Fun Electronic Circuits

Some electronics are cool, some are useful, others are necesary, but there is a little category of really fun but useless electronic circuits that you can make without much effort and you can share with your buddies to be the cool techy guy/girl.

New to electronics? Here are some books to get you started

A fun little puzzle circuit

So the first fun circuit is a little puzzle I created, the goal is to press the buttons in a certain order or you'll get a beep that means you lose.

It seems a little big at first, but with the right components it should,t take much space and allow you carry it everywhere without trouble. I created this circuit in about 10 minutes, so its ready to rumble quite fast. You can take more time if you want it in a little space or want to add something else to it, have fun with that!

Circuit Diagram

Fun little electronic puzzle
Fun little electronic puzzle

So you're not into creating circuits?

No problem, you can still have fun with electronics. There are so many things you can do, but one that I also really enjoy is to take parts from other devices and create a whole new thing with them, or use them on another project.

For example, you can turn a small musical keyboard into a doorbell, use an old R/C remote and use it to turn off the lights of your room from your living room, or even modify a digital clock and use it to display how many times the front door is opened, the posibilities are limited only by your own ideas.

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mohsen 6 years ago

nice ideas

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