Facebook Sackings – 10 People Who Got Fired Through Facebook

Be careful what you post on facebook

With the advent of social networking some people still have to learn that what they post on facebook can come back to haunt them in a big way. Whether you have added your boss as a friend and just forgotten, or one of your facebook 'friends' grasses on you, you can never be quite sure who is going to find out about what you are saying. So the best bet is not to comment at all on your job if you want to keep it!

The other thing you really need to do is to keep an eye on your privacy settings to make sure that your posts are only restricted to your friends - if 'friends of friends' can see what you have posted then again you don't know who is going to see it, and making it public, well that could open you to a whole heap of trouble! Log out of your account and then go and find it again as if you are an external browser and check what you can see of your own account. Or even better get someone who is not friends with you on facebook to see what they can see.

Below are 10 people who forgot these rules and managed to lose their jobs through things that they have posted on facebook. There are bound to be many more who we maybe don't get to hear about so these may only be the tip of the iceberg!

Think before you type on facebook!
Think before you type on facebook!

10 People Who Got Sacked Through Facebook

So, check out what some of these people posted which meant the end of their jobs or ever career, and make sure that you don't make the same mistakes!

  1. Kimberly Swann, 16, was sacked after complaining that her job was boring through her facebook status. Her boss saw her posts and sacked her on the spot.
  2. Ashley Johnson, 22, was sacked from her job as a waitress in a pizza restaurant after she complained about a $5 tip that a couple left her after sitting at their table for 3 hours. She was fired for violating company policy that said you cannot speak badly about customers.
  3. Stephanie Bon from the UK was sacked from her bank job after complaining that the boss of the bank earned significantly more than her. She pointed out that she earned £7 an hour when the boss earned £4,000 an hour. The bank denied she was sacked because of the comments as she was on a temporary contract.
  4. In Philadelphia, a stadium worker for the Philadelphia Eagles was sacked when he complained in no uncertain terms about the team letting go of a player that he really liked.
  5. In New York a first grade teacher was sacked from her job after she complained on her facebook page that her job felt like a warden overseeing future criminals…
  6. A Swiss woman was fired from her job after she told her bosses that she was unable to work on a computer due to a migraine. She was then fired when she was found to be using facebook when she should have been resting.
  7. 13 crew members from Virgin Atlantic were sacked after entering into a discussion on facebook that did not put the company in a good light and called the passengers ‘chavs’. They were all given the sack due to breaking staff policies and engaging in inappropriate behaviour.
  8. James Brennan, 20, was sacked from his job at Waitrose in the Uk when he wrote on facebook “F*** the Partnership” (referring to the John Lewis Partnership that owned Waitrose). One of his facebook ‘friends’ showed the post to his boss and he was fired.
  9. Ashley Payne, a teacher from Georgia, was sacked because of pictures she had on facebook showing her drinking. She didn’t even look drunk in the pictures and they were of places she had travelled to on her holidays like the Guinness brewery and vineyards in Italy.
  10. In the UK a young woman forgot that she had added her boss as a friend and went on a rant about him and her job which he swiftly replied to and sacked her for. Pictures of the facebook status and the reply swiftly got sent round the internet.

The status that got 'Louise' sacked from her job (number 10).
The status that got 'Louise' sacked from her job (number 10).

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J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

Wow, what a great Hub! Awesome examples. I am sure that this will become an epidemic as more users are added and post more and more personal stuff on these social networking sites!


barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca

I have heard about that happening a lot. In fact, I actually posted a comment saying something about I wish the men would bath before coming in for their haircuts - especially after seeing several people that day who strayed very far from having good personal hygiene. I didn't get fired... I did get asked to remove my comment. And afterwards, they sent out a letter company wide letting people know to watch what they say on Facebook. It is definitely not a private atmosphere.

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Thanks JS, yes I think things could get worse on this front and people need to watch out!

@barbergirl wow that is interesting that it has affected a fellow hubber. It is such a thin line about what we say on there even when we think only our friends can see it. Lucky for me I am self-employed!

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca

The funny thing is ... I wasn't actually being overly serious! I just thought it was funny. Apparently they did not think the same thing.

On a different note, my Mother-in-law made a comment how a manager at H and R Block called her a mouthpiece. She thought it was funny too and asked her facebook friends if she should get a Tshirt made in her honor! A human resources rep contacted her because they troll these sites looking for what people say about their businesses. It just goes to show... Nothing is sacred on facebook!

Cogerson profile image

Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

Ah....the power of the internet.....and this is just the tip of the iceberg.....wait twenty or fifty more years and see how the internet is controlling our every step...thanks for posting...that being said I think the Ashley Payne teacher drinking while on vacation is the one that stands out as being very unfair.

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Yes I agree Cogerson, it seems like all she did was hold some wine and not even look drunk so yes, very unfair.

RealHousewife profile image

RealHousewife 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Wow! This makes me glad I got rid of my FB:) great hub!

I'll have to thank barbergirl 28 for the link, and I guess after thinking about this I may not get another FB account! I could get into trouble I bet:)

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Thanks RH, I have been finding a few friends are coming off FB but I think I am stuck on there! And thanks then too to Barbergirl for sending you over!

barbergirl28 profile image

barbergirl28 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca

Glad I can send people over to catch some delightful reading! :)

jjackson786 profile image

jjackson786 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

I can definitely attest to this. At my former job, several employees were written up for the comments that they had made on Facebook. Employers are pretty serious about this kind of stuff. And once people realize that yes- it is legal- they'll better watch what they say.

Sad, but true :(

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Wow jjackson, I wonder if the security settings are good enough to prevent anyone but your friends seeing stuff on your profile - there again that wouldn't stop one of your 'friends' grassing you up if they wanted to...

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