Facebook: Confessions of an Addict

I'm pretty positive that most, if not all, people reading this have heard of Facebook.  Facebook is a social network used to connect people of all ages to their family, friends, and coworkers.  It doesn't stop there, though.  People can find their teachers, bosses, and many other people from anywhere around the world.  Facebook is one of the most trafficked sites right now on the internet with over 750 million users worldwide.

Facebook is the talk of many people.  A lot of people love it, while a lot of people hate it.  Either way, Facebook can be found, mentioned pretty much anywhere.

My Facebook Addiction

Myspace was the social network site that I had been using for quite some time before finding out about Facebook. I decided to stick with Facebook even though it seemed boring at first, and I'm glad I did. Several months after I joined, I started realizing that more and more people I had gone to school with had joined. Then, some time later is when all of the added Facebook features came out. I, as well as all of my other friends, were slowly starting to gravitate towards Facebook; while less and less time was being spent on Myspace.

For me, Facebook became a way of life. I wasn't one of those people who updated their status every five minutes. I was never one to comment on everything I saw. I never became friends with people I didn't know. I wasn't a big attention-seeker. I wasn't a big picture taker either.

I was honestly someone who used Facebook to interact with the people that were closest to me. Yes, I was friends with people from high school and people I haven't seen in several years. That was mainly because it's nice to be able to keep in touch. Even though I might not talk to many of them every day, it was nice to know that I could be in contact if I wanted to. If one day I realized I hadn't seen them in a while, I could just message them or comment something on their wall and we could meet up.

I definitely took advantage of the games when they started becoming popular. I was also a fan of the quizzes for a short bit. I posted my game scores and my quiz answers; not because I honestly thought anyone cared, but because I wanted to. In my mind, I was thinking, "I was bored and this is what I did. Comment if you like, but you don't have to".

Facebook came out with this cool little feature: Facebook Mobile. I currently (and for the past year and a half) own an Android phone. As most people know, androids are considered 'smartphones'. I uploaded Facebook Mobile on my phone. That was a huge mistake. Every 5 minutes, I would have to check it. Honestly, most of the time, it was out of boredom. It was just so easy! All it took was one touch on the screen (the Facebook Mobile button is on my phone's main screen). I would be bored at work (I was a bartender at a bowling alley. It was very laid back) and just decide to check my Facebook. I checked it all the time without even realizing I did it! I not only checked it constantly while at work, but I checked it at home, when I was out with friends, when I was anywhere. What's really bad is when people (and not only friends and family) point out how often I checked my Facebook on my phone. It really got to be out of control.  That's when I knew that my Facebook addiction was getting out of control.

When Facebook Turned Ugly

Many people have their own reasons for not liking, even HATING, Facebook. I have heard people say that they hate Facebook because it gives false perceptions of the people that participate in it. In other words, when a person joins Facebook, he or she is given the opportunity to create a fake persona. Anyone can use Facebook as a 'tool' to make themselves look a certain way to the public.

Those same people usually also say that they hate Facebook because most of the people that join it, interact with people in a different way then they normally would if they were face to face. **Remember this one, as I will refer back to it at a later time.**

I have heard people complain about the 'poke' button on Facebook. Personally, I don't exactly care for it, either. I think the only reason for it is to get someone's attention, or to be funny. I never understood why someone would 'poke' another person because if all that person wanted to do was get the other person's attention, then why wouldn't that person just send a message or write a comment on their wall? I mean, what's gonna happen after you poke each other? Nothing. So what was the point? Even though I never fully understood the 'poke' button, it wasn't enough to make me hate Facebook.

Facebook added the 'People You May Know' tool. I know of people complaining about that because they feel strongly against Facebook NOT telling them who they should be friends with. When this feature first came out, I wasn't too fond of it. I thought it was rather strange. I have grown to actually appreciate it. The 'People You May Know' tool has helped me find people who I used to be friends with; people who I never even thought to search for.

I'm sure some people aren't too fond of the games. When people play games on Facebook, they can ask for help or share their scores. These get added not only on that person's wall, but also on the news feed; which everyone can see. This can surely become annoying to anyone. I have enjoyed playing several Facebook games and even I have become annoyed at the same people who constantly post things from games.

Why do young teens feel the need to join Facebook? You can't tell me that a 13 year old really needs a Facebook account. I mean, they probably see most of the people they know at school. Teens and children really don't need to be exposed to something as public as Facebook.

Deactivating Facebook

Earlier, I said, "Those same people usually also say that they hate Facebook because most of the people that join it, interact with people in a different way then they normally would if they were face to face" as a common reason why people can end up hating Facebook.

For me, that became true. Someone that I wasn't friends with (in real life, nor on Facebook) was using Facebook as a tool to upset me. Basically, they were jealous that I was dating Jason (and expecting his baby). Jason and this girl were friends, so I tried to not let anything bother me. I couldn't help but get upset when she was posting things on other people's walls, on Jason's wall, and as her status. I don't feel the need to repeat them, but what she would say was very rude.

I know I could of just blocked her on Facebook. Facebook has this neat little option where someone can 'block' another user. What this means is you can't see anything that has to do with the person you block. You can't see their profile, their pictures, or anything they post ANYWHERE; not even if they post on one of your friend's walls. That is also vice versa. The person you 'block' can't see your profile, pictures, or ANYTHING you do.

I knew that if I had a Facebook account, I would feel the urge to 'unblock' her to check and see if she said anything about me. Instead, I deactivated it.

I deactivated my Facebook account in the beginning of April (3 and a half months ago). It was very hard getting out of my habit of checking my phone every 5 minutes, but the urges go away for the most part. There were times I missed Facebook. I missed chatting with friends, updating my status, playing games against (or with) other people. It gets easier. Unfortunately, there are still times were I think about reactivating my Facebook (especially since I recently moved to a different state), but I know that in the end, it's probably best if I don't.

I guess to sum it up, I loved Facebook, but my personal problem with it is the drama that came with.

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successfulblogger profile image

successfulblogger 5 years ago from Los Angeles,Ca

Facebook is dangerous.

froch profile image

froch 5 years ago from Tychy

I think that Facebook is not dangeruous if it is used with opened mind. I have 3 facebooks profiles (one each business) and my private. I must log into 3 business profile but I do not like it. What about my personal account? I'm loging into it once a 2-3 weeks so I do not fell addicted myself.

Nice hub, vote up!

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

You brought out some valid points about the dangers of social networking. It is true that potential employers can now use FB and other s.n. devices to do a more thorough search on a prospective employee. And, the employee may never know if the were not hired b/c of activities found on this source.

I am frequently reminding my nephew (who likes to get into drama) to keep his business out of the FB pages. No one needs to know and no one really cares, but what is said today is everlasting as part of a history.

I recently blocked all of my former co-workers from my friends list b/c of a work situation. I chose not to have my next job reported to the manager that had caused my departure. Not only that-the manager was also on FB. No way was I going to have her intrude on my personal affairs.

It sounds as if you have resolved your issue with FB. Good for you. Welcome to HP--best to you with your writing.

Jenny_Leigh profile image

Jenny_Leigh 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Haha, yes, Successfulblogger, Facebook can definitely be dangerous.

Froch, you seem to be using Facebook for some great reasons. I'm sure you have a lot less 'drama' and whatnot to worry about with business profiles.

Denise, you are very right! I've actually seen places that were hiring ask for the potential new employees to send the application in, along with a link to their Facebook page. I'm sure a lot of workplaces are looking at people's Facebook pages before hiring.

I'm glad you are smart about using Facebook, although it's a shame that you had to delete all of your former co-workers. I know what that's like! I'm sure you nephew will learn in due time that he shouldn't post certain things on FB because some things will just come back to haunt him.

Thank all of you for commenting!

Simone Smith profile image

Simone Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

I suppose anything could be dangerous in high enough doses... Facebook is certainly not exempt, though I'm still a big fan of it :D

FloraBreenRobison profile image

FloraBreenRobison 5 years ago

I am not a facebook fan, for sure. I might use it now to advertise hubs, but I had actually deactivated my hub for over a year. It is easy for me to be isolated durin gthe winter becaause I have bad balance. I'v ealways worrried about the internet in general because of that. You could have things ordered to your door and never leave your home. I don't want this to be me. For me Facebook took up a huge amount of my time. I didn't sign up for it right away. In fact, I first signed up for it two yeaers ago. I loved the puzzles and liked that they kept my mind alert since I had graduated. But that was all I enjoyed. I had no time for work. I got into serious personal fights with people because there is no tone of voice and felt personally attacked by people I used to like. Congratulations on your hubnugget nomination

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

A lot of people have different experiences with facebook. In the end, one's decision must come with what one values in this point in time. Thanks for sharing yours. I enjoyed reading your hub.

Congrats on your Hubnuggets nomination! To read and vote and join in the Hubnuggets team adventure: http://pattyinglishms.hubpages.com/hubnuggets6/hub...

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