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Facebook Buzz
Facebook Buzz

How to get Targeted Leads from Facebook

Facebook Buzz is a new powerful Facebook extractor software that allows you to extract your prospects' details from Facebook in seconds, boost your marketing efforts with this software and accomplish what used to be too time consuming in seconds.

Facebook Buzz is a new software tool that allows you to do most of, if not all your Facebook marketing and much, much more for as little as $2. That's the price of a very effective, innovative piece of Software. It actually gives you the power to access and tap into the world's most popular social network site to generate targeted leads for your business or affiliate promotions.

How to do easy Facebook marketing

Establish closer relationships with followers

With Facebook Buzz you can easily tap into the popular consumer markets on the World's quickest growing social network site, gather valuable information from Facebook followers with just a click of the mouse to start marketing too!

Socialize and Establish closer relationships with followers found on Facebook via your Facebook account and friends' list by using this new powerful software "Facebook buzz" .

With this easy to use software tool, you can immediately provide yourself with a list of targeted prospects, plus their contact information and this could be done for any niche market. Access to prospects who are ready to hear what you have to offer!

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Likes
Facebook Likes

Getting followers on your list

This simple but effective software generates information from your prospects or followers accounts in seconds, eliminating the time you would normally spend manually researching and adding new followers to your list!

Almost overnight you'll experience more targeted followers, sales and profits from marketing to a particular list of customers from Facebook that you targeted for a specific niche!

Training for social media marketing

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Ray 5 years ago


does anyone know how to use the software? i have looked on youtube, but there is no step by step guide. i have tried looking up a step by step guide to using the software on google and nothing. if you know how to use the software can you please send me the instructions to zues2002@hotmail.com

Allan Philip 5 years ago

Hi Ray, The creator of this software is Heri Rosyadi and you could get product information at his help desk address: http://software-script.com/help-desk-3/

You could also contact him at his personal email address at heribusiness@gmail.com

To your success with Facebook Buzz

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