Finding Cheap Ink Cartridges

When to Get Refills

If you're looking for cheap ink cartridges, you have to be aware of when the right time for buying cartridges is.  Buying a refill or remanufactured cartridge could be a terrible decision when done at the wrong time for the wrong purchase.  While saving money on ink is a good thing, saving money on ink now could be a bad thing in the future.

Ink cartridges are the lifeblood of the productivity of the home and office.  If you run out of ink, you are have to halt whatever you're doing to get more.  When you go to the store to grab some ink, you could be shocked at how much you have to spend.  When you come back, you pull up the internet to find a better deal.  Getting a refill is a great money saver if you get it for the right projects.

You're probably aware that ink refills do not get you the same quality that a new cartridge would get you.  Often, the ink used for refills or in remanufactured ink cartridges use subpar or crappy ink that will end up running or fading away.  You've probably seen those HP ink commercials talking about how original ink cartridges get you more pages per cartridge?  Well, they do (just at a higher cost per print)!  Ink refills, while great for throwaway prints, should NEVER be used for marketing prints jobs.

Refilling Ink Cartridges Yourself

Refilling your own cartridges can save you lots of money but can be very messy process.  Many online stores sell ink cartridge refill kits great for you do-it-yourselfers.  Again, refilling cartridges yourself is, and I guarantee you, IS, very messy.  Ink stains and likes to get on places you don't want it.

Most ink cartridges are refilled through a very simple process.  Basically, most ink cartridges have a hole that the manufacturer originally punctured on the top of the cartridge.  The ink refiller then takes a syringe and puts it into that hole.  Once in the hole, the plunger is pushed down and the ink is squirted into the cartridge.  (You can now probably imagine where the spills and messes come from).

To me, this process is too messy (I've permantently stained several pants and part of the carpet) and so I like to rely on other people/companies to do the refilling for me.

Buying Refilled Cartridges

If you want to buy refilled cartridges and save yourself from the hassle and mess of refilling them yourself, there are tons of people you can buy from or have refill your cartridges.  There is an entire internet industry based on refilling printer ink and so you can easily find a trustworthy ink distributer for your refills.

Locally, there are also quite a few retailers and companies that will refill your ink cartridges too.  Companies like Walgreens and OfficeMax have "while you wait" ink refills that they can do for you.  While these local retailers are more expensive than buying ink online, they are local which helps when you need ink fast.  Otherwise, my suggestion is to buy your ink refills from the internet if you're truly interested in the "cheapest ink".

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