Features of Windows vista

Window Vista has got many features compared to other previous Microsoft Windows like XP, 2000 Professional and the rest. From security to the interface, Vista boosts to be the best friend windows from Microsoft. There are some notable features of vista which are explained below

Vista sidebar

Window Vista Sidebar is one of the notable features that is displayed on the Vista Desktop. Vista Sidebar has got the following gadgets, Clock, Time, Note, Weather, Calendar, Contacts, CPU Meter, Currency, Feed Headlines, Picture Puzzle Slide Show, Stock. With the above features you can decide on which one to add or remove, learn more about Sidebar of Window vista, How to hide or remove any gadget from the sidebar. Below is a screenshot of Vista Sidebar

Vista Taskbar and Start up Menu

Window Vista just like other Windows Operating System has got taskbar which all open program, folders and file reside, you can hide the taskbar by right clicking on it and checking the hide menu, to open the Taskbar click on any other windows property like desktop and click on show Taskbar. Find all related information on how to use Taskbar here: Window Vista Taskbar and Start up Menu Customization

The Power button, Lock button and Search

Window Vista has made the following features available when you click on the Start Up Menu, you can now Shut down your Windows directly without having to scroll down menus for you to get the start up button. You can now do search directly by just click on the Start up menu which brings you the search form just below All Programs menu

New Control Panel

Window Vista has expanded the control panels and the features and programs it comes is quite different from window XP. Among the notable changes on the Control Panel are the inclusions of Auto Play, Indexing Options, iSCSI Initiator, Mail, Network and Sharing Center, Parental Controls, Pen and Input Devices, People Near Me, Performance Information, Problem Reports and Solution, Speech Recognition Option, Sync Center, Text to Speech, Welcome Center, Windows Anytime Upgrade, Windows CardSpace, Windows Defender, Windows Mobility Center, Windows Sidebar Properties, Windows Slideshow. As you can see those are the new features of Control Panel and as the name suggest it is New Control Panel. You can learn more on the Vista Control Panel here: Vista Control Panel

Windows Photo Gallery

Window Vista has brought totally a different Picture Folder altogether, initially known as Windows Picture and Fax Viewer in Windows XP is now called Windows Photo Gallery which make it easy to organize and name your photos, you can also tag your digital photos

Windows Vista Meeting Space

Initially known in Windows XP as Net Meeting, it enables you to interact with other people online by sharing documents and files, downloading pictures

Vista Windows Mail

Known in the previous window as Outlook explorer which enables you to interact with friends and colleagues by exchanging mails and notes, other notable features of vista include Windows Contacts, known previous as Windows Address Book, Vista Windows Fax and Scan known previous as Fax Console and many more

Learn Windows Vista Installation here Upgrade from Windows XP to Vista

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