Facts to know about computer

A computer is a electronic machine which makes quick calculations and deals with large amount information. In fact computer is the miracle of modern time.it has been said that the computer has made the greatest impact on human civilization than any other scientific discoveries.

Some facts about a computer.

  • A computer can not think independently of its programming. It most be told what to do.
  • A computer uses electricity as its source of energy.
  • A computer has no intelligence of its own.
  • A computer is very sensitive. It can be hurt by extreme temperature, humidity, dirt and dust. So it must be protected from all these things.
  • A computer can “hear’, “see” and ‘feel” by the use of electromagnets, crystals,photoelectric cells and copper wire brushes.
  • A computer has a memory which can work faster than a person.
  • The first electronic computer was made at the University of Pennsylvania (U.S.A)
  • A computer can store huge number of data and performs data processing ta a great speed.
  • A computer is very accurate and do not get tired when a task is performed repeatedly.

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