Generation Next Mobile Phones

Things are changing rapidly. Technology broadened its dept to that extent that it’s difficult to imagine for us. Here I am talking about the changes that occurring around our day to day life.

Some years back, Computers were not in reach of ordinary people. Now we can see computers in every household. Now most interesting thing to see is that Mobile Phones are taking the place of PC. Yes nowadays mobile phone manufactures are competing with each other to conquer the markets. Now I am giving the details of a Generation next mobile Phone. The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

The Nokia Internet Tablet is a true internet device that offers you unrestricted access to the entire internet; it enables you to interact online just as you would from your Mac or PC.

This Splendid Model combines internet, GPS navigation, and recorded music in a practical large screen device. The inclusion of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard enables easy and fast text entry. The large 4.13 inch by 2.47 inch WVGA touch screen displays high quality images on its 800 by 480 pixel, 65,000 color screen. The transflexive screen with its ambient light sensor provides clear pictures in bright daylight and dim conditions.

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet - Features

• Instant Messaging

• Internet Calling

• Email Client

• Skype, Google Talk, Gizmo

• Bluetooth headset support

• QWERTY keyboard

• Integrated GPS

• Web2.0 compatible browser based on Mozilla technology

• Flash 9 plug-in

• Integrated HW qwerty keyboard for content creation

• High resolution widescreen display

• High quality stereo speakers

• 2GB storage configurable to 10GB

• 10 hours of music playback

• Streaming services: Rhapsody

This model small that you can fit it into your pocket and take your information, communication, and entertainment with you, everywhere you go. So get ready to associate yourself Globally

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ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum

Thanks for presenting very nice and informative Hub ! Sukritha ! Could you tell me the price of above said computer phones?

sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin Author

Rates are in the range of $359.96 - $538.52 . Rates are

Varying. But the phone having so many features.

hemant tirkey 8 years ago

very nice

hemant tirkey 8 years ago

very nice

Kathiroo Rajan 8 years ago

Hai Sukritha,

Really very interesting and informative hub


Kathiroo rajan

pramodraj 8 years ago

Hai Sukritha..its an excellent hub.How can one have a reach of these phones, when their prices are so high. Hope that there would be a great boon in its manufacture and the prices would come down drastically, as was the case of computers and mobile phones once.

Thank u for ur efforts..keep it up.


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biky 8 years ago

cool pics

Zahid_RUET profile image

Zahid_RUET 8 years ago from Bangladesh

hi shukhrita

hw r u ,,,>> ?? realllly interesting and modern techonology related informative hub ...

very nice

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