Epidemic - One step ahead of Technology

Humans, the brain behind technological advancements are rated more than a super computer. Man has cracked every secret of nature. His contributions to science especially in medical field is amazing. It ranges from the genetic codes and DNA structure to even the production of human sperms artificially in the recent past.

Each year goes by, with striding achievements in technology. Initially inventions of antibiotics was the first break through in tackling diseases. We felt now the disease producing organisms have come under control and we exactly know how to kill them and save the people.

This fact was well utilized in the rampant staphylococcal infections of world war injuries with the advent of penicillin. We thought we have attained supremacy over the pathogens. But the pathogens seem to have inherent intelligence to overcome our technological advancement. Slowly they started producing factor so that the drug penicillin could no longer control them. Brainy scientists not accepting their defeat started producing better drugs to count them. With every betterment of drug, the pathogens produce better defence mechanisms and are much more resistant to never ending drugs. There are times when i feel if we had not discovered antibiotics at all. The disease pathogens would never have been much more simpler and our own body's immunity would have taken care of it. Fighting with nature, we know we have only baskets of ever increasing pathogens ready to attack whenever they get a chance. Pathogen have become our worst enemies ever challenging us to go deep into science for attacking them.

Epidemics still are so rampant in the modern era with several counties following strict guides lines. We had SARS recently, killing several lakhs of people all over the Globe. In the most recent epidemic of H1N1, we even knew the structure of virus causing it, we exactly knew how it attacks, ways of diagnosis and methods of treatment. But with all the precautions we again had to sacrifice so many lives this time also.

Man soon realized that these viruses are very advanced and preventing their infection are very advanced and preventing their infection is much easier than cure. So scientists started producing vaccines against them. But this time also Viruses proved superior to man by modifying its type so that it is no longer prevented by our man made vaccines. Though we do have statistics of eradication of small pox and plague by put technology, other epidemics do keep threatening us time and again. Is technological advancement a boon or a bane? No doubt Epidemics are a step ahead of technology.

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