Give Free Computers For Low Income Families


Have you ever wondered how nonprofit organizations can offer free computers for low income families?  It’s through donations by everyday people that have a working used laptop they are willing to give to help someone out that’s a little less fortunate.  The laptop may end up going to a student, single parent, or just about anyone else in need.  Here’s how you can give free computers for low income families along with some basic reasons you should consider it.

How It Benefits Me To Give:

If you are looking at giving free computers for low income families, you should know that you can use the donation as a tax credit.  Your tax preparer will be able to fill you in on the details, but just like any other charitable donation, you can use it to limit your total liability.  While you could sell your used laptop, you are unlikely to get too much for it.  Some businesses will actually take old, used laptops and PC’s on trade, but offer pennies on the dollar.  Why do this?  You can help out others buy giving free computers for low income families.

National Organizations That Will Take My Used Laptop:

There are tons of places to donate a PC.  To start out, let’s look at some of the larger, nonprofit groups that will help out and offer free computers for low income families.

CRC:  The Computer Recycling Center is one of the many that offers free laptops for low income families.  They have helped many students get a used PC to use for homework.  They will take your used PC and give to someone in need.

C4K:  Computers 4 Kids is specifically designed to offer free units for low income families that have kids.  Students that need a PC for school will find help through this organization, so it’s a good place to consider.

Freecycle:  This is yet another nonprofit organization that helps those in need with free computers for low income families.  They will take your used PC or laptop and give it to someone that could truly use it.

Local Places To Give:

If you really want to give to free computers for low income families, but want to give to someone local, there are plenty of places and methods to use to put the used PC to use.

Schools:  Make a simple phone call and ask if any of the students are in need.  You can bet they will be able to come up with a name or two.  Free computers for low income families in your area will help your community.

Civic Groups:  There are likely tons of nonprofit, civic organizations in your area.  You can bet one of them would take your used laptop donation and give it to someone in need.  They likely know someone that could benefit from free computers for low income families.

Students You Know:  If you are looking for offer free computers for low income families, maybe you can simply give to someone you know.  Perhaps a neighbor or friend could benefit from your used laptop.

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lopezmike 6 years ago

need acomputer

jane 5 years ago

how do i get a used laptop for a student/

sara 5 years ago

my son needs a laptop for school. jane if interested email me..

Moses 5 years ago

Requires laptops for training orphans .

find attach profile for the Organization.




TEL 0772931991,0752931991

Email odmocanx


1.0. Introduction:

Oculoi orphan care is a community based organization, non profit making, non political, interdenomination, charitable organization that was established in 2002 by a group of volunteers in a sponsor to problems facing the orphans and vulnerable groups in Kaberamaido District with its office at Kaberamaido Town Council, Majengo “A”, Kaberamaido. Bululu road, then later on, in the year of 2008 the sub-branch was established in Apac District where Vocational Technical School has been established.

2.0. Background:

Oculoi orphans care existed to provide basic needs, skills training on vocational programs and HIV AIDS awareness campaign and socio-economic.


To promote the welfare of OVC’s in Kaberamaido and Apac District using their experience in life.


Developing self –reliant orphans in Kaberamaido and Apac Districts through vocational skills.


The Direct beneficiaries will be the orphans and other vulnerable groups (OVC’s) and indirect beneficiaries will be the immediate households living with the orphans.


a) To establish vocational training center (self help project) for the courses of bricklaying and concrete practice (BCP), tailoring and cutting garments (TC/G), carpentry and joinery (CJ), plumbing and motor vehicle mechanics and computer training.

b) To improve family and community capacity for provision of OVC’s care, support and protect services.

c) To support skills training activities for orphans, needy ex-abductees, school drop outs and HIV-AIDS affected and infected youth.

d) To improve on nutrition and food security by increasing food production for OVC’s.

e) To equip OVC’s and their family members with knowledge, information and skills in HIV/AIDS prevention.

f) To receive and administer gifts, offerings, grants or donations and other contribution for the work of helping the needy people by rehabilitation, development auxiliary activities.

g) To acquire, purchase, take lease or in other lawful manner in any area, land, build a structure and to develop the same for any other purpose in accordance to a goal.

3.0. Justifications for the partnership.

A number of projects have been operating in Kaberamaido and Apac Districts. Little or no attention has been devoted to child’s right to education to orphans.

Your Organization as a partner will therefore address issues affecting OVC's that has not been considered for a long time e.g. linking children above 18yrs of age who are in the orphanage to Oculoi orphans care for vocational training

4.0. Co-ordination and Logistics.

Oculoi orphans care will train the OVC’s on vocational skills in the field of Bricklaying and Concrete Practice (BCP), Tailoring and cutting garments (TC/G), Computer training, Carpentry and joinery (CJ) where the school has already been started in Apac in Abongomola sub-county. The name of the school is called Abongmola vocational technical school while Your Organization will contribute remunerations for trainings and start-up kits for the OVC’s who have been trained.

Your Organization will also cater for Construction of the School for the OVCs and Provision of Basic Needs

5.0. Credibility/ sustainability.

a) The project will be monitored jointly by Your Organization, District Local Government and Oculoi orphans care who will be involved in the direct implementation of the activities.

b) During the graduation, Equipments or startup kits will be provided to the orphans and the vulnerable children (OVC’s) who have completed the training successfully.

c) The participants will be given certificates on completion of the training.

d) The project will link the OVC’s to the Government Institution for continuity of the education.



Photos for students of Abongomola Vocational Technical School

Carrying Practicals for the courses of Tailoring &Cutting Garments ,Carpentry and Joinery,Brick Laying and Concrete Practice irrespectively

Orphans conducting practicals in the field of Tailoring,Carpentry,and Brick laying

Apply Now! Application FAQs

Online Partner Application - APPLICATION SUBMITTED

Thank you for completing our on-line application process. We will review your information as soon as possible.

If your application is accepted, we will e-mail you an Award of Property Agreement, which you must sign and return to us, along with proof of your not-for-profit status (unless already provided).

Please note that NCF provides donations of equipment only to not-for-profit organizations, schools, and public agencies. We are strictly prohibited from providing donations directly to individuals.

(Approved partner organizations however, may provide computer equipment to individual users if such donations comply with the organization’s mission and programs.)

Grants of equipment to NCF Network partner organizations are based on availability. Priority is given to organizations responsible for fostering the training of people with special needs in educational or training environments.

We can respond to your request to receive equipment from NCF only if your application is accepted

aruthal charitable trust 5 years ago

we are doing free computer training for poor students in their village.please donate used computer,laptop, any computer spares or ups.for

Beatrice Washeke 5 years ago

I'm a computer tutor from Nakuru-Kenya. I would like to start free computer lessons for school leavers who cannot afford to join colleges for lack of funds. Please help and follow up the project

dana burton 5 years ago

please help me and my family

we need a computer please help us we have only 345.00

a month free one please please

thank you dana and family

Jonathan Wright 4 years ago

Hi. My name is Jonathan Wright. I have a chronic bloodclotting disorder. I have 5 pulmonary embolisms and 9 d.v.t.'s. I'm unable to do construction anymore, much less walk. I have my elderly mother and mentally challenged brother to take care of. I dont know what to do. I've no income while I'm waiting on s.s.i. diability. However've found alot of online jobs I could work if I had a computer. Is there any way you or someone you know would be willing to donate a computer? I'm an honest man in need of an honest living. Please reply regardless of your answer. I'd sincerely appreciate it. Your friend in real need, Jonathan Wright 361-461-1675

ANGELINE 4 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Angeline Mouton and like find out how I could get help ive got a special need child and in need of a labtop but dont have the finance to buy a new one could you please help.

Regards Angeline Mouton

Chairperson of Community Builders

Contact 0790516189

melfa pasaribu 4 years ago

I am broad-minded and eager to share with friends the same boat but the barriers are lack of access to information. I hope to get my laptop to make it happen,

I really need it and please email me at

Masabo 4 years ago

I'm a refugee separated with my family. I've just been offered a scholarship to learn online but don't have laptop/computer. I need your help please to utilise this opportunity. E-mail me: thanks

Nophat Kemoi 4 years ago

Dear sir/madam

I am a student at Kenya highlands Evangelical University in Kericho Kenya; I am taking Diploma in computer science. I am really struggling atleast to get one but due to financial problem I am unable. I have been looking over the internet to whether there is any well-wishing organization to help, but unfortunately up to date I have not made it. I have found your company to be more caring for the needy and it is a reliable. I know you will consider my humble request for a Laptop computer. You can reach at

Thank you.

Rizwan Jalil 4 years ago

I am a poor student. I live in Pakistan. I need a laptop computer. please donate me a laptop computer.

glo2020 4 years ago

I am unemployed and am borrowing a friends computer, however, I have to return it very soon. I am really in need of a computer!! In todays world you can't even apply for a job unless you have a computer. I was using the one at the library, but it has been closed since last summer after we had that noreaster. I saw this website and thought I would give it a try? I can be reached at, I appreciate any computer that I could recieve. Thank you, Gloria

zebenay kassa 4 years ago

I am Zebenay kassa zeleke from ethiopia, Debre Markos Town preparatory scool. I have BA and MA degree in Geography and Environmental Studies received from Addis Ababa University in the year 2001 and 2010 respectively. Although I have these degrees and had taken some introductory courses related to GIS and Remote Sensing, I am not much more expert and professional in GIS and Remote Sensing.This is due to lack of my own computer. this is again due to financial problems, the monthly salaries that paid for me is not even cover my families and my Owen expense. Hence, I ask you and your organization kindly to give me a lap top to advance my profession . I am waiting your kind response.

My addrees

Debre Markos preparatory school, Debre Markos Town, Ethiopia

P.O BOX....... 77

Tel............... +251 913091694



Zebenay Kassa Zeleke

Faran 4 years ago

Sir/Madam, I am Faran from Pakistan. I am a Graduate in commerce. I am in a badly need of a laptop with CD/DVD writer. I am jobless from last 3 years because of serious abnominal and muscular desease. My mother 57 is also seriously ill and on bed. I have no source of income to afford my family. Pay off rent, utility bills even to afford food and medicans. I have experience of graphic designing, animation and sound editing. I don't have computer and laptop now. If you consider my request and grant me a compatable laptop for work. I will be able to start some work to earn money and save my house and family. And continue my furture studies. Get internet acces for projects and studies.

And If you can help me to get projects and work online. I will be highly obliged

May God Bless you.




email addess for any verification and guidline

My contact number +923458088891

Monica torrez 4 years ago

I would luke to know how u coyld get a free laptop for my childeren .call me 8179688234.thank u so much

dannymoreno1 3 years ago

my name I Danny Moreno and I have 6 kids out of six of them three need laptops for school. Two of them are in high school one in middle school we have one laptop and buy the time the kids finish home work and they have a lot of it and there chores bath and dinner its about 11:00 pm and they get up at 5:00 am to catch the school bus cause we live in a rule area my babies are tired and I fell bad cause I cant buy them one I have ben out of work for a year and befor that work was slow I am very embarest cause I am the father and that is my job. well they always say dad don't worry we will make it work with one but now and days for a better education life needs more so who ever is listening from a father that needs help and used laptops our more than enough

thank you Danny Moreno

email address

contact # 971-388-7230

maninderpaj dhaliwal 3 years ago

i need a free laptop u offering because i am on disabilty please help me call me at 604 832 5871 OR 778 549 5582 email address thanku

michael weathers 2 years ago

I am truly in the poverty level. I am starting college at IADT to get my Associates Science Information Technology online. I am at a friends sing there to look for one that is cheap or free. Please help. My class starts 11/18/2013. My contact number is 602-425-0495. Email is Thank you.

Abby 19 months ago

how do I get a free computer


sarah 13 months ago

I am a single mom with very low income in need of a laptop for my online college classes.

Shannah Love 11 months ago

I am a single mom of 2 boys, with no income in need of a laptop or desktop for employment and educational purposes.

Please respond quickly at or 9034217903,,

Thanks may God bless u & your response is greatly appreciated.

Lanajean 9 months ago

My asset that I earned from a matched saving program IDA with Opportunity Fund to transition off of disability following my cancer scare was stolen from me. I'm traumatized. I saved two years for the perfect computer with my earnings, but somebody took it in two minutes. Please buy from my web site so I can overcome the loss and remain benign.

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