Unboxing of the Logitech G9X 910002764 COD MW3 Gaming Mouse

A picture of the COD MW3 G9X on the included mouse pad.
A picture of the COD MW3 G9X on the included mouse pad.

Was the G9X cancelled?

The Logitech G9X is no longer being manufactured or sold on Logitech's website. While there are still a number of them available on external websites it seems that production has, in fact, been halted.

Originally released in 2009 the Logitech G9X became an instant favorite because of it's laser sensor and interchangeable grips. It came the perfect option for gamers who wanted to change their grip from claw, to palm, and even to fingertip.

As a fan of the G9X I recently decided to stalk up and buy one more G9X for down the road. I'm relatively hard on my gaming mice due to the click-intensive games I play and my old G9X lasted just as long or longer than other mice I've used.

Save Money on a G9X by Getting the Call of Duty Version:

Upon looking at the G9X models available I noticed that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 version of this mouse, model 910002765, is considerably cheaper than a standard G9X at just around half of the price. At that point in time I began wondering whether this G9X was exactly like the standard one.

After getting it in the mail from Amazon I decided to do a video review and an unboxing so that you could see exactly what I did. For all intents and purposes this is exactly the same mouse as the standard version except for the MW3 logo. I was even able to switch out my old interchangeable grips and place them on the newer mouse.

Considering this is exactly the same mouse as before, getting half off seems well worth it. Here's my video review:

The G9X precision grip (left) and wide ergonomic grip (right).
The G9X precision grip (left) and wide ergonomic grip (right).
The G9X includes four 4 gram weights and 4 7 gram weights. This gives you up to 28 grams of weight.
The G9X includes four 4 gram weights and 4 7 gram weights. This gives you up to 28 grams of weight.

Logitech G9X 910002764 COD MW3 Key Features

Interchangeable Grips:

To the right you can see a picture I recently took of the interchangeable grips you get with this mouse. As you can see the one on the right has a satin finish and is wider for palm users and the one on the left has a rough feel to it and is straight for fingertip and claw grip users. The grip on the left would also be useful to palm grippers looking for additional accuracy with their mouse.

Weight Tuning

I personally like to use additional weights while I'm playing FPS style games for the additional accuracy. Whether or not you believe it actually helps is really all a matter of personal preference.

Programmable Buttons

The G9X allows you to have up to 9 programmable buttons. I find the most useful ones to be on the direct left side. These are in the exact same location for both types of grips.

Dual Mode Scroll Wheel

If you work with your mouse or browse with it quite often, then you'll really like the dual mode scroll wheel. I leave it on free flowing most of the time so I don't feel like I have to scroll through an entire page. It actually saves me quite a bit of time.

Laser Sensor

Yes, it may be true that optical mice are slightly more precise on cloth pads, but a laser mouse works on more surfaces and seems to do really well on a hard surface. I'd take the G9X's laser sensor any day of the week.

Internal Memory and Profiles

Unlike other mice in its price range this one gives you onboard memory. This is great for taking with you to LAN Parties, tournaments, or even just going to your friend's house to play. You can switch profiles by turning the mouse over and using the button on the bottom side.


I highly recommend this mouse for gamers looking for flexibility. At it's full price of around $70 it's not nearly as attractive as it's budget price of under $40. For now, I suggest you get it while you can.

Do You Think Logitech Should Keep the G9X on the Production Line?

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