35mm-to-Digital Photo Converter Restores Family History

35mm slides can be easily converted to digital photos

When families get together new memories are born. Interestingly enough it is also the time that we relish the memories of previous years. Seems like each year another loved one is missing so pictures become more important than ever.

It is discouraging to look back at photo albums and see how the photos are deteriorating. The colors are not vibrant anymore and some of the photos are sticking to the pages. You know that within a few more years these photos will not be something that you enjoy.

Scanning photos are an option. Turning them into digital files makes it possible to rejuvenate them. Colors can be corrected and slideshows make viewing them fun again. If you have photo negatives the job may have just gotten easier.

Film And Slide Image Scanner
Film And Slide Image Scanner

Slides are another source of memories that were popular a few decades ago. Some of these slides will never see the light of day again because we no longer have the slide viewer.

I have a huge storage box full of slides taken by a distant aunt and uncle. They were world travelers and these slides documented much of their travel. My plan is to find the way to bring them to life.

A 35mm-to-digital converter will do the trick. All that is needed is a computer, the converter and a stack of slides. The converter has an accessory that lines up the negative for you. Once the converter is attached to the computer via a USB connection it is easy to turn the slides into a multi-megapixel digital photo. The converter will handle the focus, the exposure and the colors so it is hard to mess up. Software is included that will make it easy to correct photo flaws.

Can you imagine everyone’s surprise at the next holiday gathering when you show the new slideshow of past family memories? Just be prepared – everyone will want copies.

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Debbie Cook profile image

Debbie Cook 6 years ago from USA Author

Laurabeth, I am glad that you can scan and copy now. I will post again if I find an answer to the blinking problem.

Laurabeth 6 years ago

Debbie: Thank you so very much. I uninstalled my digital camera software and the printer/scanner software without making a difference. Then I found the yellow exclamation mark and followed the directions. The screen still blinks, but it does scan and copy. I appreciate you quick reply. Thanks again.

Debbie Cook profile image

Debbie Cook 6 years ago from USA Author

Laurabeth, I do not know what the problem is but I have a couple of question that may help lead to a solution.

First - do you have any other scanners or digital camera software loaded on your computer? I remember having issues when I tried to load two different scanners on one laptop. One of my digital camdera's software caused conflicts as well. Only one device would work at a time. I had to uninstall each device before installing the next.

Second - Did you install exactly as the directions said. From what I can tell the CD has to be loaded before attaching the scanner.

Third: Have you checked for any conflicts under in the Device Manager? (control panel, system, device manager) look for a yellow exclamation mark.

Laurabeth 6 years ago

I have just bought an Innovative Technology FilmScan35I 35mm slide and negative converter through eBay. I have followed the installation instructions. The light comes on on the unit, the computer beeps when it is plugged in, one time only the slide picture came up but the screen was blinking, then the picture disappeared. Each time I have re-tried a message comes up, "Can not find camera. Please contact your manufactuer." I have uninstalled and re-installed. My computer has Windows XP, 32-bit system. I e-mailed the seller who replied, "It tested OK before we shipped it. If you don't want it, send it back." Can anyone give me some helpful advice? I'd like to make it work and keep it.

lisa42 profile image

lisa42 7 years ago from Sacramento

I've been wanting to scan all my old slides and negatives, but didn't realize how many new options were available. Thanks for the info!

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