Explaining :- clrscr (); and getch(); in C

clrscr (); and getch();

clrscr(); and getch(); requires the header file conio.h i.e #include <conio.h>

clrscr(); :- This is used for clearing the output screen i.e console

suppose you run a program, alter it and run it again you may find that the previous output is still stuck there itself, at this time clrscr(); would clean the previous screen.

One more thing to remember always use clrscr(); after the declaration like

int a,b,c;

float total;


getch(); :- getch is used to hold the screen in simple language, if u don't write this the screen

will just flash and go away....

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priyankmaniar profile image

priyankmaniar 7 years ago from Mumbai, India Author

i hope it helps. . !

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

Good explanation; also note that conio.h is not ANSI or ISO standard.

alam 7 years ago

thanks brother i was forget it.

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priyankmaniar 7 years ago from Mumbai, India Author


REAl 7 years ago

Thanks man.

rimi 7 years ago


it is really useful

xyz 7 years ago

pl. note that this explanation hold water only if u r doing programing in turbo c.

azher 7 years ago

thanx for the great information

Brundaban 7 years ago

Thank a lot sir

priyankmaniar profile image

priyankmaniar 7 years ago from Mumbai, India Author

no problem guys ... thanks for commenting :)

Cheers !

kishram 6 years ago

good explaination dude...........

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priyankmaniar 6 years ago from Mumbai, India Author


tintin 6 years ago


rencylL 6 years ago


ahm can you try explaning about what do in the program?,what is the defination of conio.h?

kim d. 6 years ago

nice dowd .

now i knew it .

it just a simple explanation .

ur the men dowd .

Preetha 6 years ago

good explaination

Rohit 6 years ago


Arjit 6 years ago

Hi there!

I use Dev Cpp IDE for learning C as Turbo aint working on Win Vista. So, it displays error whenever I use clrscr() and getch(). Plz help. DEV cpp is available under free license.

Ahsan 6 years ago

Dev Cpp does not required clrscr() function. it only works with Turbo.

ramchandar 6 years ago

this is useful site

cath 6 years ago

cause turbo the one only recquired a clrscr(); function...

priyankmaniar profile image

priyankmaniar 6 years ago from Mumbai, India Author

thankyou everyone for your comments and appreciation.

I have only used Turbo C as IDE for C and C++ so don't know about the other IDE's. And that does require clrscr and getch :)

dixy 6 years ago

thank u

payal 6 years ago

hi.....nice explaination but plz tell me the reason to declare clrscr after variable declaration ????

vikas 6 years ago

thanks a lot .. well explained

Anand Pardeshi 6 years ago

why we have to use clrscr() after the variable declaration.

suresh 6 years ago

i want some programs,quizzes in c where i can found them

ryan 6 years ago

how to color the output!

Ashley 6 years ago

what will happen if i use clrscr() before the declaration...it comes error but i want to know why

piyapiya 6 years ago

nice explanation from every one and thanks to you all people. actaully, i am new one from c++ using visual studio 2008.. and i saw many projects with clscr() and getch(). so i was confused but now clear to some extent.

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piyapiya 6 years ago

visual studio 2008 is a compiler itself..how?? please anybody explain me about compiler..

bala 6 years ago

useful info

gaurav 6 years ago

well explained

sourabh.... 6 years ago

thnx...it works correctly nw..

Fadila Fulail 6 years ago

Hmm well explained in the way that i want, thank you

praveen 6 years ago

thanks 4 well explanation of clrscr();

Khairy 6 years ago

i am using visual Studio6. Clrscr(); not working. It says , undeclared. Even, as u said, make use of coni.h. I did even then, not working.

khairy 6 years ago


One of my fellow asked about the abbreviation of conio.

So, it is console input out. Oh, i remembered, this thing my professor told me in Intro to computer programming. Well, helped me.

oindo job 6 years ago

its been really useful...

sonali 6 years ago

thanks a lot

iqra 6 years ago

hye want 2 learn c language in detail online plz help me.wat should i have 2 do.bcoz i dnt understand frm my teacher

Anirudh Banerji 6 years ago

Does anyone knows that if we do not clear the console, then the previous outputs get displayed every time we run it,So i wanted to know where are these previous output are stored. Exactly which place holds these output on the console?

Thank you

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ravi256690 6 years ago

why we cant use clrscr() before declaration?

joydeep 5 years ago

thanks a lot......

punit chauhan 5 years ago

surely it'll help me..........

Pworld 5 years ago

the clrscr() is declared after declaration of variable becoz of the structure format of c..dat is the main function 1stly searches d declaration of variable den other fun. hence it gives error when declared be4..hope dis help

sanjeev 5 years ago

thanks a lot

chaitra 5 years ago

wow!gud explaination thanks lot

Priyanka 5 years ago

How we pass 2-D Array to a Function?

mithilesh kumar 5 years ago

can we use clrscr anywhere in the program? If we use then what will be the result?

uv ramana 5 years ago

Thanks and its very useful for me.

tiii 5 years ago

nice explanation................ thanx.......

sathishkumar 5 years ago

thanks.nice explanation

pratima 5 years ago

even if we does not give conio.h stil clrscr() works..


den what is the need of that header file

Rizwan 5 years ago

Very Good Ans...

Marwan 5 years ago

thanks you

Raghvendra singh 5 years ago

thanks you solve the problem

DoNa 5 years ago

Thank u ..........

nomi 4 years ago

i did it but it asks to declare clrscr();????

ARVIND KUMAR 4 years ago


Satish 4 years ago


Siddhartha 4 years ago

stupendo fantabolously fantastical,chummeshwari and now that's what i call explanation..in all total many many thnx..

sumit paul 4 years ago


kamal sharma 4 years ago

I were very confuse that how does declare both now I could able to use right way of clrscr(); and getch();


ganapthihema 4 years ago

very simple and nice definition

ajay dhakar 4 years ago

its fantastic

anbu 3 years ago


Devi 3 years ago

Thank you

sonu 3 years ago

good explanation

Muhammad Asif Raza 3 years ago

It's very helpful ...Thanks to all

mani kanth 3 years ago

thanx a lot bro.....

saawan kumar 3 years ago

clrscr();-clrscr function clears the screen

S.Kothandaraman 3 years ago

Thank u very much for the insant response in proving information.

CoderGal 3 years ago

Compact, to the point, and solves my problem

BHaradwaj 3 years ago

Thanks , Its correct way u explained

Praveen 3 years ago


its very helpful

jeyanthan 2 years ago

i need a help i just installed c++ setup from yogisoft tec., in that the display screen is not clear and numbers are hidden how can i rectify it and where can i gertt original turbo c setup

sha 2 years ago

good expanation

thank you

yar muhammad 2 years ago

Thanks of your well explanation

I have understood perfectly

sky 2 years ago


rajini 2 years ago

Its useful

kannan 2 years ago

u r good expliner

sasi 2 years ago

Its useful

veer 2 years ago

This helps me lot to understanding the program

Yash singhal 2 years ago

Really its great for studying.........

saqi gujjar 2 years ago

its very easy to solve problems

mukesh mahato 2 years ago

Thank you so much

Ivan 2 years ago

Thank you man, best regards.

pranav 23 months ago

thanks man

tania sarkar 19 months ago

Thnk u so much.....

ganesh kumar 14 months ago

correct ans

p.meena 10 months ago

Thank you sir.

madhuri 5 months ago

This was really in very simple language.Thank u sir....

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