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If your looking for a thrifty way to keep your home PC virus free, then Avast antivirus is the solution for you.  Avast Home Edition is free and has a simple user interface.    First, go to c-net downloads and download the antivirus software for free. Then install the software. Now Avast Home Edition is protecting your pc and you may start scanning for viruses and other potential threats. Avast protects your computer for 60 days after which you must register the product. 

Registering Avast is free.  All Avast ever asks is your name and email address.   It is important when registering Avast Antivirus that you use a valid e-mail address, as they send the registration key to that email address. 

       After receiving your registration key, you go to the trusty Avast  Control Panel near the date and time buttons on your toolbar and right click.  On the pop-up menu choose About Avast…  Then an About Avast window opens.  Here you choose Registration Key from the menu and enter the key sent to your Email address in the space provided.  Now Avast will protect your Pc for a full year for free.  When your Avast subscription expires there is no need to worry.  Simply re– register at the Avast website and retrieve your new registration key.

    Avast Anti-virus is very easy to use, however, some novice users may be a little confused.  This video from c-net helps to explain Avast's user interface.

How Do I Know That Avast Works? I have 5 computers on my home network. They all run Avast Free Anti-Virus and I have not had any problems. I repair computers as well. When I need anti-virus on a computer I am repairing I use Avast. Avast protects my network well. 

Avast Mobile

Avast has moved into the mobile market as well now. You can get free Avast for tablets and cellphones.

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