Gembox iPad Keyboard Case Review

If you are looking for a compact case for your Apple iPad keyboard then Gembox iPad Keyboard Case is the product you are looking for. The setup looks simple and it is highly responsive though not full-sized. You would find it easy to type. It is lightweight and spill-proof built-in wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The nice thing about it is that it is made of advanced Silicone material and it ensures complete protection for the iPad against scratches.

The leather in the keyboard has an exquisite feel about it. The Gembox iPad Keyboard Case comes with an extra strong USB charging connector and is characterized by the presence of rechargeable lithium battery that last for a long as 45 hours. The product sports a thin and stylish look with a bonus USB A/C Power Wall Charger and USB charging cable as well.

It can be said for sure that the Gembox iPad Keyboard Case is a must for anyone who used an iPad. You would agree that this case is very handy in the sense that it allows you to type comfortably and efficiently whether you are at home or on travel. The Bluetooth keyboard looks absolutely compact and comfortable. It is priced at $57.60 and it comes with a one year product warranty.

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Gordon 5 years ago

One thing I dislike the Apple products, they simply mark up the price of all accessories. Imagine a plastic or leather cover of iphone or ipad casing, they can charge sky high as if people don't know how much it worths of. They claimed that it is made of silicon, high durable, flexible material, how on earth we know whether they are genuine or not. Some other China made accessories which has equal quality will cost cheaper. Furthermore these accessories made for wear and tear, which means no matter how expensive you buy, it has to be replaced some time.

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