Feature Points App - Is It Worth Featuring?

What is Feature Points App?

Feature Points is an app used for money making which gives points to the user for downloading various other apps for just 30 seconds. In this once a person starts this app; he gets points for downloading the apps and in turn can earn several gift vouchers and paid games for free like iTunes gift cards, 5$, 10$, 50$ PayPal funds, Amazon gifts and many other amazing apps.

In this modern world full of scams and frauds, there are some obvious questions in the mind of people like:

Feature Points

Whether this app is safe or not?

As the app requires no information from the user and is run by a fun living group of people. In theory people may be warn others that this new money making app is a fraud or risks of spams or abusive information can be there, but in actual there is no such thing because Feature point program must recruit users who try out applications and then just ask their fellow mates to do the same thing which is the source of income of the app. Also, user trust plays a vital role in the success of this app because feature points have an ad-driven income source and its main objective is to have a wider database and expanding the number of application trials and this is the reason it’s highly unlikely that they will be spamming their users or using some abusive information. You can further read about it at Is Feature Points Safe?

How you rate Feature Points App?

4.6 out of 5 stars from 7 ratings of Feature Points App

What are the ways of making money through this app?

Once a person believes this the app is credible then next target is to achieve maximum possible benefits from the app. In an introductory offer free trials are offered by the app and by using free trials one gets bonus points. To increase the amount of points, a passive activity of referrals can be done or can involve him in Features Reseller program which involves promoting the app on online blogs and business pages.

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How much time it takes to get the rewards or gift vouchers?

It’s not difficult to earn rewards our vouchers through this app and it just take a few minutes to start with. There are various other programs in this field but feature point is one of the best in this field.

Feature Points


How to use the Feature Points App?

Using Featurepoints app is quite easy. If the person is using an iphone or ipad, he must visit the website of the app and just click download button there to download the app which helps in completing the sign up and download process and then just enter the referral code there to just get started. You can get 50 Points by using this referral code "43TZ3A"

Guide to avail the service of this amazing app is here:

  • Pick your iPhone/i-pad/i-pod etc.
  • Then just go to the website and register there because the app demands registration before the usage.
  • There Click the register button
  • It’s very simple use and the instructions of registration and website are also given on the website of app.
  • After that, you need to pick up your iOS device and it will ask you to install a Profile.
  • After clicking on the install button there, the user will be directed towards the FeaturesPoints and then just enter the referral code there to just get started. You can get 50 Points by using this referral code "43TZ3A".

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