Facebook Blueprint 2011


How much time do you spend on Facebook?

I am new on IM (Internet Marketing) and just started this hub to share my thoughts with you all about Facebook.

Facebook is a unique platform where everyday people share their photos ,vids, thoughts and whatever else there is to share.A big portion of those people spend a lot of time on Facebook.

The current population of Facebook is about 600.000.000 users.That is just amazing...This website is not even 7-8 years old...!

I am almost sure that you ,yes you also have a facebook account.right?I thought so.Of course I also have one :).

Thing is that you and me can actualy make some income from Facebook while it is fun.So how do you make money on Facebook?

First of all you must have a lot of friends to have some power on FB.I estimate that about 2000 friends will start you making some $$ a day.You have to be very careful when you plan making money with or by using FB because accounts get disabled everyday because of missuse or spam or what ever.

If we supose you have 2000 friends how we go from here?Well it is not too easy but not too hard either.Go and sign up with an affiliate program like clickbank or amazon or CJ or something like that.Find a product you think will sell.Do your homework ,search on the Internet about reviews and blogs about it ....

Go on Facebook and create a Fan Page... not a group!

Start to customize your Fan Page and make it look nice by adding text , pictures and Youtube  vids that have to do with your product...Invite your friends to join and also ask them to invite their friends also to "like"your page.

In some time depending how long it is going to take to get some fans (2000-5000 fans) you will start to see results.It is up to you to find what is going to sell so it doesn't work everytime.

Facebook gives you the space to advertise for free and make some money easily without having to operate a website.If you are going to work hard promoting your page you soon will have success.

Thats it for this time.I hope you have something to share on the comments so I will post more and more.And believe me I have a lot to tell.There are many ways to make $$$ on Facebook and i know them all.So stay tuned and spread the word about my hub.

All the best Maria

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tymmy profile image

tymmy 5 years ago

this is great, i think i'll try it out.

Nanocode 5 years ago

Im going to try too ;)

mariakelpoviz profile image

mariakelpoviz 5 years ago Author

Thank you for your comments

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