MagicJack - Make It Work Everywhere In Your House

Magic Jack is saving a lot of people money and as a result people are asking for and getting more creative with it's uses.

The one idea I see asked for all the time is:

Can I get all the phones in my house to use Magic Jack. This means they want to be able to plug a phone into their phone jack anywere in the house and be able to place and answer calls.

There is a easy way to accomplish this:

It requires 3 things:

1. The location of your Magic Jack must be close enough to a phone jack so that you can use a cord to plug it into that jack

2. A phone cord to plug into the Magic Jack and the phone jack.

3. If you want to have access to the Jack you plugged it into you may need to goto a hardware store or my favorites, the dollar stores and get a jack that turns 1 plug in to 2 plugs.

Once you have these things it's pretty simple.

Lets make sure of a few things first..

If you already have a real phone line workign on your other house jacks.. this will not work so do not try it. This is for use only if you have NO OTHER phone service other than Magic Jack.

The steps are take the duplex jack attachment and plug it in the wall jack.
Plug a regular phone into 1 of the 2 jacks,

Then take the cord you have and plug one end into the duplex attachment and the other into the Magic Jack.

This effectively pushes you Magic Jack to the other phone you plugged in and also to any other Phone jack you have in the house.

This allows you to answer calls and place calls from anywhere in the house.

I have noticed that "some" old analog phones might not ring correctly under this scheme, I do not have a 100% solution for this but at this time I thinkt he best thing might be to use  a phone that uses external power.  This means something like a existing cordless phone.   I think that the power from the  MagicJack  port might not have enough voltage to actually "ring" the power that do not have their own power.   I'll update this more as I see how it works.

Simple Effective and Cheap.

This seems to work for most folks, but depending on how your apartment, condo or house are wired it may not work.

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phone guy 7 years ago

One thing not mentioned is most people will need to go into the customer side of their phone NID (located on the outside of their home, usually by the power meter) and disconnect their existing phone drop or you will experience problems with feed back or your phones thinking they are off the hook. if there is only one set of twisted pair screwed or clipped in, a red and green or blue and blue/white, simply clip them off.

excellasys profile image

excellasys 7 years ago from US Author

Good Point Phone Guy I think that most NID have the plugin jacks so simply going to the NID and unplugging the RJ-11 to the master connection should work as well. This varies form carrier to carrier and if you have copper lines or fiber so if you do not know what your doing ask someone who does know what this means.

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