Free DNS service to access the Internet

When you are accessing the Internet, uses the DNS server of your ISP or access your company's broadband service. The roughly this server is responsible for translating names of areas in IP numbers.


This is necessary because the drives are made by IP number, not by names of areas. Example: When you will tries to access your computer asks for the DNS server from your ISP, which is the IP number of this site. The answer would be something like and this access is achieved. When the DNS server of your provider for the work you can not access the sites by domain name.

  If the DNS server of your provider lives falling you may elect to use external DNS servers and free as in the case of the site by service. The DNS service on some of them added security features.


They remain a sort of blacklist of sites that disseminate virus or are spoofed sites that mimic pages of companies, banks and all kinds of fraudulent website.


If you are using the service OpenDNS and dangerous attempts to access a site's access is not allowed. This list is updated in real time. Just a new site being detected fraudulent or dangerous to all users of the OpenDNS will be protected and prevented from accessing the page risky. See more.

  If your computer is used by children you can also use this service to block access to sites with adult content. Currently there are over 4 million adult sites blocked. See more

  There is the filter content where you can block sites that display text and services related to issues that you want to blame. If you offer Internet to its employees can block sites, chat, sites of humor, sites of sports, music sites, and other types of sites with content that may hinder the productivity of your team. See more here.


If there is any particular site that is not part of the database of OpenDNS and you want to block can do this with this service. If there is any site that the OpenDNS placed in the blacklist but you have to simply add the field on the white list, see. And to know what your kids are visiting officials or simply watch the statistics and deny them access to the sites you want to blame. Here's how.

  To learn how to configure the service visit. No need to register if you want to use DNS. But if you want to use the adult content filters and other filters are offered simply register for free here.

  If you work with computers and still does not understand much about the operation of DNS servers know some books.

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MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 7 years ago from Sydney

I like your information and will endeavour to put into practice.

Thank you

Mr Nice profile image

Mr Nice 7 years ago from North America

I used this service before but many people are not aware of it. Helpful informational hubpage.

earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

This is very useful information and I agree it is not widely recognized.

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Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Wow, some handy tips here! Thanks for this!

Just Wonder Girl 6 years ago

it's not working on me..

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