How to get mails from your gmail acccount on your mobile phone

Setting on your mobile phone

Ever wondered yourself in a situation where you do not have your laptop or there is no cyber cafe nearby and you need to check an urgent email.

You can easily get the e-mails from your GMail account directly to your mobile phone provided that internet (GPRS) is activated. You can get GPRS activated on your mobile phone by contacting your service provider. There are plenty of plans available with these service providers in the market today.

The first thing you need to do right away is login to your GMail account and click on the 'Settings' menu. There you will find "Forwarding and POP " settings tab. From there choose "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on." and save your changes. Now you are ready to make the required settings on your mobile phone.

Enable POP3

I will take the example of the mobile phone I use to enter the settings.

Phone: Sony Ericsson K790i

1. From the main menu choose Messaging.

2. In the messaging menu choose, Email and then Settings.

3. You will get an option 'New Account', which creates a new profile in your phone where you can configure the settings.

4. In the settings enter the following information:

a) Account Name: Can be any name you like, can be your nick name too.

b) Connect Using: This option should already be there in your mobile phone if your GPRS is activated. If not you need to contact your service provider.

c) Email Address: This is your gmail email address. e.g

d) Connection Type: Enter POP3 here.

e) Incoming Server: Enter

f) Username: This is again the user id you have been using to login to your gmail account. In my case it is arun.udayan

g) Password: This is the password you use to login to you gmail id.

e) Outgoing Server: Enter here.

f) Advanced Settings: This option might be specific to the mobile phone I use and should be present in the other Sony ericsson models too. You need to find out the following options in your mobile phone yourself.

i) Encryption: Select SSL here.

ii) Outgoing username: is the same as Username as entered earlier.

iii) Outgoing Password: Is the same password you use to login to your gmail account,

iv) Incoming Port: Enter 995 here.

v) Outgoing Port: Enter 465 here.

Save all your changes before you exit the settings menu. So folks, enjoy g-mobile right there in your palms. Well these are just the settings to get the gmail only, you can get the mails from your other accounts like yahoo and rediff too if they also allow POP. You must try searching this info on this huge pool of knowledge- We call it as internet.

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anand 7 years ago

thanx for this information ,its really works

lndrt 7 years ago

Yeah, tnx for the info! Good step-by-step explaination :)

Pappu Sarkar 7 years ago

Thank You for this very important information. It saved my day today. Thank you once again.

shreyas 7 years ago

Hi.thanks a lot 4 d information.It works wonders!

Ranjit 7 years ago

Its showing server not found

Prasanna 6 years ago

Thanks dude. it really works. thanks a lot.

Naven 6 years ago

Its showing server not found. Can anybody help

annu 6 years ago

i have nokia 9300.aircel user i set all configuration in my phon but no send email and no coming.please help me.

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 6 years ago from Hyderabad Author

download opera mini 4 if urs is a java based mobile....

CheapMobilePhones profile image

CheapMobilePhones 6 years ago from UK

I think there is some way of getting the Emails in the form of SMS to our mobile without connecting to the internet. Do you know How?

thabo 6 years ago

i just cant get it right, you know seting up gmail on my cell phone

nijo 6 years ago

hey itried evrythng its coming secre session failed

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 6 years ago from Hyderabad Author

download gmail for mobile now...

febyy 6 years ago

thank u for ur information. but check email from gmail for mobile faster than POPmail

harsh 6 years ago

thanx buddy!!

mohamed ali 6 years ago

thanks dude...

DilankaJ 6 years ago

Excellent... I used this configurations in my SONY ERICSSON K530i.. Its Work.............

Thank you very much .......

Zyon 6 years ago

I followed the instructions Bro.Using the Nokia Supernova 7100,I need a Replyto Address under the Incoming Mail-smtp...plz help


arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 6 years ago from Hyderabad Author

Hi Zyon,

Try giving your gmail address in there. If you have something like Incoming Server, try giving

Also you need to enable POP from your gmail account online using the gmail settings menu.

If you are still unable to configure it try downloading gmail for mobile from google's website or use Opera Mini Web browser. Believe me its a much convenient way.

sainath 6 years ago

it doesn't work in my j105 naite and i'm using airtel network..gprs also activated pls help me

mohit 6 years ago

its saying dns failed

Joao 6 years ago

I have the same phone, k790i but whenever I want to send an email it says: Server not found, what can i do in this situation

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 6 years ago from Hyderabad Author

try giving in the outgoing server.

I am not sure if the server names have changed now cause I had written this long ago. Btw, you can now download gmail for mobile though it is a bit slow. the best is to use opera mini browser on you phone...

kuldeep 6 years ago

My mobil model no u-20i googel sign in and log in not open so help me

Anupam Mitra 6 years ago

I am having Nokia 2630. I have done as per your advice but it is not working. Will you take further pains to advise me?

rantosh ray 6 years ago

gmail not working on micromax x600

Nat 6 years ago

I have 2 gmail accounts set up exactly the same, no problems receiving emails on either but can only send from one, the other started giving me the following message 2 days ago, any ideas?

"The message(s) could not be sent. Check that you have network coverage and that your account information is correct. Then try sending again"

sudha 6 years ago

thanks dude  6 years ago

hi, my mobile is n70 i read info your start of mail get our phone.thanjs

Sanjeewa 6 years ago

Thank u vry mch, this is wht i was serching 4 last whol year it is very usefulk.

anupam 6 years ago


Giorgia 6 years ago

Thanks! Youyr explanation is the only one that worked on my phone, thanks so much!

Prateek Kashyap Biswas 6 years ago

Thanks a lot for this article. It helped ME a lot and i hope that it'll help everyone. Thanx again.

ASHIK 6 years ago

Iam ashik my phon is nokia n70.Iam a airetel user,so pls say email settings confermation pls 6 years ago

Symbian 60 Gmail Pop3 Settings

Shahad 5 years ago

Thank dear

Vasudha 5 years ago

thanks dude.. This helped :)

Abhishek 5 years ago

Thnks dude.its working on my sony ericsson k530i.

Thnkx buddy

pus2meong 5 years ago

Its working on my old Samsung SGH-Z560 (A707 in USA)

binesh 5 years ago

really works..thanks a lot

SHAKEEL AHMED 5 years ago



arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 5 years ago from Hyderabad Author

Hi Shakeel,

Please have a look at this site...

It should ne useful.

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 5 years ago from Hyderabad Author

Seth 5 years ago

Thanx mate!!

Harikrishna Nizam 5 years ago

Thanks dude, you made this very easy for me.

PRAVEEN  5 years ago



Nishith Joel 5 years ago

Thank you so much for the post. It was very helpful.

mukesh 5 years ago

really thanks sir

Sam 5 years ago

thanks guy. i really appreciate the effort you've put in here to make sure that we have the best of what our ericson can offer. i am grateful for the help you've helped me to setup my email account on my ericdon k530i. thanks a great deal

Downlicious 5 years ago

Thank you so much for the info!I was trying to set up gmail setting for a long period and you saved me! Thanks!

jayaseelan 4 years ago

its working fine. thanks

Raja 4 years ago

Excellent!!!Thanks a ton for this...

happyclapper 4 years ago

I have a Tesco mobile and in my email settings it offers 'Tesco mobile' or wap or mms. which should I use? I presume not mms?.....

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 4 years ago from Hyderabad Author

I am not sure, but I think you will have to use Tesco mobile...

jaikumar 4 years ago


jj 4 years ago

thanks word great

Sandeep Saxena 4 years ago

Thanks a ton Buddy

I was facing this issue sine past many days and no one was able to asist.

Thanks again

Rahul 4 years ago

Hi Arun,

I have sony erssion w200i mobile phone and i have done all e-mail setting as above mentioned but it still now working its shows error -server not found...

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 4 years ago from Hyderabad Author

Hi Rahul,

Did you enable POP from GMAIL settings. Do it from your computer by logging into gmail.


This blog is quite old. Please see if the follwing link helps:

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 4 years ago from Hyderabad Author

If you have enabled 2 step verification then check this link:

code1224 4 years ago from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

try It allows you to receive email notifications on your mobile phone via SMS. No matter at what time you receive email in your inbox, our service is enabled to send out sms alerts on your mobile number as soon as you receive any email in your inbox.

Tharindu 4 years ago

It's working really nicely. Thanks.

rana 3 years ago

it says unable to connect try later

Arun Kumar 3 years ago

how i can configure in my micromax X600 mobile. i have tried but it is not working. pls describe the procedure.



Kader 3 years ago

Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thank you, However I am experiencing issues with your RSS. I don't understand the reason why I am unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody else getting similar RSS issues? Anyone who knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

Pradeeprathore 3 years ago

i have micro max Q5 with out android phone.i have follow given instruction above but email sending and receiving not possible please help me setting

Amanda 2 years ago

I have an htc and use gmail as my inbox for emails. My htc and gmail account were synched and it worked well. My gmail was hacked in November and I have retreived my address book and email filing but cannot connect to my htc. This evening I removed the gmail account from my htc but was told I must reset to factory settings. I did this and have lost my phone 100+ phone numbers. I did not back up my SIM. I thought I would be able to reconnect with my gmail account but NO. What am I doing wrong and can I get my phone numbers back, please?

arun.udayan profile image

arun.udayan 2 years ago from Hyderabad Author

Hi Amanda,

Are you able to see the contacts in your gmail at least? I think that you cannot login to you gmail on your HTC using the same password that you use to login to gmail from the browser. Go to this link after logging into your gmail account in a browser on your pc or laptop:

Click on the "settings" link in front of "App Passwords". Give your normal gmail password if asked to do so. Now generate an application specific password by giving some name in the text box. (I would write "My HTC phone" and click on the "Generate Password" button). A 16 alphabets password will be generated which you could use to login into google account on your h&c mobile. Let me know if that works.

Thabo 2 years ago

I am using blackberry 9320 it does not send the emails.please help guys.

victoriamartin042 17 months ago

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