Everybody NEEDS a Pocket Surfer 2!

Pocket Surfer 2 REVIEW

The Newest Way to Surf the Web …So Far! | The Easiest and Definitely the Smallest Pocket Surfer… So Far!

We are using our Pocket Surfer 2s all the time. I’m not using it to type this – that’s not what a Pocket Surfer 2 is… get with the programme!

The wafer thin (almost literally) Pocket Surfer 2 is JUST for surfing the web and attending to web related matters…so far! You can take it anywhere and if there’s a connection to be had its GPRS modem will find it and you’ll be online within seconds. This little beauty is more like a mobile phone than a sedentary PC or a cumbersome laptop. You just have to charge its rechargeable phone – like you do your mobile.

The Pocket Surfer 2 has neither wires nor wi-fi. Best of all, the Pocket Surfer 2 has NO CONTRACT. You just pay your money (ours cost just under £140) and turn it on. It has a 5 inch screen and – perhaps because its dedicated to web work – fantastic speed. Our advice? GET ONE

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