list first.

Then setup the list. Once you have setup your list, you have create the form for your newsletter subscription.

To create the form,

> Click Design Sign Up Form

> Click Embed Source Code For Small Form

> Define your Form Structure and you could preview the form at your left hand side. Just don't tick enable evil pop up mode.

> Once satisfied, copy the code and paste the code in your blogger or website.

To add in the code in Blogger, the steps are as follows:

> Login To Your Blog

> Click Layout

> Add Gadget, Click HTML/Javascript.

> Add the code and position the gadget in your blog.

> Save.

With that you could have people signing up to your blog. After this I will show how to add evil popup in your blog, click here for the evil pop up newsletter subscription video.

Video tutorial below, so that you won't get lost.

Newsletter subscription form

Creating Newsletter Subscription Form in Mail Chimp

Create your list
Create your list
Setup the list
Setup the list
Design The Form
Design The Form
Click embed source code for small form
Click embed source code for small form
Edit the form details, copy and paste the code to your blog or website
Edit the form details, copy and paste the code to your blog or website

Creating Newsletter Subscription Form Video Tutorial

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Fashion Shoes 6 years ago

Great article. It's very useful

Charles Walker 6 years ago

I think Omnistar Mailer is a great tool for helping with email marketing

Putra 5 years ago

How about aweber ?

Is there MailChimp could over the aweber ?

probyte2u profile image

probyte2u 5 years ago from Part Buntar, Malaysia Author

Aweber is also a good solution, but the pricing i am not sure.

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