Energy Conservation-A New Technique

Energy Crisis and It's Recovery

Energy crisis is a main problem today which has become a matter of concern. In such condition many people as well as organizations are trying to get conclusion.

Energy crisis means the lack of energy resources for use. Obviously, it has great impact in human civilization. In future we will not be able to live convenient life, even there will be difficulties for daily needs like food. The Sun is the main natural source of energy. Others like petroleum, electricity etc also provide large amount of energy for daily use. Due to the overuse of these resources, they will be no longer remaining for the future use. Many people and organizations are thinking about different ideas, I don't know whether they will be sufficient to cover the lack or not, but I think my idea will obviously bring a radical change in it.

My idea is that we can produce energy in a way the just opposite in which we invest it. Let us consider for motors and other types of vehicles, in which the main part of energy is investing. Fuel makes a rotational motion in it's body part to get transformed, like the wheels. We know that there is counter-action between electrical energy and rotational motion. Energy is investing in rotational motion but also from rotational motion we can produce energy. My logic is based in this fact. If we join a kind of charging machine (like Dynamo) in rotating part of vehicle (wheel), there will be saving of charges in the machine and later we can use that. Perhaps, you are thinking that what a silly idea like a child. But I am focusing the fact that there are millions of vehicles running everyday in many part of world. If we could fit such charging machine in every vehicles there would be large energy accumulation in one day. Furthermore, to encourage such activity government should make a plan for selling and buying charges according to it's amount. People can sell their accumulated charges to powerhouse or the professional charge seller for the daily public use. This idea also bolsters for the employment as people can use this idea to support their financial condition.

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jameshards profile image

jameshards 6 years ago from Nepal

Nice article, Great idea which is simple but really acceptable...keep it up

nutsav profile image

nutsav 6 years ago from New Delhi

..good idea..

Dr. Cherie profile image

Dr. Cherie 6 years ago from Hamburg, NY

Makes sense to me, Doc. For many years, people who use wind energy get paid by the electric company for unused electricity. Why not get paid for excess wheel energy? It would be a great encentive to use it.

Enjoyed and will share. Thanks

dnr.anuj profile image

dnr.anuj 2 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal Author

Thank you Dr. Cherie.

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