Getting Computer Help

Getting computer help is actually pretty easy these days. With social networking sites gaining popularity and user groups all over, a great deal of computer experts are sitting at your fingertips.

Sometimes computer help can be just as frustrating as the problem, filled with tech jargon, so its not particularly helpful for those who only use computers as required. Some great resources for computer users of this variety are Google and Yahoo groups. Those are for the not very computer savvy crowd. People post comments based on the things that helped them fix a problem. Since these are not computer engineers or other technology keeps, there is very little jargon to be found. Make sure when you post a question, that you don't post "please help." That will deter people from looking at your question. There is virtually no information describing the problem in the title when you write something like that on a forum.

For those who use computers a little more often, but don't quite consider themselves techies, there are tech support forums and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) lists. Then, there are those who border on being techies or those who, perhaps revel in their tech geek status.

For those people who enjoy breaking down the jargon and can understand it, there are several websites as well. One site that may prove useful is Microsoft's web site. The things they can find there may have been written by computer "experts" and will probably be filled with jargon. The answers to questions for this particularly skilled group of people Microsoft's "Knowledge Base" Articles will aid them in solving the computer issues they are unable to solve themselves.

The previous ways to get help with your computer are all free of charge. Unfortunately, even with all those free sources of help, it may not be possible to find answers to your specific problems and concerns. If you are willing to pay some money but still want to avoid the hassle of going to a tech support center, there are many business that now offer online tech support for anything including wifi printers.

The advantage to going with online tech support for your computer help is that is that you can be sure you are working with experts. These are technicians whom you confer with online. They access your computer, with your permission of course, remotely. A simple internet search will help you find these technicians.


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