Fast Laptop Financing for School

Having to buy a laptop for high school or college can be an expensive endeavor for parents or students.  With the costs of tuition for college being as high as it is, any achieved grants or scholarships are used up much more quickly.  Combined with all the other types of expenses associated with college (textbooks, supplies, fees for activities), the overall costs can almost be completely unaffordable for some people.

While most college students find laptops an absolutely necessity, some high school students are finding it readily apparent that they need one too.  Most high school and university campuses feature wireless internet capabilities which simplify studying and research.  Technology is essential for a successful education, but are the costs worth it?  The extra cost of a required laptop lumped onto textbooks and other things can make some people reel from the burden on their checkbook.  Some students may not even be able to go to school because they can't afford all these things--a sad a frightening fact.  Also, even if a student was able to obtain a laptop, the mandatory productivity software, anti-virus utilities, and even warranties can seal the fate of a poor student.

Finding the Solution

There a many solutions out there for financially burdened students. Many students seeking financing may discover difficulties through their lack of funds, bad credit, or even the fact that they have no credit whatsoever. Especially for students with no credit, how do you a loan when banks won't lend to people without established credit? And even if you managed to obtain a credit card or loan, how can you afford the monthly payments where the interest is in the double digits? Top it off with an unfair yearly finance fee, it's murder to their bank account. Sub-prime credit card companies are known for their callous ability to target students and get them into credit cards they can't afford. They intend to bait the students with the idea of spending freedom, only to lock them into debt for the rest of their lives.

Using the College and Its Resources

Being resourceful is a key attribute of a student.  If you want to get a laptop, you have to be willing to explore the many options around you.  The first thing to do if you can't afford to buy a laptop, is go to your school's financial aid department.  Many schools are willing to negotiate with you and add the cost of the laptop to your financial aid received through them or the government.  If you don't quality for such aid, you can set up some sort of repayment plan where you make payments for the laptop throughout several semesters.  Also, most computer manufacturers like HP, Sony, Apple, and others provide discounted computers to college campuses.  Finally, many high schools and colleges offer the ability to rent a laptop for the school or through an associated company.  There are many advisers at the school willing to help you discover the best options when it comes to renting your computer.  The school has plenty of ways to help you get your new laptop fast--you just have to be willing to look.

Getting a Laptop Fast with Financing

If you've tried your school for obtaining a laptop and come up dry, you can try alternative financing methods. Financing your laptop with monthly payments through a credit union is an excellent way to go. Credit unions are usually much more flexible with students that typical banks. They usually will work with students without credit or even with bad credit. They also have packages for students who are opening up a checking or savings account for the first time. When trying to get a loan, you'll often need to find someone with good credit to co-sign with you. When someone co-signs, not only does it lower the interest and payments that you have to pay, but it also can increase the total amount the bank will lend you.

If banks and credit unions won't work for you, you can also attempt going to some computer stores and working with them instead. Many businesses like Best Buy offer financing plans and credit cards to people interested in buying a computer for school. To save some money, you can even ask to buy a clearance or display laptop model. Also, with the economy as it is, many smaller computer retailers are going out of business. With their doors closing, they have to get rid of their computer stock. In most cases, you can get a notebook computer from them for a steep discount off its original price.

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Miranda Birt profile image

Miranda Birt 4 years ago from Austin, Texas

I work for a company, UpgradeUSA (, that offers students the opportunity to purchase a laptop on an affordable monthly payment plan. We have brand-name laptops and you can choose the laptop that suits your needs. There is a credit check, though there are no specific credit requirements, and UpgradeUSA reports EACH monthly payment to all three major credit bureaus in the United States. This is an excellent opportunity for students with no credit, or parents that have had some rough patches. We also allow early pay-offs with no prepayment penalties, and you can cancel at anytime by sending the laptop back. UpgradeUSA is an online-only company that strives to provide a fair and flexible payment plan on laptops and tablet computers.

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