Function keys for Windows XP and Vista

F1, Open Windows Help window
F2, Rename the selected item, e.g. file names
F3, Search for a file or a folder, equivalent to Ctrl-F
F4, Display the Address bar list in My Computer, Windows Explorer, or Internet Explorer
F5, Update the active window, or refresh the web page in Internet Explorer
F6, Cycle through the screen elements in a window or on the desktop
F7, In MS Word press this key to get spelling command
F8, Press this key while booting the system, you will get the start up menu. You can enter Safe Mode. While installing windows, press this key to accept Linux.
F9, In MS Word press this key to update the selected fields
F10, in MS Word press this key to activate the menu bar
F11, Run Internet Explorer Full Screen or quit the full screen mode
F12, In MS Word press this key to choose the Save as command

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