First Indian origin web Browser - Epic

The first ever Indian web browser called epic is launched by a Bangalore based IT firm named Hidden Reflex. This browser is developed based on Mozilla platform and comes with many features with Indian experience. Its Indian mark starts with its logo itself. I installed it in my PC and it works great. It is getting 92-93/100 in the acid tests which proves its efficient performance.

When you install it, it initially comes with a peacock background .However, there are around 1500 background themes to select from. the browser has app links in the sidebar. When you click on the app widgets, it opens in a new window. But currently epic allows to open only 1 window. App links are available for facebook, twitter, antivirus etc with almost 1500 apps.

The feature that interest most of them is that it allows to type in the Indian languages very easily. It shows up an option to choose a language whenever you are about to key in any text field.

The link to the epic browser is here

Hoping for its success and should compete with international players.

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George 6 years ago

Better than any other browser currently available....

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