Free Assurance Cell Phones

My parents had retired a few years ago.  They live solely on Social Security which gives then about one thousand dollars a month.  They have had to make some major adjustments to their life style.  For example, they had to move to a place with cheaper rent.  They also had to cut their phone service.  I did not like that they did that because now I have no way of contacting them.  I like to talk to my parents every now and then to make sure they are ok.  The other problem is that if they do not have a phone then they would not be able to call for help if the need should arise. 

I heard from a friend that poor people could apply for free Assurance cell phones.  I immediately realized that this would be the perfect program for my parents.  They are poor and they need a phone.  I told my parents about the phone and got them to sign up for it.  The free cell phones are through a provider called Assurance.  The government sponsors it.  I went to Assurance Wireless website to find out more information.  If you are already getting other government benefits like food stamps or Medicaid, then you can get a free cell phone.  I know my parents are currently getting food stamps so I figured they would be a shoe in for free Assurance cell phones. 

The application process was simple enough.  They were able to get their Assurance wireless phones pretty quickly.  I told them not to waste their minutes though.  I know that the minutes are very limited per month so they have to use it sparingly.  I suggested that they only make emergency calls.  So far they have been pretty good at keeping tabs on their minutes used.  They have not used up all their minutes.  I really like this Assurance phone service.  If it were not for the program, I would never be able to keep in touch with my parents.


rmatteson 6 years ago

my phone is finally activated after a long period of not knowing what was wrong with it.. My daughter took it home with her and she got it activated which when I set it up the Assurance teck person told me it was activated(NOT). When my daughter brought it back to me we tried it at my house which is 7 miles outside the city limit and there is an ATT tower about a mile from me, I could get no signal. So now i have a free cell phone that does not work at my house. What a much for free stuff...

deborah locke 5 years ago

looking for info on the 1000 add. min. talk and text for the 20.00 dollar add on.

Vera-Phelps 5 years ago

Need to buy this program, send me a link

ALYSON 4 years ago


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