Fossil Fuel Facts

The United States is the number one country in the world when to comes to the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuel is naturally formed from dead plants and animals over millions and millions of years. Oil, natural gas, and coal are examples of fossil fuels. Here are some other interesting fossil fuel facts.

Everyone is aware the burning of fossil fuels is the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions and the leading contributor to green house gases and to global warming. A large amount of carbon dioxide occurs when you burn fossil fuels. As China and India rev up and citizens gain wealth there will be a significant increase in the number of automobiles. A major concern for the world's environment.

Fossil fuels are used to power our vehicles, cool and heat our homes and to generate electricity. Fossil fuels are rapidly being depleted and new technologies are needed develop and perfect alternative fuel and alternative fuel options for the future. Did you know that the average American uses about twelve barrels of oil per year.

The energy and fuel sectors are experiencing a remarkable growth in the interest for alternative fuel vehicles. The major car manufacturers are reacting fast and producing alternative fuel vehicles that use Flex Fuel (using more than one type of fuel - like gas and ethanol), electricity, ethanol, hydrogen and even electricity.

Citizens are taking the initiative and converting their gas burning car to alternative fuels and a grass root efforts has given birth to a new green movement focuses on the development of alternative fuel sources and ideas.

The most important fact about fossil fuel is the absence of practical alternatives to replace this precious and dwindling energy resource. Today, we face a critical technological challenge of finding an alternative fuel solution (preferably a renewable energy source) to our fossil fuel dilemma.

Fossil Fuels are running out!
Fossil Fuels are running out! | Source

Comments 20 comments 7 years ago

I'm excitedly waiting all the changes in technology and availability of vehicles in the near future!!!

sophy 6 years ago

dont worry about runnung out of fossil fuels use them until they are gone.

WINKStuahhBay 6 years ago

Uhms Nice Info Cuase Im Using this for my science research Uh Huh but Chea's Thank's but ima put it in my own Words :D

zak 6 years ago

lol can you make it easyer to copy and past

lmao rockss 6 years ago

haha this is interesting(:: i am using for some sciences stuff.

elle 6 years ago

Global Warming is a huge joke! They are trying to hype it up in order to make millions at our expense! The US had the most strict and harsh standards when it comes to air, water, oil, etc. Just like your body goes through warm and cold phases, so does the Earth.

lol 5 years ago

awsome this my homework

silver 5 years ago

aswone not so many facts to help me in class.

cooler 5 years ago

maybe next time you should put only the main facts so when people need to do home work it will be is for them

tahansha 4 years ago

whn pople are worried about this be like lets help the enviorment

cat person 4 years ago

This is hard for me to put this info in my science project and all i think this is doing is just ruining our earth and some time soon there will be no earth because we did not take care of it like we should of earlier

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