How to Gain More Twitter Followers

Anyone who has twitter has searched "how do I gain more followers on twitter?" or something similar. I have personally found that these tips are all the same. There is a lot more than just replying, tweeting 100 times a day and using hash tags. Here are some of my own personal tips that I use to gain more followers.

Tip 1: Network

It comes as no surprise that this is the first tip, but it is the simplest way to gain twitter followers. If you have Facebook, MySpace, Google+ or any other social networking website, ask your friends/followers to follow you on twitter. Give them the link. Not everyone is going to follow you, and don't spam the homepage/dashboard with links saying "FOLLOW MEEEE!! (username)!!!" This will only annoy people and make them not want to follow you. The way you act and talk on other social networks is an indication to how you act and talk on twitter.

Tip 2: Links

Similar to Tip 1, you have to advertise yourself. Wherever you have a biography or an about me section on a website, put a link to your twitter there! Some people will want to know how you are and what you have been up to, whether you know them or not. You may even find that some people with similar interests will follow you and start sending you messages.

Tip 3: Advertise

Plain and simple, very similar to Tip 2: advertise yourself! This doesn't mean setting up ads on websites, but giving people the opportunity to see your tweets. Add a twitter widget to your profiles, link your tweets to Facebook. The more interesting the tweets, the more followers you will attract.

Tip 4: Promotions

Have you ever heard of "promo for promo?" If you haven't, it's where you ask someone to promote you to their followers, as long as you promote them to your followers. There aren't too many social networking sites where this happens. "Promo for promo" usually only occurs on social networking websites where you gain followers.

Tip 5: News

Tweet about the news! Add your own opinion to a certain topic or trending topic. Music, movie and weird and wacky news interests some people and they will want to learn more with your upcoming tweets. Reply to a person that has tweeted about a funny news headline. Not everyone follows the news, so celebrity gossip will also be sure to get you some more followers. Just remember: Do not make up rumours about a celebrity. This is disrespectful.

These tips have personally helped me in gaining my own followers, but remember that it will not always immediately work! You may have to continue with these tips for over a week before you start noticing a growing number of followers. Happy tweeting!

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