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When it comes to building an online presence or bolstering an internet marketing campaign, social media has officially become the leading tool. At the top of the pile for social media sites and apps is Facebook, now boasting over 800 million active users. All business owners and bloggers should be taking a serious look at their online presence to see if it is turning fans into visitors, and then turning those visitors into customers. Here is a glimpse at just a few simple tips that everyone should take a look at to increase their traffic in no time at all.

Keep Viewers Busy and Updated

After a business owner or advertising specialist develops a great website and connects it with their professional Facebook account, many ask: What next? It can be a difficult proposition to understand what exactly should be coming next, what updates to make, and how to acquire more traffic. The easiest step to take is to update regularly. Users visit Facebook to connect with one another and the world around them. They visit Facebook to be entertained and enlightened. This does not mean that business owners need to be making daily posts with staggering insight though. Any small amount of useful, unique, or thought-provoking information should be posted regularly.

There are other small tricks that can be done to keep visitors coming back time and time again. For owners that do not have the resources for giveaways or sales, interactive updates work wonderfully. An example of this may be a quick poll that involves users and their connection to the company or blog.

For example, if someone looking for new homes in NY, you should bring regularly new value about this particular topic. It is very important that you bring new value to your friends and connections.

Be Friendly and Interactive

Facebook has revolutionized the way that companies can interact with their clients and customers. No longer do customers need to feel like they are purchasing items or services from a faceless corporation. Instead, Facebook offers the perfect opportunity to connect with fans and customers on an individual basis. For bloggers or business owners that do not have much time on their hands, this can be done with just a few words or a click of the "like" button.

When fans take the time to write something meaningful on your company's wall or link to your page, "like" their post. If they are asking a question or have a serious concern, take the time to address it, publicly if possible. When new fans see a company that is taking the time to respond to fans, they are going to be much more inclined to join in on the discussion and promote the page to their friends.

Avoid the Spam

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the blogger or business owner that gives their fans too much information. For those that are eager to make an online presence, it can be exceedingly easy to send out messages, posts, polls, and links at an astonishing rate. If there is great information to be sent out, it should be done at regular intervals, not in huge batches.

Facebook users can be extremely fickle and lose interest quickly. If their smartphones or computers are being constantly sent alerts due to pointless posts, it is only going to take a single click of the mouse or tap of the screen to lose them forever.

Utilize the Power of the "Like" Button and Easily-Accessible Links

When users are perusing through Facebook or blogs, they typically do not want to have to take any more time than necessary to find a website or read an interesting article. This means that bloggers and business owners need to take a little bit of extra time to coordinate their "like" buttons, "share" buttons, and links. In any post that is pertinent, there should be a link to one's website. If there is a sale on a specific item, there should be a clear and defined link nearby. When users need to type out their own addresses or search for a link, they are going to be much less likely to navigate to your website.

On the website itself, all products, pages, and blog posts should have multiple buttons for liking and sharing. This is one of the most efficient ways in which a company can use its visitors and customers to do their advertising for them. Once clicked, these buttons could potentially send out links to thousands of new users without the website owner doing much work.

While this may seem like a daunting task at first, these few steps can be carried out in no time at all if it is turned into a regular habit. Many of those that create business pages on Facebook in hopes of attracting new visitors and clients lose hope in those first few weeks or months. The important thing to remember is to remain patient, keep persistent with updates, interact with visitors, and treat everyone as if they are going a paying customer or excited fan.

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quickbooker profile image

quickbooker 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

Nice Tips. I am a admin of a page on Facebook having 1.8 lacs fans so according to my experience i always suggest never promote you product 24*7. It will never benefit rather than that you will start loosing your fans. Keep posting something interesting so user can read those and shares your post to it will help you most to increase your likes.

Donald1960 profile image

Donald1960 4 years ago from United States Author

Hi quickbooker,

thanks on useful comment!

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