Free Outlook Express Account Password Recovery

Losing Outlook Express Password

Are you unable to use your Outlook Express email account, because you just forgot the password? Well, losing or forgetting a password is nothing new. We want to keep our passwords safe and so we set them to be strong. At times, we ourselves tend to forget the passwords and land up in a situation, scratching our heads as the data in our Outlook Express account becomes inaccessible.

Outlook Express users locks Outlook Express User accounts with passwords to ensure no unauthorized user accesses the sensitive data. At times, we wish to keep certain data safe and away from public notice and therefore we protect such data with passwords. However, in the course of time, the passwords are washed away from our memories. In a situation like this, Outlook Express Account password recovery is possible only through a third party Outlook Express Account Password Recovery tool.

Need to Retrieve Outlook Express Account Password

Consider a situation, that one of your employees left your company and while going he changes the password of his Outlook Express email account. This way the email items stored in his Outlook Express Account have become inaccessible. Since Microsoft does not offer any free tool or any other feature to reset the Outlook Express Account Password, hence a user has to rely on a third party Outlook Express Account Password utility.

Import email folders to a newly created Identity

Although, Microsoft does not offer any free utility, but if the email items in the file are very important, then it suggests you to retrieve the same by creating a new identity. There have been many cases when Outlook Express Account users lose their Identity password and so they are unable to access their email items. The Account passwords are saved in the Windows registry under an individual identity. In a situation like this, even if you never had more than one identity, you will not be above to retrieve your Outlook Express Account Password. However, you can create a new identity and then import the mail folders to access your email items. Follow the instructions given below to create a new identity

  1. Go to File menu > Import and click Messages

  2. Select “Microsoft Outlook Express 6” and click Next

  3. Check the option “Import mail from an OE6 store directory” and click OK

  4. Browse for original Identity’s Store folder

  5. Select the folders that you want to import and click Next

   6.    Click Finish to close the Import Wizard

If you wish to delete the original Identity, you would have to alter the changes in Windows registry. Altering Windows Registry is not safe if you are not well-trained about the technical insights. Hence the ideal way to recover Outlook Express Account Password is by using third party software.

Using Free Kernel for Outlook Express Account Password Recovery software

Use the Free utility for Outlook Express account password recovery named Kernel for Outlook Express Account Password Recovery software. Being free, you can download this utility and install it on your computer system without paying a single buck. It occupies less space and therefore, it is easy to download and gets installed in seconds. This free utility ensures recovering lost or forgotten Outlook Express Account Passwords.

Kernel for Outlook Express Recovery Software- Home Page

Owing to its robust algorithms, Kernel for Outlook Express Account Password recovery instantly recovers password despite the length and complexity of the password. Additionally, the software is able to recover multi-lingual passwords in just a single mouse-click. You can copy the recovered password to the clipboard and access the data in password-protected Outlook Express User Accounts.

Kernel for Outlook Express Password Recovery retrieves OE account password

At times due to strong encryption, the software generates an alternate password to open Outlook Express User Accounts. This alternate password brings the Outlook Express back to working position so that you can access your important email items. Using this software, you can unprotect Outlook Express User Accounts created using Outlook Express versions 4.0 and above.

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