Software Like GarageBand for Windows

I own computers running both Mac OS X and Windows and spend many hours a week using each computer. One big component of my day job is producing Web videos for clients. Most of these videos are done on a fairly narrow budget, so I'm always on the lookout for software that makes my workflow faster without making a huge monetary investment. One important component of my video workflow is creating unique music beds for video projects.

On my Mac, GarageBand is the solution I frequently turn to, because it allows me to create music very quickly. When I talk to other people who make videos, one of the biggest questions I get is always, about whether there is software like GarageBand for Windows, because many Windows video producers want the simplicity of GarageBand without replacing their Windows computer with a Mac.

I have tried many Windows audio creation suites in the past. There are some really powerful solutions, like Sony Acid and Propellerhead Reason, but unless you plan to make music all day everyday, the learning curve for those programs means you will spend more time learning how to use features than you will actually creating. For my own music creation needs, I demand simplicity similar to GarageBand. Apps like Acid and Reason don't fit the bill because I need to go fast. Most of the other people I talk to feel the same way.

After testing many applications, I found one great program providing the simplicity of GarageBand for Windows users. Mixcraft, a powerful music creation and recording software, is the GarageBand for Windows. Whether you want to add music to your movies, like I do, or want to record your garage band to make a home recording, you really can't beat the intuitive interface found in Mixcraft.

You will notice the similarity to GarageBand the first time you launch Mixcraft on your PC. While the layout of the interface isn't identical, it is quick to configure and easy to add loops, record music or voice tracks, and complete enough in features to make you feel like you've got the GarageBand experience in a Windows application. Mixcraft ships with an integrated loop library, just like GarageBand. It also works with Apple Loops, so you can share files with your Apple-owning, GarageBand-using friends. Integrated beat matching allows you to combine several loops and create your own unique music creation. You can adjust audio up and down with a rubberband tool inside each track in your composition, which will be familiar from many other audio recording solutions.

If you have your own basement or garage band, or simply want to track some vocals, Mixcraft supports external recording. If you don't have an instrument, but want to create original compositions, the music typing keyboard is a handy feature. The software can simulate a variety of classic guitar amplifier sounds. Mixcraft creates sheet music of your composition automatically. And you can use a plugin to auto-tune like T-Pain. I use all these features to get audio tracks that sound unique.

There are a few ways Mixcraft outperforms GarageBand. It allows for unlimited tracks, compared to only eight with GarageBand. Multiple export formats means you can share your music your way in MP3, WMA or OGG. For more information, read about additional features of this GarageBand for Windows users and see how it can help you create your own music.

Download Mixcraft and try it for yourself.


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