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It’s really quite easy to find cheap laptop computers if you know a few tricks to look for.  If you are willing to step outside of the norm when shopping for a new PC, you will have a great opportunity to save tons of money on a new PC.  Have you considered factory refurbished models?  How about customer returns?  Have you ever considered scratch and dent models?  If not, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to save up to 70%.  Cheap laptop computers for sale are easy to find this way. 

From the manufacturer:

This is probably the easiest way to take advantage of the great bargains and find cheap laptop computers.  Dell, HP, Acer, Gateway and pretty much every other manufacturer offers cheap laptop computers from their own websites.   Visit any of those manufacturer’s websites and search for either factory refurbished, customer returns, or scratch and dent and you will find results, with huge discounts.  This is a great way to get super cheap laptop computers.

What about warranties?

If you are looking for very cheap laptop computers, but still aren’t sure about factory refurbished or scratch and dent options, consider the warranty.  Most manufacturers, like Dell, offer the same warranty for these PC’s as you would get from buying a traditional new PC.  This means you can buy with confidence knowing your new PC will work fine.  Generally speaking, they will all be totally and completely certified and come with new packaging and all the owner’s manuals.  It’s easy to find really cheap laptop computers this way.  You can get them as powerful as you want, since pretty much all models with have scratch and dent and refurbished options.

What does scratch and dent mean?

This will vary a little by manufacturer, but generally speaking, this means minor cosmetic damage.  You can get cheap laptop computers for sale that simply have a small flaw or mark in the finish and save hundreds.  In many cases, these PC’s never left the factory, so they aren’t used and are just as powerful as they should be.   It’s a great way to get really cheap laptop computers.  They are simply cosmetically blemished.

What are customer returns?

These have been in the hands of customers, but for various reasons, were returned.  Cheap laptop computers that fall into this category could have been returned because the customer changed their mind, or they decided it wouldn’t be powerful enough.  There are tons of reasons, but since you still get full warranty, you can buy with confidence.  They go over these to make sure they are working properly.

What is factory refurbished?

Some super cheap laptop computers for sale will fall into this category.  Factory refurbished will generally mean there were some issues with the PC that have been repaired.  They have been used, but generally only slightly.  They will generally be certified and come with a complete warranty.  They will be just as powerful as they should be.

Is there any danger?

There really is no danger in buying directly from the manufacturer’s websites when looking at cheap laptop computers.  There is, however, some danger when you stray to other sites.  Some will actually label their PC’s and netbooks as refurbished or scratch and dent, when they are really just used.  Be sure to use caution.

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