Globe WiMax in the Philippines - A Review

Globe WiMax in the Philippines

This is a review of my recently enrolled wireless broadband internet connection. The information provided here is on the basis of our actual unbiased experience from this technology.

WiMAX, meaning Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a telecommunications technology that provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point-to-multipoint links to portable and fully mobile internet access. The technology provides up to 3 Mbit/s broadband speed without the need for cables. The technology is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard (also called Broadband Wireless Access). The name "WiMAX" was created by the WiMAX Forum, which was formed in June 2001 to promote conformity and interoperability of the standard. The forum describes WiMAX as "a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL". Wikipedia

This Wimax by Globe Telecoms in the Philippines was recently launched only despite claims by most telecom companies here that much have been done to test the system more than a year ago. Telecom is a 200B business here in the Philippines and it is definitely a race to launch ahead of competition. Globe telecoms was first to launch theirs. Another equally big competitor, Smart Telecoms will launch in the next few months. A new entry, Liberty telecoms - who operated mostly two-way trunked systems was recently acquired by beverage giant San Miguel Corporation - will roll out their WiMax system next year. This friendly competition will only bring about - in the end - more choices for the consumer and eventually cheaper services.

We used to be enrolled in a DSL program bundled to our phone line by another telco provider - Digitel. Our package is 128kbps download / 64kbps upload. Well, what do you expect - it definitely is a far cry - or should be - with the Globe promotion of 1Mbps max data transfers. Digitel - while we have been loyal for the last two years - came up with faster speeds at cheaper packages but failed to upgrade loyal customers. To date, this marketing strategy seem to forget the tenet that loyal customers are harder to find. Thus we gave this Globe wimax a spin - to top this offering, globe offered a money back guarantee for one month if you are not satisfied - great marketing ploy!

The Application for the Program

There was not even the need to call the Globe office nor go personally to apply. The roll-out meant some enterprising companies took on the Globe challenge and went house-to-house for a nearly instant connection - no money involved. Money back guarantee if not satisfied! In two days - it should be just same day or the following day, the modem or CPE (customer premise equipment) was installed together with a small aerial antenna beamed at their cell site which was only 500 meters from our place - no reason to get a poor signal. The service we enrolled in pay a little over 20 USD for 1Mbps - data only or 995.00Php.

The Experience

My children were as excited as I was. This should be lightning fast compared to our DSL! Well, bad news for my children - Globe implemented traffic shaping - or in layman's better understanding like mine - means some services like P2P peer to peer downloads are throttled down to 20% only of maximum capability. Browsing was ok but not as fast as we expected. Streaming those videos from you-tube was not that fast either. In fairness to Globe, my internet phone via Magic Jack was so clear that you would think it was a local US call - with Digitel it was barely usable. There were daily occasional outages in signal and considering the we are very near the wireless source, this does not seem to be acceptable at all. Wimax should cover a better footprint in signal.

My bandwidth monitor notes a steady stream for VOIP. I guess globe will protect and enhance this service, and likely configure their network for VOIP as the CPE can handle a phone line too. We just did not get this option as there were interconnection charges to other phone line. This is expected as telcos fight it out for market share. This will hopefully be resolved in the future.

My Conclusion

For heavy users of VOIP, via Yahoo messenger, skype, vonnage or Magic Jack - you guys are in for a treat. For the younger generation of P2P fanatics - this is not recommended. For regular browsing - this is acceptable. For our streaming video experience - we have had better experience with PLDT. For users of Digitel, anything other than their service is a welcome treat.

In the final analysis, your use and preferences determine the service you want or the program you should enroll. All systems go through some birth pains and all companies have their priorities also. These just need to match our own requirements. For now, and on the basis of our 2 weeks experience - my children says thumbs down unless Globe address the basic issue of traffic shaping, and intermittent disconnections.

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ladyeagle_cdc profile image

ladyeagle_cdc 7 years ago from San Juan City, Philippines

Hi! thanks for updating us with the latest technology.

Would like to ask where did Globe & Smart launch this Wimax? i believe they won't able to do it here in GMA coz of their overlapping services? TY

manikis 6 years ago

i read your second review and it look likes this wimax of globe is not as interesting as the new entrant wi-tribe? am i correct?

skipper 6 years ago

i am a wimax user, and im satisfied with my 512 kbps account,

considering its only 795 pesos per month. although your right about the P2P. it can only reach 60KB/s (60kB x 8bits = 480 kbps) which somewhat near to my subscribed bandwidth. wimax is really the way to go.

PS. you can bring with you the CPE if your mobile. hahaha... not like DSL.

mozart 6 years ago

maxado to....nagbblock ng ip address panget panget....binoblock nla mga website na pnapasukan sa isang computer....shet!!

jm 6 years ago

bkt yung sakin 384 lang yung maximum speed na nakukuha. parang ung plan na internet+landline 384KBPS plan. plan 512kbps p.795 wimax itong kinabit samin

Robbie 6 years ago

i hate GLOBE WIMAX... 100% ang signal and nasa likod lang ng bahay namin ung site ng globe but unfortunately lagi akong WALANG internet connection... maganda lang sya nung 1st week eh lagi naman akong tumatawag sa hotline nila iisa lang naman ang sinasabi nila wait for 24 hours then call back ilang beses na ako nag call back but wala pa din... naiinis talaga ako kya i have no choice but to have another connection mabagal man ung smart ayos lang at lis may connection... napamahal tuloy ang gastos ko dalawa pa ang bill ko per month wala namang pakinabang ang WIMAX na yan

jaihos 6 years ago

Ganun ba?Bago ko lng pinakabit ang WiMax sa amin. I will still have to test it. Nako!Umabot pa ng 15 days bago kami na install. Sana naman bumawi sila sa connection.

kazuno 6 years ago

2nd testing day na ng WIMax dito sa bahay.. 98% ang signal nya dito samin.. ok cya.. napalo ang DL speed nya ng 384-400++ kbps sa umaga w/o antenna.. pg may antenna lalo bumabagal, pag sa gabi umaabot ng 512kbps... sulit na sulit.. pg ok toh, mguupgrade ako ng 1mbps, and bilis pa mgkabit nila yun nga lng may hidden charges.. ngbayad pa ako ng 500php for installation on top of the 750php money back guarantee.. pro mwwaive nmn daw sa next month n bill

Ronie 6 years ago

I have Wi-Tribe now kainis kasi yong 6GB nila na lmit kasama pala pati brows lang sa net ganda sana service nila yon lang pag naubos mona yong 6GB mo bagal na.. papacut kona to and planning to have Globe WiMax... pero bases sa review nyo na taranta tuloy ako.... ano ba talagang magandang connection.... sino ba sa kanila ang nag sabi nang totoo...

sej 6 years ago

laging walng connection

from 3G to WiMax 6 years ago

tuwing kinakabit po ng Globe Tao's yung antenna palaging wala at magkaroon man e isang signal lang tapos pawala-wala. Napakataas na po ng antenna. Mga 50ft na po pero wala talagang signal e.

alvin 6 years ago

sa amin naman ok na sana ung wimax mura lang ung montly naka router pa kami 3 pa ung computer,kaso lang pag midyo makulimlim ang panahon nawawala ung signal.kaya i try PLDT kung ok ba xa.

Alvin 6 years ago

ang ginawa ko sa wimax q na 795 ung montly,wala kasing kasamang antina para outdoor.ginawan ko nalang xa ng extension wire then kinabit ko sa ups ko para kong sakaling mag brwout di kuna xa aakyatin sa taas ng bobong at tinakpan ko ng galon ng wilkins para di mabasa kung sakaling umulan.malakas naman xa kaya ng 3 computer q.ang problem lang pag makulimlim ang panahon pa walawala xa pero pag umulan na bumabalik naman.

Bibo 6 years ago

just want to ask,what type of signal po ang kelangan ng wimax? 3G po ba or regular (GPRS) signal lang from globe cellsite?i'm planning po kasi magpakabit since likod bahay lang po namin site ng globe. Thanks

Azrael 6 years ago

Can anyone help me? I had my WiMAX installed. It works fine on my desktop. When I transferred the LAN cable to my laptop (Vista isntalled), it won't work anymore. My laptop works fine with Globe Tattoo. Does anyone have the answers? The Globe tech guy directed me to check my LAN settings, hardware, etc. - The arrogant son of a bitch talked as if he wished I just hang up the phone.) Hey, if you know the answers, could you pls e-mail me @ Thanks!

maqh 6 years ago

this globe wimax sucks. akalo ko loser na ung sun broadband ko apparently mas mbgal pa sya at pag may dumadaan sa shop ko nwawalan ng signal. maya't maya nadidisconnect. mas stable pa yung sun broadband ko. nung iababalik ko na sa globe center may charge na 2500 for termination fee. wala pang one week nagamit.

buddy diaz 6 years ago

1st month ok ang speed lagpas 1mbps after a month paputol putol ang signal at ngaun nman 150kbps nlang ang speed ano ba yan globe! dapat 150 nlang ang ibayad sa inyo e 1mbps ang binabayaran ko sa inyo saksakan kau ng gulang niloloko nyo lang mga subscriber nyo mga putang ina nyo!

Chase Claire Gutang 6 years ago

I have Globe..on how they service their customers...I'm a Wimax subscriber for a week, but I already hated it...i subscribed for a 512kbps then they only gave me 112kbps as I monitored it on a speed test. I hate Globe...I hate their services...they are only after of the payment not the quality of service. I will cut-off my subscription, I don't care if they obliged me to pay. Whom are they fooling? am I gonna pay for a dumb service? NO WAY!!!!

Anne 6 years ago

This sucks! I can't access ANY P2P application. Is anyone having the same problem?

Papa Sez profile image

Papa Sez 6 years ago from The Philippines to Canada

Hi Marlon, we didn't get to try Globe WiMAX because of a snag in the installation of the receiver. So I just linked this review of yours in my recent hub about our experiences in installation of broadband service by PLDT myDSL, Smart Bro and Globe WiMAX.


Papa Sez

Cy Roberto 6 years ago

BAGAL ng Globe Wimax.

susan 6 years ago

i think tuloy pa rin sa masamang bisyo ang Globe. Yon bang sa simula bibigyan ka ng magandang signal then tatanggap ng napakaraming subscriber hanggang napakarami ng maghahati-hati sa signal na ibibigay nila kaya pabagal ng pabagal ang internet. Di naman talaga ibinibigay ang bandwidth na binbayaran natin. Laging alibi nila may maintenance problem.Ang gulang!

seed sisam 6 years ago

3 days nag nakakabit ang WiMAX dito sa bahay, fastest DL connection ko abot ng 520kbps, considering 1Mbps ang subscription ko, mahina, 50% lang nakukuha ko, kalahati din ba bayad ko dapat? kaso swapang ata globe. Tumawag na ako sa tech support "wait 24 hours". 48 hours na po ganun pa rin ang speed. 100% palagi ang signal. pero ung DL ganun pa rin. ung sister ko naka smart bro, mas mataas pa DL nya dun sa subscribed speed nila, mali ata ang napili kong Internet Provider. Ok naman kung chat lang at surf, kaso work ko online teaching, ung video at sound quality ko choppy at lag, hindi po real time.

Give us what we are paying for, and please clear out ng globe ung capping issues nila sa bandwidth na dapat nakukuha ng subscriber... una lang ata ok ang serbisyo tapos perwisyo na.

Tabz 6 years ago

Medyo Mabagal nga!

Tabz``` 6 years ago

Bakit ganon? ang ipakabit ko 1mbps!

kaso 512kbps lang ang speed!

ganyan ba talaga ang Globe Wimax!

Rom 6 years ago

1 week na akong no internet connection and land line. may bawas ba sa bill pag ganto ? Globe wimax bulok . okay lang naman cguro na d na bayaran ung pre termination fee. Change ISP na kau.

dessa 6 years ago




dessa 6 years ago




threestar 6 years ago

see the proof of Globe Bandwidth Capping

Download the link below to test your connection

MF 6 years ago

Globe doesn't know how to build and operate a WiMax network, I have had the service now since it started and it absolutely sucks the basic problem is that there is too much fluctuation in the service and this is all related to lack of capacity to support the number of subscribers that they have signed up. I have built plenty of networks around the world and when its designed correctly it works great, they must think that people are fools and doesn't understand what they are doing! So why do I still use the service? Well, I don't really have a choice where I am if I did I would leave them in a heartbeat!

jack2006 6 years ago

ok nmN nf globe wimax..depende lng sa location..yan..

libra 6 years ago

napakabagal sabi 1mbps daw pero ang signal ko .21mbps lang kakainis

Christianadam profile image

Christianadam 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Globe wimax is location dependent so before subscribing to the any Wimax plan it would be better to know if your area is within the WImax radius. Try this review below.

Christianadam profile image

Christianadam 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Just click the link to see the review.

Christianadam profile image

Christianadam 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Hi, just want to share this new Globe WiMax.

ClearWire 6 years ago

Alam nyo dapat ni reregulate ng NTC yang mga advertisement ng mga Telco company, Tulad ng Globe they are claiming na WiMaX ang service nila, pero ang totoo di namana pala. Niloloko lang naman nila tayo. did you know that when you say WiMax it is capable up to 4G signal kaya nga sa meaning palang ng WiMax "last mile wireless broadband access" NTC hoy gising

Anton 6 years ago

Bad Trip din talaga ako sa wimax. Ayoko sana ipaputol connections ko kaso napakahina ng signal. Hirap mag browse. Nong una maganda. pero nitong ika 8 months sobrang hina na.

xxj 6 years ago

dapat kasi talaga malakas ang atin comsumer protection laws!

ano ba ang legal rights natin tungkol dito? sana may lawyer na makakasagot! pwede ba tayong makapag-file ng class suite?

the good thing about US and even Singapore is that, uber careful and responsive yung business about customer concerns!

sana wag nating gawing dahilan na third world tayu kaya ganyan! maging progresibo sana tayo sa isip, salita at gawa! wala ngang panatang makabayan ang US at Singapore pero progresibo sila! oh well, bansa natin ito! kung ano man ito ngayon, dahil din ito sa atin! ginusto natin maging ganito eh! silence may mean yes in this case!

boggs 6 years ago

We need to be remembered that our country in general has only a very small share in bandwidth compared to highly developed countries here in Asia. Our speeds here can never beat them in any ways...

ryan 6 years ago

... i am the subcribers also of the globe wimax, 6 months na..nung una rin mabilis ang browsing, ngayon bumabagal na... at ito pa ah...marami na kong na encounter na problem regarding wimax, kaya for those na gusto magpakabit, hinay hinay lang po, every step ay may kalakip na bayad...di nyo lang alam may dagdag na bill na pala kayo..

jerome 6 years ago

nako sinabi nyo pa 2 weeks palang ung connection namin pero napakabagal na nang signal hindi nga ako makapag youtube nakaka asar buti na lang di ko pa pina paputol ung smartbro ko

Chie 6 years ago

I am using Globe wi max and suki na nila ako sa kakatawag para reklamo connection ko na lagi nawawala!!!!

ben boga 6 years ago

tang inang wimax to eh.. sa una lang magaling.. pag nka bayad ka na slower na ng 70% ang connection.. im planning not to pay this shit next month pag ganito pa din ang ginagawa ng tarantadong globe... mga ulol...

jeineken 6 years ago

Oh yeah. I opted to use Globe WIMAX because I thought it will be faster than the connection of a SMART BRO. But gee, I was very wrong. This Globe WIMAX is pain in the ass.

jeineken 6 years ago

If I were to compare the SMART BRO and the GLOBE WIMAX, I don't even have a problem about the SMART BRO but not this GLOBE WIMAX. If I were you guys, don't hesitate to go for GLOBE. It really sucks!

bianne 6 years ago

really globe sucks...i've been calling them for almost two weeks and nothing happens..they just told me to wait for the tech to come to my place but they never came..for those who are planning to use globe..think again..for the first two weeks its really good but after that it's a pain in the ass...

ledor 6 years ago

ang bagal wala pang 40% ung nakukuha kong speed 795 nga eh may E-vat pah kaya almost 1000 din hoy kayong globe kayo ayusin nyo yung service nyo baka mamaya maubos yung costumer nyo lumipat sa mas tunay at effective yun nga lang saan yun



putang ina nyo sun broadband 6 years ago


jojo 6 years ago

weh kami dennn now lang nka connect!!! jejejejejeje

taga bukid 6 years ago

guys eto sabi ng GLOBE

Money-back guarantee

- We're so confident about Globe WiMAX service quality that if you're unhappy with the connection within the first 30 days from installation, we'll give you your money back!

kung hindi pa kayo lagpas 1 month balik nyo na sa globe yan... hehehehee

rj 6 years ago

for my own opinion ok lng nman ung wimax dipende lng talaga sa area and location ng isang tao

jedinudge 6 years ago

This week Globe Wi-Max will be installing in our area here in Cainta...I don't have any idea of the location of their base station...because the closer your wi-max radio to the base, the higher the QOS (Quality of Service)...while Wi-Max is a better alternative to Wi-Fi and MMDS technology, it will still depend on the bandwidth allocated and the RSS of the radio...

Thank you very much for this post, this helped a lot...

The good thing is, Globe offered a 'money-back' guarantee if service is not good...

Edgar Orino 6 years ago

I have all 3: Smart Bro (plan 999), Globe Wimax (plan 995) and Sun Wireless Broadband (plan 799). Comparing them in terms of speed, Smart Bro stands-out as compared to the two. Globe is average while Sun's speed is so unacceptable when in fact they advertise theirs as having speeds up to 1Mbps. What a waste of money! If you're planning to have yours, go for Smart Bro instead!

Bangobing 6 years ago

Globe Wimax? Its a big NO for me!!

their services, both wired and wireless(horrifyingly terrible-undercribable), are not consumer friendly. the connection is as slow as the slowest snail you could ever find and keeps on cutting off. i just had this 1mbps plan and its been a month or so and i'm so frustrated, i can even describe's like i want to poke their faces to let them know how bad their wimax is. i don't recommend this to anyone and don't you even try with the 1month guarantee, its even a spam. Globe is a faker, don't be fooled folks.

Belle 6 years ago

Globe's customer service sucks. I've been calling them every other 2 days for follow ups for my internet installation (wifi your home) assuring me that they'll install it within 10 business days. now its been a month! They never contacted me and their CSRs are unreliable. After calling every 2 days for a month they told me it's CANCELLED!! Told me stuff about the port and stuff that i barely know about. They offered me another service which is wimax and now im researching about it. reading all reviews makes me even more frustrated with globe. Globe, Sun and Smart are all crap. I should have applied to PLDT instead since im a heavy user of skype. tsk tsk.. THUMBS DOWN!

Globe lawlaw 6 years ago

Nag applu na ako sa globe.. tang na ganun pala mga reviews.. kala ko wimax mabilis.. pero nabasa ko dito puro reklamo..

Anne Ortega 6 years ago

How about the SKY BROADBAND? I am planning to terminate my DSL and transfer to SKY ...any comments about this?

mark 6 years ago

Nagpakabit ako ng WIMAX 3 weeks ago. Hanggang ngayon paputol putol parin ang connection. Maraming reference number at job order number na ang na generate ng globe tech support. 2x nang pumunta ang technician nila sa bahay pero ang laging findings ay slow browsing. Kapag mag infinite ping sa yahoo or base station (ie. ping -t) mas maraming request time out kesa reply.... walang kwenta kapag magreklamo ka puro sasabihin sayo kindly monitor na lang po ang connection nakakasawa kaya ito ipapaputol ko na lang bwisit yang globe WIMAX na yan

lexella 6 years ago

bkit yung globe wimax slow browsing pag ka tagal tagal mai open yung site .. i takes 5 mins bago mag open? bkit ganun?/

angnaangna sulakihin somaskidot mokomoko 6 years ago

hello guys.. ok ba signal ng wimax sa cavite, laguna, batangas, rizal at quezon (calabarzon).. magpapakabit kasi ako ng wimax.. thanks more power sa smart at sun!!!

xx123456789 6 years ago

Miss Loyalty

I have been a globe user for over 10 years now, except for the time when I lost my phone and chose to go dark for a quiet some time. I’m not a frequent phone user. I seldom text and I almost never call. I’m always amused seeing people’s faces when I tell them I only spend roughly Php 30.00 a month on prepaid. On my early user’s stage, I used to buy prepaid cards for Php 300.00 and it lasts me 2 months with something like Php 50.00 the company takes when the card expires.

Shopping for ISP –Globe, Sun, Smart Prepaid

I also am a loyal Ericsson candy bar user. My first was the 3-liner model up until it gave up on me. Then a hand me down Nokia 5110 – the one I lost. When I got back to the work force, the Nokia 1100 was cheap and I fell in love with the flashlight feature. I think it was genius! It was early on in my career and I couldn’t afford the now merged Sony-Ericsson. When I finally decided to have an internet connection and because coming to a hotspot become more and more of a hassle, I wanted to be with Globe still. Mobility, ease of use and harmony were main considerations. I couldn’t bear the thought of looking at Smartbro antenna on my rooftop. It is that ugly for me. By this time, the Globe Tattoo was available and would have been the first choice… that is if you are near a tower and within grid lines. But hardware cost was a big turn off.

So I decided to put the money towards buying a new phone with Tattoo capabilities and more. So I had the very slim Sony-Ericson T700. Connection configuration was very easy really. Unfortunately, after almost using up a Globe prepaid, one tech support finally said that they do not have the settings for my phone model. So I tried Sun Cellular but I was not getting a 3G signal in the least. Getting Smart was the answer. It was fast, and I was satisfied.

Movement – Smartbro, PLDT, Globe 3G, Globe WiMax

For some reason I had to move back home in a hacienda far far away. My sisters house that’s right beside us is now rented with the tenant’s still an eyesore Smartbro antenna. I was out of range for PLDT and the Globe’s HSDPA/3G signal keeps popping on my phone. I got Globe 3G. I have the external antenna for maximum signal strength. I loved it. I can also take my modem to the city central where I work and be online even though our local server is down. When Globe WiMax was offered, I advised a friend to go for it. With assured speed, it is better than just a possibility of getting up to 2Mbps. We were pretty and happy until we can’t. But I know for sure they can always get away with “not an error free” disclaimer.


I used to be a technical support staff for a BPO that caters to US-Based ISP’s. While it doesn’t make me an authority on the topic, I think I have a pretty good idea how things are -- from a technical support kind of way to a customer’s service representative to a consumer.

With my 3G, I am up to speed only from 11PM the previous day to 5PM the next day. The difficult hours are between 5PM and 12MN. At any time, the connection fluctuates. My modem switches signals from WCDMA to HSDPA. On my screen it translates into “Page cannot be displayed”, “DNS error”, and all other errors associated with Connection no Browse. Connection no Browse is the most common ISP provider issue and with my background, I did everything I possibly could to resolve the issue. Calling the technical support was a major disappointment. I was ready to go through the same or more processes I just did but this time with their assistance. I was polite and observant. On the many times I called in, the only troubleshooting was to turn everything off and turn everything back on. It doesn’t solve my problem. (Although in some technically challenged customers it might work.) The advice from here on may vary but are still the same “Wait for 24 to 48 hours”, “network problem”, and “we’ll send a technician.” Most of the time it is just irritatingly funny. I have also moved my external antenna for increased polarization and it helped a bit.

Correct me if am wrong

3G signal is shared by the number of users in the area at any given time. It is also dependent on the number of cell sites on a grid. It doesn’t help when one is living in rural areas where cell sites are few and far between. Whether one lives in the rural or urban area, everyone is billed the same. That same amount is close to the amount paid by US subscribers to their ISP’s and betcha they get a whole lot more in speed, rebates and rerates.

Small voice

The number of internet subscribers in our country might small but it is the slowly growing need that telecoms are happy to oblige. This might be a minority and will be thwarted by our other major major issues like poverty alleviation, education, curbing corruption, etc. In the coming elections, I will vote for the one who will strengthen consumer protection or at least impose it. I’m sure somewhere in the legal system we already have those. Can blame me really coz I still believe.

My Resolve

I am moving to Sun Cellular whether it be 3G or WiMax as soon as they offer it in my area. I know from blogs and forums about their good and bad service. But what the heck, at least I’ll be paying much less for the same crappy service. And maybe my cellular phones will soon follow.

jayhar006 6 years ago

Ang bagal nitong globe wimax beware po sa inyong lahat na magpapakabit... Ask ko lng meron na ba d2 na hindi nagbayad ng subscription? What will happen pag di ko to binayaran makukulong ba ako? May isasampa ba silang kaso sa akin?

Globe wimax subscriber 6 years ago


Globe wimax subscriber 6 years ago


epal wimax 1mbps naging 300mbps na lng?,


globe Wimax subscriber 6 years ago

I hope globe broadband goes bankrupt! Bulok service. ive had no connection for 8 days now. ive been calling since day one! they promised to call back but no one does!! bulok na ng internet , mas bulok pa support! I applied for 1 mbs but i cant even open yahoo! i have to refresh the page every time! They should have tested their system before operating! Im appealing to all those who are looking to get a wimax! don't subscribe to Globe! speed sucks! and customer service hangang sorry na lang! don't make a mistake!! Napa subo lang ako kasi i had no choice!

globe wimax cavite subscriber 6 years ago

Very poor unternet connection. Service provider says that they are upgrading their facilities.

Magrereklamo nako sa Imbestigador at sa NTC.

globe wimax cavite subscriber 6 years ago

every day ako tumatawag.

di ko naman nagagamit ang service nila tapos papadalahan na ako agad ng bill. parang 1year na nila ina-upgrade ang facilities nila pero wala pa ding nangyayari.

Di ko babayaran ang bill ko hanggat di ko nakukuha nag 1MBPS subscription speed ko.

Wag nyo iwawala yung service contract nyo (kulay blue na papel). Pwede natin idemanda yang Globe na yan.

putang Inang Globe yan 6 years ago

hayup yang Globe na yan, paputo putol 1mbps ang gamit namin pero 52kbps lang speed na ibinigay sa amin minsan mababa pa sa 512kbps.tigilan na yang pagkalokohan ng globe mag Smart na

Ed 6 years ago

sa akin may cgnal pero walang connection, pero ngtry ako mglipat ng antenna ba yun?, 1 lang ilaw lang pero stable.. naku

meg 6 years ago

ask lng guys unlimited usage b un lahat ng plan ng globe wimax or my capacity usage lng sya per month like wi-tribe? thnk guys...

amaterasu 6 years ago

buwayang GLOBE f@#K

Hackeerrzzz 6 years ago

Ang Pangit ng Globe WiMAX....... Every weekend sa amin walang internet connection.......

fuckerss 6 years ago

pot@ globe wimax yan napakabagal shet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katie 6 years ago

kainis tlaga globe la pa ko one month pero bagal na agad tapos may hidden charges cla, ung nakacharge sakin di ung plan nung prce na kinuha ko na 795 parang ginawa nilang metro black and white cla, manloloko, papaputiol ko na to buti pa ngdsl na lang ako

JeromeSM 6 years ago

We're paying Php 795 for nothing. At first, I've expected much to that WiMax but after a while, that broadband goes slow or worse, it wouldn't let me have Internet Access at all even if we have a good signal, thus, it pisses me off.

RGZ 6 years ago


.allbliss. 6 years ago

@RGZ Naliligaw ka ba? Hindi ito GMA vs. ABS CBN. The topic's about how the service suck.

dickies 6 years ago

bakit po hindi dumadating ung globe broadband bills ko. libre na ba ngayon ang service ng globe? hindi ako nagbabayad kasi walang bill na dumadating sa akin dati meron. anong nagyari sa mgatao nyo? bka bigla nanamn putulin tapos may bayad ung kabit ulit.

bhax 6 years ago

sa amin napaganda ng globe wimax ang lakas kaso tmad ung globe hindi nagdedeliver ng bills. katulad ngyari kay dickies drin ako ngbabayad. sarap pala libre.hehe

renzbug 6 years ago

i just moved up my pldt plan from 512(999 plan) kbps to 719 (1299 plan) kbps. I decided to upgrade because I didn't satisfy about the speed.It took me 8 seconds or more before the page is fully complete. It sometimes happens that the page which I use to open appeared to be denied or page can't be displayed. I'm fed up about their service. I was thinking about switching my plan to globe wi-max. As the advertisement says, this is the fastest broadband without congestion. Before deciding, I tried to search some reviews about their service and I'm so thankful about what I found out. After reading your review and some of the comments below, it worries me to subscribe. To estimate, people who said they said had satisfied their service were only 3% and the unsatisfied were 97% percent. Thanks so much. I'll never subscribe to globe- poor service. Now, I hate globe.

thinkpad 6 years ago

on my 1st day meron na problema agad ung tech palang nahirapan na. hindi nya makuha ung speed na 1mbps. sa kakaalign nya ng antenna nag karoon kmi ng 1mbps. tuwang tuwa ung tech. yon natapos na ung installation nya. after 1 hr nag speed test ako wala na 0.12mbps na hanggang kinabukasan. 1mbps ung package ko. tawag ako ng tawag sabi nila increase daw ung speed ko after validating my account. sa awa ng diyos ganun parin. tumawag ako ulit imonitor daw ng 24-48 hrs pero walan improvement intermittent pa ung signal.baka mamaya bigyan nila ako ng bill isasampal ko sa magdedeliver ng bill kung taga globe yon.hindi ko pa napapakinabangan service nila. gago ang globe talaga.

marlonduba profile image

marlonduba 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Most plans that advertise something like 512 or 1 Mbps CAN NOT and will never be able to deliver that speed at sustained basis, most of them opt for "Up to ___Kbps" that is the nature of the service we get as we share this with the rest of the subscribers. If you need 512 you should enroll in a 1Mbps service, at least.

froilan luistro de guia 6 years ago

wala po ako net ngayun d2 sa amin villa ana maria san jose montalban blk9 lot 13 wmax ang gamit ko 3 days na po bka pwde po papuntahan nahihirapan po ako sapat namn ang bayad ko bkit ganyan

froilan luistro de guia 6 years ago

sana namn po asikasuhin nyo po ang serbisyo nyo maayos namn po kami na mag bayad tumatawag kami sa inyo kakausapin kami tapos wala dn mangyayari pls namn po ito po uli ang addres ko paki pa puntahan namn po ninyo blk9 lot13 villa ana maria san jose montalban rizal pls namn po kailangan ko po ng net yan lang po ang ginagamit ko para makausap ang aking mahal sa buhay kunting konsenxa namn po

thinkpad 6 years ago

please lang po araw araw na ako tumatawag sa inyo paulit ulit ung problema natin nawawala ang signal. sinasadya na ba ng globe ang ganitog problema?

charles 6 years ago

piniperahan lang tau ng GLOBE

den 6 years ago

bwisit 2ng wimax..walang kwenta..buti p kau mbilis pa kahit papano..d2 hind n pumapalo ung sa sa sobrang bagal..gago wimax

lily 6 years ago

i think it depends sa location lang po :)

dito samin nawawala lang signal pag peek hours.

wimax USER 6 years ago


Rod 6 years ago

hindi rin sa location. ang lakas ng signal ko kung minsan.kung minsan nawawala. lumalakas ung signal after mong tumawag sa kanila at pinagalitan mo sila. bwisit talaga ung globe talaga.paulit ulit nalang. ang bobo ng mga customer service nila hindi sila marunong mag raise ng problema sa upper management para magawan ng corrective action.

Woots29 6 years ago

im lucky kasi ayus na ayus ang wimax dito, kahit dalhin ko pa sa bayan ;D downloads at speeds of (according to bitmeter) 1025kbps. same as uploads :) thanks globe wimax

arnold 6 years ago

sobrang bulok talaga ANG SERVICE NG GLOBE WIMAX,,sana may batas tayo pra dito laban sa mga ISP na bulok ang servisyo,,,NO TO GLOBE WIMAX....

R-a-M-u-J 6 years ago

I am pretty satisfied with the Globe WiMAX here in our province (Masbate)... It's been two months since nagpakabit kami and wala namang problema...

I am actually living now in Cebu but I always spend my vacation here in our province... Smartbro ang gamit ko sa Cebu for 3years now and I haven't encountered any problem with Smartbro... But since walang smartbro dito sa province namin, Globe WiMax na lang...

Okey na man siya except for video streaming... It is mabagal talaga... Though not that bagal but compared to smartbro, sobrang bagal nya...

My sis is an online game freak, wala siyang prob sa connection... Yung bro ko naman is a social network fanatic, wala din siyang prob... Ako lang ang my prob sa GLobe WiMax kasi ang bagal nyang magdownload ng vids... haaayysss...

But other than that, okey lang naman siya... I mean, I am in the province and it is better than nothing, right???

hehehehe.... Smartbro 10 out of 10... Globe WiMax 7 out of 10...

Per experience lang po... :)

OOpppsss... They are both in 512kbps plan... :)

faith 6 years ago

hmmppp...nkkloka nman mga comment d2...gnun nb tlga kworst ang globe?

digitel kc q and ok nmn xa...kso plan q kc mgtayo ng cafe,alin b s digitel at pldt ang best connection for cafe?im at calamba laguna

im searching kc kung ano ang fastest internet connection...for my business

anonymous 6 years ago

I tried these internet providers; sun, globe tattoo, wi-tribe and I kbps globe wimax. First day it was okay, after that talo pa ang dial up sa tagal. mag-open lang ako ng 1 site, it will took more more than 10 mins. I really don't understand, nakikita ko naman na may apat na signal light pero sobrang bagal. ang sarap ibato! nakakasawa ng tumawag sa CSR nila na wala ng ginawa kundi mag-sorry.

Aziong 6 years ago

Sta Cruz Occ Mindoro location ko... 3 kms. raduis ko sa antenna ng globe nong 1 week 1 mbps ako, nong ngkasira network nila d2 inaayos daw kuno kasi dumami na subscriber, un pala sadyang pinababa nila nla frequency kpag marami na tau , abay 500 kbps n lng lugi ako..

echo 6 years ago

I know all the negative impact globe wimax is giving us

Arvin 6 years ago

bumibili po ako ng deactivated na wimax just email me

babydoll 6 years ago

i was planing to subscribe Globe-wimax ano ba yan dsl ko minsan disconnect ito naman malabo...hahai...kakainis naman..pagtyatya gaan ko nlang dsl ko maayos pa hehehe

Grey 6 years ago

waaa..dami pla problema sa globe wimax.

2nd day plang ngayon ng wimax ko kaya observe ko muna.

They're saying na pag malakas ang signal ng Globe mabilis din connection ng globe wimax. Pero nung unang kabit plang mdyo ngka problma na. di makasagap ng mabuti yung antenna nila, di makuha yung full strength signal, pero yung globe tatoo ko naman, full signal.

Pano nangyari yun?

SPUD 6 years ago

Dami pala kawawa dito. Well it really does depend on the location, and one has to know that just because your getting 100% signal strength doesn't mean your getting 100% good signal quality, ganyan kasi pag wireless. Next time we should research before subscribing to your chosen or available ISP. We should never take those telecom ads for granted.

Jov 5 years ago

Maganda lang ang WiMax sa simula (first month yung free). 1mbps ang pinakabit ko. First Month maganda kasi umabot pa ng 150+kbps ang speed. The following month wala na. Mabilis na ang 50kbps. Nag email ako sa hotline nila ang reply naman is kasali daw ako sa User Fair Policy which is not fair. Anu silbi ng Unlimited connection kung merong limitation.

DreamCatcherRN 5 years ago

I'm totally pissed off my globe wimax!!! If I had read this 3 months ago, hindi ko na sina pinaputol ang sky broadband ko instead nag upgrade na lang ako. First month lang po maganda ang connection sa wimax, after that yung 1 mpbs naging 0.33 mbps na lang. What sucks more is hindi ka na talaga makapagbrowse ng maayos. Then, di ka pa kakausapin ng maayos ng CSR nila. Kesyo sorry for the inconvenience then offline. Grrrr!!! Nakakahighblood talaga!

jessica 5 years ago

omg! hindi pa umabot ng 1 week wimax ko nagloko na, from the day i had it installed it was ok, the next 3 days i had no internet connection na, what the heck! so i called up their hotline number and they put my connection back for 3 days and then after that nwla na nman for 2 days and then on the 10th and 11th day i got on and off internet connection, it really pissed me off!

deL 5 years ago



buti nlang pang 3days na plang globe wimax.. tang na ASAP papaputol na nmen toh.. lokohan na toh

chito jose cervantes 5 years ago

mga 6 months n ko d2 sa sgpore, ,, nagpakabit ako ng wimax sa pinas para makausap ko ng maganda ang esmi at anak ko.. simula nung kinabit hanggang ngayon puro badtrip ang inabot ko,,,, napakapangit ng signal,,,,super bwisit ang globe,,,,,,teka.... teka .... sana meron namang makabasa sa mga comment natin n taga globe,,,,at para gumanda service nila,,,ung antenna para saan un,,, pag nakakabit walang signal,,, alam ba ng mga tech ng globe yan? ,,, what the f... ..

tart 5 years ago

basta wireless internet connection mabagal yan... better pa ung wired connection... wimax user aq dati kaasar connection nagpapalit aq ng wired... 4 months na wala pa problem...

libra 5 years ago

ang wimax po ay mabilis ito ay bagong technology ang problema lang sa globe parang mahina ang buga ng signal ng mga tower nila dahil yung binabyaran mong 1mbps kadalasan 200 - 500 kbps lang ang nabibigay nila o talagang di kaya ng globe mag maintain ng wimax

aries 5 years ago

what happen to my connection na wala nag prang bula dito sa cebu asar ngayon pa na maraming ang projects' tumawag ako wait for 48hours ano yun!!,,sira tong mga globe

foodnotbomb 5 years ago

wala sa signal strength naka depend ang speed ng wimax connection. na dedetect kc nla ang mga heavy user kya binabawasan nla ang speed 2b fair daw with other user! tang ina! ano klasing provider to napaka gulang!pra raw maibalik sa 1mbps ang speed ko they told me to avoid video streaming and excessive download or shift to wired connection to meet my demands! now my speed is 300kbps for a 995 plan subscription!! TO ALL GLOBE WIMAX USER NA NAKAKARANAS NG KAPAREHANG PROBLEMA, LET'S NOT PAY THIS FUCKING NETWORK.

KOPAL 5 years ago


supot 5 years ago

maga bugok nga ang globe,hindi lng 48 hours na follow up ang kailangan para puntahan at ayusin ang cgnal,three na weeks na ung sa akin na pina follow up pero d pa pinupuntahan,walang kwenta yang globe,

rommel arias 5 years ago

alam nu po b kung anung frequency band ng wimax sa globe???

vic capule 5 years ago

as i read all comments here mostly by globe wimax subscriber for their internet service, almost all are negative. bakit di kayo magsama sama and file one complain to globe? or sa NTC, kung sama sama mas malakas ang laban di ba? unfair naman if you were paying for one thing which is not worth to pay for... suggestion lang po..

taurene 5 years ago

dati na me gumamit ng wimax (mobily) dito sa riyadh, saudi with up to 2mbps speed, kaso mabilis lang after 2 months, pag pangit pa yun panahon, madalas ma-disconnect o yun msg na "tcp network error" ang mababasa sa pc nyo. kaya the best pa rin yun naka wired kagaya ng pldt o bayantel kasi dito ngshift na me dsl line (20mbps)with phone.... i don't recommend wimax for heavy user o madalas nag-video call

Juan 5 years ago

Wimax experience ko...

Full bars ang signal indicator pero hindi maka access sa ilang websites. parang may binaBLOCK na port.

isa pa, na obserbahan ko na every five seconds nag re-refresh ung connection towards

Evil Egg 5 years ago




Donwload Addict 5 years ago

If i were you people, best subscribe to smartbro plan 999. Connection is awesome plus the downstreams are fast. I,m using the service for almost 3 years now. Eventhough my location is approx. 3 km from the cellsite, i still had the best connection. Thus, I'm getting the stuff that i've paid for.

Donwload Addict 5 years ago

If i were you people, best subscribe to smartbro plan 999. Connection is awesome plus the downstreams are fast. I,m using the service for almost 3 years now. Eventhough my location is approx. 3 km from the cellsite, i still had the best connection. Thus, I'm getting the stuff that i've paid for.

There was a time that i had downsteam of 1mbps considering that i've ony had 700+kbps subscription. I doesn't block any ports. internet surfing and download freedom is at its best. The only thing about this thing is that it doesn't support port forwarding. Well it doesn't matter anyway, who needs it if your having Downstream of speed ranging from 350-1mbps!!!! It sounds great! Isn't it?

gella 5 years ago

hay nku, globe wimax is really very poor interms of providing internet conection. i regretted having my smart bro disconnected.Globe wimax is indeed a pain in the ass. hopefully we will be their last victims. the others, try to subscribe with other internet providers. don't be fooled by globe.

myk 5 years ago

badtrip ang wimax tamaan sana kidlat may ari ng globe

bulok ang globe 5 years ago

i tried globe wimax pero bulok tlaga napakabagal sobra,pawala pawala ung internet ko kya hindi kuna binayaran bwhahaha..

sinubukan ko naman ung plan 799 ng sun..

2am to 10am ng umaga umaabot ng 2mbps mabilis mag download at ok mag youtube

pag 11am to 1am naman .. mabagal na cya hindi na umaabot ng 1mbps.. mapapakinabangan mo nalang sa pag browse browse...

nauto ng globe wimax 5 years ago

Hahaha! we all have same problems sana tumingin tingin pala muna ako sa mga reviews.. napaka bagal talaga ng globe wimax. nagpakabit lang ako kc libre ung installation pero nagkamali pala ako! nakkainis ang performance sobrang bagal talaga. mag palit nlng cgro ako ng SKYDSL baka un mas ok pa! hehehe!

Aldrin 5 years ago

awts, dili nlng ko magpakabit uy , kapangit man diay ani, pangit sa tanang pangit

sik sik 5 years ago

hi to all... pls help me regarding the problem of my wimax CPE BM625 CPE. actually 2months na pinacut ko sya kasi low signal nakukuha ko. Di na binalikan ng globe modem pro nagagamit ko p sya until yesterday bgla nawala signal nya try ko n ireset modem pro still di p rin me makaconnect... guys help me paano uli macoconfigure modem kasi zero talaga upload and download nya pag-check ko sa status ng wimax... ano po gagawin ko pra makaconnect uli me sa internet... thanks

naloko ng GLOBE 5 years ago

I had a wired Globe connection before. For 2 months, ang saya! Then I had to move to another address. Unfortunately, wala daw silang wired connection sa bagong address ko. So I tried WIMAX. Grabe! Parang back to 1990! Same problems as you guys are having: intermittent signals, can't access some sites, HASSLE! Globe should be made aware of this. Kung ang Smartbro maayos, bakit ang WIMAX hinde? INCOMPETENCE ito ng GLOBE!

victoria 5 years ago

i've been trying to call the termination hotline ng wimax (02) 730-1300 walang sumasagot.. i tried to call 211 tapos sabi ng agent nila forward nila sa retention daw, i waited for more than 20 minutes.. wala naman sumasagot.. may ibang number pa ba na pwedeng tawagan? help please.. thank you..

garett 5 years ago

Hello there... anyone experience.. what will happened if hindi kana nag bayad ng 3 mos. bill sa Globe wi-max.. Plan ko na kasi i pa terminate kaso may charge pa ng 2500.. so better if i just let them cut-off my connection? what will be the consuquences?

Kwaks 5 years ago

Atay!ito din problema ko ngaun!gusto ko sana ipa disconnect wimax ko..kasi mramin gabirya ang globe!papalitan ko sana ng mydsl kasi mabilis dw tlga 1mbps nila..mgkano ba pre-termination fee ng globe?Help!

kwaks 5 years ago

2k daw pala bayad magpa disconnect ng globe wimax..paita ani oi!

Joanna 5 years ago

Im a user of Globe wimax 3weeks ago,sabi ng Installer 995 a month for 1mbps,i gave for Installer 500php and now my bill is 1,288.15 why????????????????

i don't understand!! please help

scorpio 5 years ago

potang inang globe wimax na yan anu ba contact number nian paki comment namn po salamt

Mr. Why-Max? 5 years ago

Ang aking Plan P995 na 1Mbps ay humina din 0.3Mbps na lang sa speedtest. Tumawag ako sa Globe service cfon no. 211 "Sori, u don't hav enuf credits left 2 meyk a call...", kakaload ko lang, ninakaw din! WhyMax? Coming soon...Tattoo Wimax 3 Mbps...:) Mad Max

BADER 5 years ago

tinawagan ako ng globe wimax. kakabitan na ko within 3 days papaputol ko kase smart bro. ano ba guys dapat kong gawin?

zero_cool 5 years ago

tang inang globe yan.. wag na kau mag pakabit ng globe wimax.. or kahit anung services nila... kc my bandwidth capping silang ginagawa... na once na mareach mo ung limit nun bandwith... let say 10gb ang bandwidth.. pag nameet mo n ung 10gb na un... automatic na mag slowdown ang internet connection mo... kaya ung mga nagsasabi ng depende sa signal at location.. tama din un.. kaso ndi puro un ang dahilan kung bakit mabagal... dahil un sa bandwidth capping... mas gusto ko pa mag smartbro.. alang bandwidth capping... mejo nagkakaproblem lng ang smart pag di maganda ang panahon... amf... sabi nila free daw ang 1month ng globe wimax.. pero bakit nagbayad kmi ng 500 sa installer.. tas my dumating na bill samin... P1283 ang babayaran.. tang ina... anu yan.. di n nga magamit ng aus ang wimax nila.. tas my additional charges pa... tang ina.. papatanggal ko na to... habang ala pang 1month.. pra ala penalty... shet!!

zero_cool 5 years ago

tang inang globe yan.. wag na kau mag pakabit ng globe wimax.. or kahit anung services nila... kc my bandwidth capping silang ginagawa... na once na mareach mo ung limit nun bandwith... let say 10gb ang bandwidth.. pag nameet mo n ung 10gb na un... automatic na mag slowdown ang internet connection mo... kaya ung mga nagsasabi ng depende sa signal at location.. tama din un.. kaso ndi puro un ang dahilan kung bakit mabagal... dahil un sa bandwidth capping... mas gusto ko pa mag smartbro.. alang bandwidth capping... mejo nagkakaproblem lng ang smart pag di maganda ang panahon... amf... sabi nila free daw ang 1month ng globe wimax.. pero bakit nagbayad kmi ng 500 sa installer.. tas my dumating na bill samin... P1283 ang babayaran.. tang ina... anu yan.. di n nga magamit ng aus ang wimax nila.. tas my additional charges pa... tang ina.. papatanggal ko na to... habang ala pang 1month.. pra ala penalty... shet!!

Sharkt0oth 5 years ago

You know everybody! it doesn't rely on the signal strength...check nu kung maraming RTO(Request Time Out) kpag mrami cyempre mbgl tlga ung connection! just open command prompt and type this to check -t kpag mrami lpat n lng kau ng BSID(Base Station ID)

boy-youjizz 5 years ago

I had Globe Wimax for almost one month now. So far, the only problem I had was the download speed of around 400-500 kbps well in fact I signed up for 1Mbps. I went through their chat support and got everything fixed up. Per knowledge since I use to work for Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon you should be getting at least 60% of the speed you signed up or else you could sue them and pay for liabilities. So far, I get as high as 1.02Mbps download speed and as low as 600kbps download speed, which is 60% of the speed. My location is at Civil Service, Batasan Hills, QC. Last week was a gloomy rainy week but I still get my speed not less than 600kbps. There are times that there is an outage but comes back after 15min. Surfing and browsing is satisfying. Viewing youtube and pornsites is ok. However, I have not yet tried the P2P thing. I'll try it later via Limewire. For people ranting about the service, make it more professional and educated. It's ugly and disheartening to read rubbish being posted. I even don't know your location, what you do for internet, how often you download, what sites are you viewing - basically what you do for internet use to educate other people who are searching for the best ISP they want to sign up. Posting P.I. is not helpful at all. It only show how ignorant, uneducated, and unchristian you are.

boy-youjizz 5 years ago

About bandwith cap and it's purpose:

exceptional 5 years ago

"Viewing youtube and PORNSITES is ok."

"It only show how ignorant, uneducated, and unchristian you are."

"It only show how ignorant, uneducated, and unchristian you are."

-anu b tlga boy-youjizz

boy-youjizz 5 years ago


My internet usage preference should not be the case. It's just an example that my wimax works for me the best it can. What about saying the P.I word? Does that educate people in choosing what's best for them in terms of internet connection? It doesn't really help at all. Is it educational? Try telling that to your mom instead. Research and study more about internet technology para hindi kayo magmukhang tanga.

boy-youjizz 5 years ago

boy-youjizz 5 years ago

boy-youjizz 5 years ago

boy-youjizz 5 years ago

Globe Broadband for your Home (WiMAX)

How is Fair Use applied to this product?

The Globe @Home broadband product is designed to provide a steady browsing experience at the convenience of your home. This allows you to enjoy consistently fast and reliable broadband service when you use it. This product may be used for data streaming and heavier file downloads. However, uncommonly high file downloads (users of peer to peer/torrent applications) or commercial usage may result to a slow browsing experience.

Similar to the nomadic sticks, our fair use policy applies to products and services as well as special offers or promotions, providing data usage for free or at rates lower than standard rates, or unlimited access to data usage.

The Globe @Home broadband service currently provides the following peak volume capacity depending on your plan:

For WiMAX Prepaid: 1GB per account per day

For WiMAX Postpaid 512kbps: 16GB-20GB per account per month

For WiMAX Postpaid 1mbps: 21GB-25GB per account per month

If a customer exceeds the peak capacity, the following may be experienced:

For WiMax Prepaid: service will be temporarily unavailable until end of day and will resume the following day.

For WiMax Postpaid: slow browsing speed within the month.

Am I likely to be affected by the Fair Use Policy?

If you don't use file sharing software or download large files from the internet it is unlikely that you will ever be affected by this policy. Media streaming and downloading of torrents contribute to your use of bandwidth capacity and if left permanently on, may cause you to be in breach of this policy.

What will happen if my usage requirement is high?

To fully enjoy Globe @Home broadband services, make a quick assessment of your usage. If it is more than the plan you subscribed for, it would be best to upgrade your plan to suit your usage requirement and lifestyle.

Occasional high bandwidth usage is unlikely a cause for concern. However, regular peak bandwidth usage may require you to upgrade your plan to optimize use of the product.

***The aforementioned thresholds are subject to change without prior notice.

Thank you for subscribing to Globe broadband services.

mayopingol 5 years ago

puro pronlema inabot namin sa globe wimax. laging putol ang linya. sa loob na isang buwan di ko mabilang dami ng walang signal sa dami ng putol nya. sayang lang ang binabayad namin. inaway na nga namin ang call center na may hawak sa globe. dapat sa globe wimax ipaputol na lang. kung ako sa inyo wag na kayong mag pa subscribe ng glone wimax. sasakit lang ulo nyo.

boy gising 5 years ago

ang hina... RTO>>>>> nay anu ba to>>>>> GLOBE WI MAX

irenskie21 5 years ago

hello everyone,

Pls.I really need to help...I used globe wimax for a few months ago then the connection get worse,i received bill that I don't used any connection for a month and I plan to terminate it..I send message to the globe and they told me to pay 2,500 fpr the termination fee or for temporary cut off I need to pay my remaining bills but even though cut off ako they will still send me bills every month..'yun ang sabi nila,manloloko tlaga ang Globe!!! anu po ba ang disadvantages kong di q sila bayaran? is it true the dedemanda ka nila? me..thank you........

Mike 5 years ago

Globe sucks. Hindi makapasok sa ibang sites at palagi pang nag DNS Server error. Walang kwenta.

BAlong 5 years ago

yawa nga wimax nabiktima ako nila ,,,,pag labas ng 1 month money back guarantee nila nag kalokoloko na ng signal nila ..... pweeeeeeee

Torrent Lover 5 years ago

Lowsy yang globe wimax na yan 25gb per month ang limit tpos paglumampas ka ay babawasan ung internet speed ko to 60 percent kaya nga unlimited internet ikaw ang magdedecide kung anung gusto mong gawin sa internet.. lowsy

boy-youjizz 5 years ago

@Torrent Lover

Please read my previous post on the "FAIR USE POLICY"

Dapat nabasa mo to bago ka nagsubscribe. Mali kasi yung term na ginagamit ng mga telecom companies natin dito na "unlimited". It should be "unmetered". This is a big issue in the US as well.

gandako 5 years ago

bkit ganon.... bumagyo lang nawala na yung cgnal!! ganun ba talaga ?? babalik p kaya yung connection nitong wimax ko?? pls help

gandako 5 years ago

ano ba to bkit walang connection.... no light ang LAN at ung 3 signal light.... normal ba to pag bumabagyo o sia ang modem ko???

ra venzon 5 years ago

i've tried smartbro and globe wimax and both suck! maganda ang connection pag una kaso they accept so many subscribers and eventually mago-overload towers nila so bumabagal or totally nawawala signal, especially sa mga medyo malalayo na tulad ko. I was one of their first customers sa area namin so dapat sana mas priority nila yung early patrons pero hindi eh!

ernesto malupay 5 years ago

madalas na wawala ang connection ko sa globe ...

lhei 5 years ago

hi..bakit ganun ang globe?d na namin ginagamit ang WIMAX for 2days lang.kse bumagal na connection namen, then very month may bill pa din kami. ano mang yayari if d kami nag bayad??

mHaCkiE 5 years ago

dahil lng ba sa weather kya nawawala ang signal o connection ng wimax?? another problem is that, pag ngnenet na ko bgla bgla na lng nawawala connection with a message "your dns server is not responding" ano po gagawin ko, d rin inaabot ang speed nya sa inapplyan kong 1mbps, no ba yan. .panget!

aileen 5 years ago

dati ok nmn, ngaun sa sobrang bagal ng Globe, hndi ko mapasukan ang ibang site at kahit anong game lang ayaw magconnect.. mga 1 month ng ganito. though 4 lights ang signal strength.. kailangan ko pang e bypass ang DNS. tinuruan pa ako kesa tumawag ako sa 211 isa lang nmn sasabhin nila at paulit ulit nlang sagot nila. E di nmn talaga marunong sa mga computer tech problems mga employees nila. pang customer rep lang talaga, na may sinusunud na script! gees

ace 5 years ago

swapang ang globe,, 3 months kme wala connection pero reported nman sa knila,, idinesconnect kme tapos my termination fee pa n babayaran ksama hanggang 12 months.. swapang talaga,, sana makarma kau

jam 5 years ago

meron ba na wimax na built ang antenna?

anni 5 years ago

im a loyal globe subscriber even with the sim card that i use,, globe lng talaga ko,,but recently it pisses me off with this globe wimax

sa 1st 2 months na ginamit ko binayaran ko yung bills

the other next month sira na laptop ko kaya hindi ko na sya ginagamit pero may babayaran pa daw akong 290 every month kahit wala namang ginamit..

i aksed them to permanenlty terminate it pero kailangan daw ung tao kung kanino nakapangalan.

pagbalik namin uli my babayaran pa daw kami na 8,200plus dahil breach of contract kasi dapat daw taposin namin ung 1 year

before nagpaconnect kami sabi naman ng nagconnect ay kahit anong oras pwede kaming umayaw kung ayaw na namin..

ngayon daw ang other option ay magbayad kami ng 3500+1500 for reactivation and plus 500plus para sa taong magkokonect..bali 4.500 for reactivation

na dapat taposin namin hanggang october..



irenskie21 5 years ago

hello to Anni,

Nagbayad ba kayo? aq hindi q binayaran kasi nga reklamo aq noon na nawala signal q for long time (2 weeks) walang sabi nila fofollow up nila...wala rin nangyari, nong ipapadisconnect q na dun na alerto agad sila bigay agad ng termination fee 2, unfair!! nagpadala sila ng bill sakin iba2x presyo minsan malaki minsan maliit kahit wala na kami connection sa bahay.di qnga binayaran . try din nilang maghintay kong kelan aq magbabayad kasi ganun din katagal at kabagal sila magsagot.try q connect ung internet nakikiwifi na lang aq sa mall or prepaid...

pakaplog123 5 years ago

buti na lang nabasa ko mga comments ninyo..balak ko pa naman magpakabit ng gloe wi max..bwisit din pala parang sun broadband..try ko na lng yung wi tribe

Buragoy 5 years ago

I'm a Wimax subscriber for more than a year now. The first time I encountered Internet issue was last July 22. The issue is still unresoved until now August 15.

Their CSRs don't know squat about internet service. One even stole my MAC and Device ID for his own use. Their field techs don't even bother to check if the issue has been resolved. They kept closing the ticket as no trouble found so that Globe will recreate a job order and they do get paid per job. These field techs are subcontractors.

It's also not the signal. they've checked and rechecked already. It's just slow because that's how Globe configured the connections at the base to squeeze all subscribers in a few cards.

To new subscribers, DO NOT GET ANY GLOBE DSL OR WIMAX SERVICE. It's unsecure, slow, and bad customer service. Trust me, I'm still in Globe hell now.

Allison Harvard 5 years ago

Kung ako sa inyo, wag na ninyong subukan magpakabit ng globe wimax. i am recommending you tu use broadband in usb stick like tattoo or smart bro. wag lang ung putanginang wimax na yan. lagi na lang walang connection. pag kumonek, sobrang bagal pa. putangina talaga. gago. palibhasa kase sa mga internet service provider dito sa pilipinas mga kurakot. pangako nila 1mbps tapos 50 kbps lang ung pinakamabilis sa gusto kasi nila mas mahal na plan ung kuhanin natin para mas mabilis pero makukuha naman kung di nila tayo gagaguhin. putangina tarantado!!! trust me. wag kayong mag-aaksaya ng pera nyo para sa wimax.

RITA SANTOS 5 years ago


rod 5 years ago

Buti na lng nbasa ko 2. Balak ko pa nmn mgapply sa wimax plan 995 ng globe.Mgrreaply na lng me sa fixed wireless sa smartbro,pnacut ko kc after natapos ung contract ko 2 aply sa wimax ng globe. Since madami ung negative fdbacks d2,ayoko ng maglobe.

Heinz 5 years ago

Ganito kasi ang nanyayari sa mga wireless ISP's. Magssetup sila ng antenna or transmitter para lang macover ng service nila ang isang area. tama may service pero hindi nila iniisip kung gano karami ang pwedeng magsubscribe. Example, nag set up ako ng transceiver sa isang lugar na ang kaya lang bgyan ng service ay 100 subscriber lamang, sa una siyempre magiging maganda ang service nila pero pag lumagpas na sa 100 ang subscriber ko dun na nagkakaron ng problema. Ito namang mga wireless ISP hindi gagawan ng solusyon kasi pera lang iniisip nila, magagawan nila yan ng solution per mtgal pa. para lang yan case ng smart dati. naglabas sila ng wireless broadband noon pero ang panget ng service. After 1 1/2 year inayos nila and they renamed it to what today is "smartbro" at mejo ok naman na service nila ngayon.

Eto pa problema, sa ibang bansa kinokonsider nila ang geagraphic characteristic ng isang area kaya meron silang accurate na data kung hanggang saan lang tlga pwede mag subscribe. Dito wala, ang alam lang nila ay yung measurement ng radius at diameter mula sa tower nila at kadalasan tanchahan lang.

Ang smart at globe ay walang sariling dispatch team, kumakaausap lang sila ng mga contractors para sa installation ng service nila at ang knowledge ng mga contractors na to ay ay isuficcient, pag nagpapainstall kyo ng service pakinggan nyo ang usapan nila. maririnig niyo na ganito sila mag usap: pare san ba natin ihaharap to? diba mas malapit dun yung tower na isa, dun na lang natin iharap. Parang ganyan ang usapan nila though ang proper dun is dapat bawat tower meron tlgang alloted na cover kahit saan pa yan. Kapag alanganin hindi dapat lagyan.

Probelam pa ulit. Hindi tlga regulated ng NTC ang kalidad at kapabilidad ng mga telecom na yan. Ang alam lang nila basta meron sila ng ganitong technology at hindi magcconflict sa iba pwede na nila ibenta. Sa US hindi pwede yan, (nakalimutan ko kung ano tawag sa NTC nila eh ) basta yung NTC nila pinag aaralan din nila kung kaya nga ng telecom na magbigay ng maayos na service ang isang company, kapag hinde, hindi nila papayagan or bago sila payagan may mga bagay muna sila na dapat macomply.

Probelma pa ulit. Ang mga technical support nila ay wala din talagang magagawa kaya wag din kayo magalit sa kanila. Oo may training sila baga naging tech support pero kulang tlga yun. Yung iba dun wala talagang alam sa computer. Ang turo lang sa kanila ay parang question and answer lang at di na nila kayang lumagpas dun. Kahit maghanap ka pa ng sipervisor wal din maitutulong yun kasi pare-pareho lang sila. Example: tumawag ako minsan sa globe dahil hindi ko maconnect yung blackberry device ko, kung anu ano pingwa nila sakin at wala naman nangyari. Sa huli ako lang din nakalutas ng problema ko though sa network nila yung hassle. Ang problema dun ay yung sim card ko ay nabili ko bago pa nagka blackberry. kaya kelangan ko pa restart cp ko, lgyan ng ibang sim, restart ulit at ibalik yung sim ko tlga. Nasa part nila tlga ang solution kung iuupdate nila ang service database ng number ko pero hindi nila magawa. Ganyan ang mga tech support, anjan lng para sagutin tawag mo, tulngan ka sa kung ano lang alam nila pero wala silang pkialam kung matulungan ka basta matapos lang yung pakikipag-usap nila sayo.

Eto pa! ang alam lang ng mga installation dispatch nila ay yung lakas lang ng signal. Sa totoo lang walang kwenta kahit sagad ang signal mo dahil meron pang "QOS" na tinatawag. Ganito lang ang logic nyan. Isipin nanonood ka ng TV, syempre pag malapit ka sa tv kita mo pinapanood mo, pag malayo ka mejo hindi na or maliit na yung screen. Pano kung malapit nga ko sa TV ko pero mejo nasa bandang gilid ako, ngayon sino ang mas mgnda ang view? yung mejo malayo ba na nasa harap ng TV oh ako na katabi lng ng tv pero halos sulok na lang nakikita ko. yan ang logic nyan at hindi din alam ng dispatch nila yan. Tamang malakas ang signal mo pero hindi naman stable.

Eto ang pinaka matinding problema. Alam nila ang lahat ng mga problema ng service nila pero hindi nila inaaksyonan or hindi inaaksyonan agad. Iniisip kasi nila gastos lang. Pero sana kung hindi nila kaya magbigay ng magandang service wag na lang nila ibigay kasi parang lumalabas eh nanloloko sila ng tao para kumita. :D

(pasensiya na kung mejo magulo comment ko, hindi kasi tlga ako sanay magsulat. Kaya ko lang magpaliwanag :D)

TheUninformed 5 years ago

Ang bobo nyo naman natural na mabagal yang wimax dahil di nyo alam ang kaibahan ng KBps sa Kbps.. Basa basa lang po tayo ok? Ahahaha

PAINTPASTEL 5 years ago

buti na lang me ganito na warningan ako kukuha sana ako ng wimax ng globe.. katakot

marikit 5 years ago

pano kung natagal ng di sinasadya ang utp cable sa broadband? tas nilgay ulit pero di sya nakaka'connect sa internet..unless, tinroulbleshoot mo siya..

tomato 5 years ago

super bagal nga ng globe wimax.. plan ko sana ipa upgrade ang 512kbps plan to 1mbps.. mabuti na lang nagbasa muna ko ng review.. 4days pa lang akong gumagamit ng wimax pero tlgang hnd ako masatisfied.. sayang lang,,

r_vinoya 5 years ago

Pangit talaga WiMAx... ala palagi connection.

Inilalako nga lang iyan sa Palengke dito sa Trece.

rhay 5 years ago

mabilis nung una pero ngayon mabagal na..20% lng ang signal strength ng wimax ko ngayon..

moniquekuhnz 5 years ago

i was suffering a bad connection and trying hard to get a signal that would take last even for an hour.. Im using globe broadband wimax.. that connected to my computer using cable was good for 3 mohths but unfortunately i had the shit signal ever now for almost 2 months. i enrolled 1mbps but then the service are getting slower.. and im really pissed off and my friend..i trried to call many times..and what they only do is ask me a lot of questions..what the hell..i need a fucking service.. just go to my place and make the service.. they always send me bills WALANG PALYA..but they don't care kung anu na ba nangya2re sa mga customer nila..eeffff..gagawa tlga ako ng eksena kpag ngpunta ako ng

rac 5 years ago

wlang kwente globe wimax waste of money lang ...lagi nawawala ang signal..

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba

As a fellow Globe wimax user I would just like to say that their service and their broadband is the worst I have ever experienced!!

It can now take me 10 attempts to load a webpage from sites like HP due to latency problems and other issues - when the modem is actually connected that is!

I am totally unhappy with the service but there is no alternative where I live so I guess they have no need to improve!!!!

If you don't have to; don't buy globe!!!

mmeell 5 years ago

dahil sa globe wimax nasira ang computer ko!...kainis!...ang bagal pa ng connection!...

concerned 5 years ago

my advice to those who has a plan to have a internet connection, globewimax broadband ,smart broadband, sun broadband or any wireless and wired (DSL)internet connection. First, tanungin nyo po muna ang standard reading. Kung hindi papasa wag na kayong magpapakabit. Second, sundin po ang kontrata na napagkasunduan para di makagulo sa network. Na Bawal po ilipat ang mga modem sa ibang lokasyon o ibang bayan without notifying ung internet provider, na bawal kabitan ng router at iba pa.

Red69 5 years ago

Wimax limits your downloads and for web browsing, it is not even close to its speed (1mbps).Mas sulit pa siguro yung 512mbps na plan ng globe...umaabot ng 300plus mbps for downloads and web browsing atleast 60percent of its speed gumagana..parang d naman aabot ng 500mbps yung 1mbps na plan ng globe wimax less than 50% lang ng speed ang nagagamit ng plan 1mbps... compared to sun wireless broadband 2mbps kahit usb lang at mahina signal mabilis sa network gaming at steady download.especially sa madaling araw.d nadidisconnect sa G-Arena at smooth sa you tube and sun wireless broadband.mas mura pa 2mbps 650 lang add on with any sun cellphone plan... :)

globeFOTA 5 years ago

WLANG KWENTA GLOBE! wak kayo advertise kung WALANG KWENTA! panloloko lang.... 1k / month! SH!T perwisyo binibigay! sobrang hina!!!

Billy 5 years ago

OMG! i've been paying 1k a month! signal always down... They're black mailing me with a P2500 termination fee!!! I've been suffering this Sh!t... :(

i hate... 5 years ago


Ina Ines 5 years ago

Bakit may hidden charges? sabi nila.. wla nang ibang babayaran tapz... pagdating ng bill may mga installation fee... ano ba to?

nagato009 5 years ago

pero sa amin mas mabilis ung globe wimax kesa sa smart broadband

nagato009 5 years ago

pero sa amin mas mabilis ung globe wimax kesa sa smart broadband

nagato 5 years ago


Cielo 5 years ago

Grabe ang globe na yan.....I am using Modem Huawei BM 622, at everythime na ako ay mag login nareredirect ako sa Globe tattoo firm ware upgrade website nila...sabi nila I need to upgrade daw teh firmware for added security, pero mismong yung pinapadownload nilang website ay hindi tama. Pati yung field technician nila ay hindi magawa

Nagreport ako ng Nov. 2 at ngayon Nov 9 unresolved pa din, yung field technician nila dapat tawaging failed technician. lekat ba naman paulit ulit na inuupgrade sa Huawei GUI interface hindi pa din mapagana....

Nakakainis na at continuous billing pa din yan. AnG mga Customer support paulit ulit hay nakaka banas na talaga

jojo18 5 years ago

oo nga ang bagal nila mg install mghintay k ng ilang araw tpos sasabihin lng nla n outside map dw nila place nmin pro bkit my kapit bahay nmn kmi n gmagamit ng GLOBE WI MAX... ano b talaga??? cnicra nyo reputasyon nyo eh. bkit d p dritsahin kng ano ang gus2 nyo... kakainis ang "GLOBE WI MAXXXXXXX....

raphael090706 5 years ago

Selective browsing, slow-ass connection, no internet for nearly two weeks, never ending cancellation and rescheduling of on site visit requests... SCREW YOU Globe! I made the best decision of my life to cancel my subscription with you and go back to your rival ISP. Haha! Yeah they suck too, but not as bad as you!

eriej 5 years ago

may free router po ba yung globe wimax? plan 995?

gfjn djd 5 years ago

mAy router po ba yung globe wimax plan 995 without landline? paki email po yung answer many thanks..

Nick 5 years ago

Hello Everyone ^_^

I would like to teach you

how to speed up your globe wimax connection

Just Follow the STEP ^_^

Step 1. Open NOTEPAD and copy the code and paste it.


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Tcpip\Parameters]








Step 2. And save it as internet.reg

Step 3. Now, Open the internet.reg and RESTART your computer.

Test your connection

Enjoy ^_^ 5 years ago

Salamat sa warning 5 years ago

Salamat sa warning 5 years ago

Salamat sa warning

Jeff Lester D profile image

Jeff Lester D 5 years ago

not satisfied...sana maaus toh..lagi kc nwwla connection ko everytime i turned on my desktop..bkt ganon dba dpat automatic meron na xa? huhy any1 can help me

joeenel 5 years ago

papa disconect ko napo walng lagi disconect inaabot ko...


Noel 5 years ago

Globe! Scammers! tang ina naman!!! lagi disconnected.. signal nawawala lagi! need 300 PPL for media pls... email me @

jeff 5 years ago

Wlang kwentang wimax yn.sobrang bgal tlgs

vincent 5 years ago

la kwenta globe, dapat sa globe burahin sa larangan nang pang komunikasyod dito sa pilipinas, load ko na ubos dahil sa mga pnapadala nang globe na hindi naman ako nag subscribe, at ito pang wimax na to, la tlga, tapon nyu na kumpanya nyu sa pldt na ako 5 years ago

I felt so relieved knowing that I not a lone fool customer from globe. I subscribed for a 5mbps service from globe and I get .03mbps on average (, if I ever get a signal at all. Globe sucks & should be banned doing business.

kath_20 5 years ago

just want to know kung ung globe tattoo dsl plan kung maganda..since it seems in here na panget ung wimax, ung globe dsl ba mganda?balak ko po kasi kumuha eh..need help about this.thanks

Exe 5 years ago

Kung Alam niyo lang na yung Wimax ay hackable At ang nag hahack din nmn E ang mga di kilalang mamamayan dito sa atin na filipino. kaya ang ma sasabi ko lang e ang nag papakahirap mag bayad yung talagang subscribers ng Globe at ang mga hacker na Walang ibang gawin e ang Palitan ng Mac Address and Wimax broadband at ang Globe nmn hindi Full Security. kaya masasabi ko lang sna Mag Upgrade pa ang System nila.

Jhason Deleon 5 years ago

NAPAKAPANGIT ng globe wimax....... wak kayo magpalagay




Planning 4 years ago

Hello am here in santiago city, isabela... and I am planning on subscribing to globe wimax P995/month plan (1Mbps).. Meron bang mga taga santiago dito na mayroong wimax plan as above? how is the service? and how is the internet connection? puwede niyo po bang ishare naman experiences niyo using globe wimax? and are the people that are commenting here all in the greater manila area? how about in other regions/places? is globe wimax really that bad as others here have stated? thanks for any help and info...

blackrider 4 years ago

buti nalang 54mbps sa dubai.

DinSlow 4 years ago

I'm living in Mindanao, about WiMax here this monster are working well, maybe by now they fix problems posted here, thanks for all the persons posted negative comments. I install our Wimax with my two neighborhoods I just bought a router with three sockets, then the 3 of us are now in the internet era. Again thanks to every persons who posted negative comments here, thru you Wimax in our area is working good.

kakzi 4 years ago

panget na talaga ng globe wimax ngaun lalo na pag my bill, pero maganda pag huck alang binabayaran. bwaahhhhhhh

jepoy 4 years ago

dati maganda ang wimax globe pero ngaun suppeerrrr shittt pano mabagal na nawawala pa internet... the best ngaun smart gumaganda serbisyo.. pero globe taeeeee kayooo.. soli nyo pera ko.

emayyya 4 years ago

bwisit na globe wimax yan super jakolllll.... ang alam nyo lang bumoka sa umpisa para makakuha sa inyo... pero ilang linggo lang penget na ng serbisyo nyooo..

??? 4 years ago

good day everyone... based on our experience lahat po ng ISP ay may bandwidth limit kaya po its around 750mb to 1000mb per day kaya po 3wks maganda ang service pero paglumagpas na sa bandwidth limit nila magslow na ang net connection ninyo kahit 100percent signal strength pa pag naubos ang bandwidth madisconnect ang net connection ninyo kaya ang magandang gawin ay try ninyo po maghanap ng programs na maibudget ang bandwidth ninyo para wlang slow connection... example 4 us gumagamit kami ng plan na katulad sa inyo pero di kami napuputulan ng net connection dahil binbudget po namin ang bandwidth namin for one month

??? 4 years ago

try nyo po gumamit ng DU METER SOFTWARE jan nyo po ma-momonitor kung ilang megabytes ang naconsume ninyo sa isang araw basta ang sa pagkakaalam ko po ang ang ISPs ay ngbibibgay ng bandwidth 20-30GB. kaya po ang sinasabing unlimited internet ay malabong mangyayari... sana po nakatutulong ang comments at suggestions ko po...

karen 4 years ago

WiMAX hindi maganda.. first week lang ako my good connection them after that week too many problems na with my connection.. mapapadisconect na ko kasi hindi naman worthit ung connection sa binabayad ko.. nagsubscribe ako para magkaron ng better and faster connection pero mas nagkaproblema pa ko.. money wasting.. un nalang masasabi ko.. gggrrrrrrrrrrrr..

capsilog 4 years ago

one week later and it is going slow and then stopped for 3 hours. oh, come on. they are screwing us. and now if I wanted to terminate the service i have to pay 2 months and the days that i have used it, i.e., 9 days a total of P2267 for a lousy service. globe wimax managers and techs, you are all going to burn in hell for that! May God have mercy on your souls.

capsilog 4 years ago

@ kath_20 do not waste your time with globe wimax we are all telling you here of the nightmare. we all want to tell you not to waste a centavo and a second of your time with globe. go to pldt or smartbro.

mightyKC931 4 years ago

hi. guys i have a question how can i connect my wireless router with my globe wimax net connection.. we enrolled to their 1,099 plan bundle with landline just yesterday! and the connection speed was up to 512kbps to 1mbps...just 1day of installing and we have connection at once without the use of antenna because they said we were not yet fully registered to their account so we have to wait for 3days to approve but we have connection already and you know what it was fast! please guys and gals do email me on need an answer! thank you

jenix 4 years ago

super hirap n nga ng connection..lagi napuputol! and one thing n nkaka init ng ulo dito...napaka unreliable nyo, d kayo magsend ng bill every month..iipunin nyo then sabay putol..helo kelangan nmen ng billing notice para makapag bayad s lbc noh..tapos charged nyo kame ng reconnection galing ng baket d kayo nagpapadala ng resibo..that you are supposed to mail to pagpupunta kame s ask about the bill..they will tell us na sa manila ang, ano mga silbi ng mga centers nyo..

utot2817 4 years ago

bulshit!yang globe wimax n yan walang silbi....imagine i'd paid 1th 4 d installation,hindi k nagagamit 1month n wala p ring connection niloloko lang nila ung subscriber para makakuha lang ng pera...ang masakit p bibigyan k p nila ng bill na hindi u nman npapakinabangan...maawa naman kau s subscriber...hindi pinupulot ung pera pinaghihirapan....kung may kunsyencia!

mightyKC931 4 years ago

yes! i just connected my encore wireless router to my globe wimax broadband i had a difficult time connecting at first but you know? when there's a will there's a way...well i just hope that we won't encounter all the negative things you said about the service! i will keep my fingers cross for that!!!

anonymous 4 years ago

nag babayad kmi ng tama tpos putol putol yung internet putang ina nyo....anu to lokohan...bobo naman

jeff 4 years ago

Potang inang globe yn! nkakabobo na! wlang kwentang wimax yan, bumile pa kme ng router tpos sobrang bgal pa ren, ng nagpakabet kme mabilis tpos after 1 month, npakabagal, ubod ng bgal ang internet tpos ung ibang website nde ko pwdeng puntahan, request timed out nkalagay ska service unavailable. Potang ina aksayado lng sa pera tpos PAPUTOL PUTOL UNG INTERNET 4 cignal lights nman nakikita ko sa modem pero npakabgal pa rin pag nagyou-tube ka npakabgal kpag 5 minutes lng pinapanuod mo sa youtbe 30 minutes bago mo pa mtapos. POtang Ina tlga

GlobeSaDavao 4 years ago


Globe SA Butuan 4 years ago



Ravena 4 years ago

paki-ayos nmn ang internet connection nyo po s cagayan valley dhil my anumalya n nangyayari dhil isa po kmi s mga ngrereklamo n paano nging 2 po ang account nmin s globe eh monthly nmn po ngbbyad at un pla binbayad nmin n monthly d pla pumapsok s account po nmin...kmi po ay ngbbyad s western union dhil un po ang instruction ng mga ageent ng globe internet s cagayan valley ballesteros cagayan po....paki-usap po pki-ayos po ang serbisyo nyo po s probinsya nmin...salamat.....

ECIN 4 years ago

I am a Wimax user and I am satisfied with my 512kbps and it's only P799 per month. It's fast and really, i am satisfied. Yung sinasabi ng iba na mabagal ang 512kbps at mabilis ung 1mbps, depende lang yun kung saan ka na lugar. if open space mabilis talaga but if nasa close space ka kahit 30 mbps ka pa, mabagal talaga.

dhel 4 years ago

Sobrang disappointed ako sa Globe Wimax. More than a week na akong nag re reklamo sa intermittent connection nila pero wla pa ring nangyayari. 2 times na pumunta dito yung technician, wla ring naayos dahil cell site daw me problema. Tapos nang naggagalaite na ako sa galit, bigla na lang ako sinabihan na may nationwide na repair or upgrading something? daw na ginagawa sila. Bakit di nila sinabi ito the first time na nag complain ako? Sabi ng call center agent nila that time lang daw sila sinabihan tungkol sa nationwide ek-ek nila. Hay, halata namang alibi lang. Ang masakit pa magbabayad daw ako ng 5Thou pag pinaputol ko ang subscription ko. Ano na ito lokohan?

bugritinsyria 4 years ago


Mastah 4 years ago

Tang ina nyo, Pag yang network nyo na Hack 999,999 of 1,000,000 na filipino matutuwa mga puta kaung globe kau..

mike 4 years ago

maganda service ng globe ah?globe tattoo broadband ang bilhin nyo wahahaha..talo ko pa kayo tsk tsk.ako umaabot ng 1.8mbps DL rate ko at ang maganda wala ako load wahahaha

jahrakal 4 years ago


Santino 4 years ago

From Lapu-lapu City, Cebu here. Nag subscribe din ako 1 MBps sa Globe Wimax na yan. 3 months ko lang nagagamit ng maayos tapos the 4th month paputol-putol at mahina na signal.

Nag ka problema pa sa singilan on 1st month kasi di neremit ng contractor yung 1200 na unang bayad, sinisingil ulit kami ng Globe. Buti nireklamo ni ismi sa Globe na bayad na yung una tsaka next bill 1200 na lang.

Umabot pa ng halos 1 month na follow-up sa call and at the same time going sa Globe Ayala bago na settle.

It's just a load of crap! Skype ko napuputol lagi, at nagco call back.. nakakabwesit! Sana nag PLDT na lang ako. I will cut the Globe Wimax bullshit service!

John Blaire 4 years ago

THE FvCK?!! gLOBE Wimax?? why implement this Scammer crap connection, imagine leeching my P1295/ month, while giving me headache and an intermittent service everyday?... fck off globe!

yubz 4 years ago

WTF .. cmt used permanetly my globe wiMAX is too slow 2 weeks ago .. from now BULsHIITTTT .. kindly imform me wat is the highest internet connection i apply add me @ fb yhvonebella@y.c

Buying Globe Wimax BM622 4 years ago

Buying Globe Wimax BM622 Modem - pm me @ ym :

jeromecute0529 4 years ago

try globe wimax now. it is super fast now

janina 4 years ago


j425 4 years ago

Bakit ganito signal ng globe wimax, napakabagal. lage nalng problem loading. I'm not satisfied with the service.

Junz 4 years ago

Ang bagal ng Globe Wimax Lagi na Lang server not found ano ba ang Globe wimax 1st week nito ang lakas bat ang hina na ngayon Itigil na ang globe Walang KA modo2x Ang bagong 4g na wimax ng letsing globe wimax na yan

slayer 4 years ago

oo nga putang inang globe na to. gusto ko nang sirain tong modem.

Maxim 4 years ago

Very bad service support of Globe. I should have read this thread.

We have to report this to NTC. I have called Globe service several times and their tech support call center are NOT helping in any way. Their subcon who are supposed to visit onsite are not even responsive. Their subcon is VISATECH Integrated Corporation. I signed for 2MBPS but speedtest is only 0.17MPBS since the very beginnning. I will get a lawyer to sue these guys. I'm paying a service that is not a service at all.

Arjskie 4 years ago

ang gagung globe to ung 512 atsaka 1mbps mag ka2lad lng..

try nyo alamin sped nyo sa .. -_-

wag na kayo mag wimax. potek na globe 2 . ,,/,,

majimboo 4 years ago

ok naman ang globe dito sa area namin, malakas lang cguro ang signal dito. alam nyo, 1mbps lang yong plan ko aabot xa hangang 2.05 mbps w/ip ip hindi lang stayble pero sulit talaga..

ghie 4 years ago


ung agent ng globe sinungaling din, nung nag inquire kami sabi malakas sa area namin tapos eto ngayon sobrang hina, 1 mbps inavail namin pero parang wala pa sa 1/4 ang nacoconsumpt namin.. tapos tatawag lagi ako sa call center na globe , kabisado ko na nga ang mga hinihingi nilang information bago makapag simula ng transaction, tapos kailangan ko pang umakyat sa rooftop namin para tumawag kasi mahina ung signal ng globe dito sa taytay.

grabe pag nagparedisconnect ka almost 3K BABAYARAN!

Globe sugapa yata kayo eh.

BAWAL ang TRIAL ano un para sure na kahit umalis ang subscriber nyo may mahihita kayo!

di kami mag aaksya na magpost dito sa wall na ito kung di

to talgang nararanasan namin dahil sa POOR INTERNET CONNECTION NYO!

mahiya naman kayo sa subscriber nyo!

THE MEANING you described the word WIMAX is not TRUE..

JON2 M 4 years ago




Jeff 4 years ago

Cainta Rizal:

kung pang facebook lang, no problem and acceptable speed for both upload and download.

overall performance, disappointed pa din ako. hindi lang naman pangfacebook ang internet! isa pa, yung ibang websites intermittent ang connection, usually nagti-time out! pero facebook hindi! anong klaseng internet connection yan, pang facebook lang. kalokohan

wag maniwala sa mga agents, kasi may quota yang mga yan. alok lang ng alok.

QUEZON CITY 4 years ago


reden 4 years ago

sa dami ng negative comment dito sa globe manhid parin mga walang hiya halos lahat iisa sinasabi mukhang pera ang globe businness lang talaga kupal ika nga'

qaz741wsx 4 years ago

hi.. speaking of globe.. Sa location namin ngayon walang signal ang globe. haizzzt ang hirap mag text at makarecieve ng text and call. If someone knows kung sino or pwedeng tumawag para makabitan ng cell site sa lugar namin. I will offer my place to put a cell site.

Please help! Thanks

GLOBE_ADMIN 4 years ago

To All GLOBE users We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

we have new offer today;

Get the best value internet today! 1Mbps Internet + Landline for only P1,099/month

Enjoy fast connection from the first and the largest 4G WiMax network in the country. With Plan 1099, you also get:

• FREE Landline

• FREE 1 Month Speed Boost

• FREE Globe to Globe NDD Calls Forever

Start getting connected.

Why go for less when you can get the best?

Avenger 4 years ago

Globe Wimax - ano po bang nangyari sa inyo? ang hina ng signal, ultimo mag-open ng website hindi maopen, palaging "The Webpage is not avaialble". Nakakadelay sa trabaho.

Avenger 4 years ago

I am so very disappointed about the Globe Wimax.

Avenger 4 years ago

Ang daming nang nagrereklamo pero wala paring aksyong ang Globe. Ayusin nyo naman serbisyo nyo. Dami na nagagalit.

Jong 4 years ago

wew! langya..palgi nlng the webpage is not available..ano naman to oh..amf!

Anonymous 4 years ago

I applied for Globe Wimax under the assumption of an uncapped/unlimited plan. Well guess what, don't believe what scumbags advertise, Wimax(wireless) plans actually capped which isn't what it's advertised to be. Sly jews, if you are looking for a decent isp.. here's tip: Ignore Globe.

GLOBE_ADMIN 4 years ago


anonymous 4 years ago

same here,,,always connecting,,,nkaka irata na..trying to find btter ISp

Mark Chando G. Lumines 4 years ago

almost 3months n po akong nag aantay sa solution wala p po hanggang ngayun. paki ayos nanan po agad.. please lng...very disappointing wimax n to :(

Jason Pating 4 years ago

Pati ung services nila magpapalit kami ng WiMax dahil busted yung mga ilaw almost 1 year shet wlang pumunta wlang kwenta services nila tapos ung wimax nila napakabagal as in tlgang parang 50 kbps lang cguro hayzz wag na kayo bumili naghahanap na akmi ngayon ng IPS ngayon....

cloyd 4 years ago

awts!kaka install lang ng wimax ko ngaun,at eto palpak!,,binablock ung mga ibang website na pinupuntahan ko..kainis,buti pang nagresearch muna ako bago ako nagpakabit

Cloyd 4 years ago

ayun na solve ko na rin ung Problem!!sa Globe Wimax na nambablock ng mga sites..ang solution po eh Change "DNS" server po kayo!!!email nyo po ako if you need help

paurihas 4 years ago

FREE 1 Month Speed Boost? yan ba dahilan kung bakit kapag 2 pc ginagamit ng sabay at video streaming yung isa, gumagapang na yung kabila?..haha! pansin ko lang..sinadya na yata ng Globe, 1mbps na yan so dapat kayang-kayang ibalanse yan lalo't may router pang gamit, eh hindi naman ganyan dati, pero patuloy pa rin kayong naghahagilap ng subscribers eh hindi nyo na nga maayos yung current problems...'gaming?' nakalagay sa ads nyo pero hindi naman friendly sa online games, konteng ulan lang disconnected na agad, bagong bansag sanyo "GLOBE DC HIMAX PING" haha!XD

abrilata 4 years ago

Ang pangit ng service. 1 month na kaming walang connection. Mag PLDT na tayong lahat!

Real cheap Cigarettes 4 years ago

The author deserves for the monument!

bobo globe 4 years ago

tangina parating connecting nlng. pawala wala internet , ang hirap mg connect pg may ulan badtrip nawwawala tlga ung net

JULE A. 4 years ago


byStander 4 years ago

puro di magaganda ang comment wew. pag ganyan ang lahat nang comment dito wala nang mag tatangka na mag avail nang service nyo.

buti na lang nag review ako bago ako mag avail

ouch!! 4 years ago

I already have had Globe's wimax installed today.. im kinda scared because of the reviews.. :( sayang 1k ko.. i'll just hope GLOBE will work on their connection problems.. :(

GLOBE GO TO HELL 4 years ago

globe? potang ina yan.. ung tattoo nga walang kwenta dito sa makati!! potang ina dapat pag papatayin yang mga may ari nyan eh.. walang kwenta tama naman bina bayad tapus ung services bulok...

request time out...

request time out... anong ka gagohan yan globe? ung signal nka hsdpa 94 % tapus mga websites 5 mins kung mag load?


greenhorn 4 years ago

nagavail po ako ng globe wimax.. manila po ako ok naman po.. buti na lang hindi ko naranasan ung na experience ng ibang globe wimax subscriber... cguro ok na globe wimax ngaun or maybe sinuwerte lang ako he he he pero wag naman sanang ganyan globe dapat po pareprehas ang quality ng service... tapatan nyo po ang binabayad ng customer

cesar 4 years ago

ako ang plan ko 1Mbps + landline, now wala ako landline, at ang speed ko na dapat eh 1Mbps, aba 32kbps-97kbps normally mga 76kbps which is super layo sa binabayaran ko na dapat eh 1Mbps! disconnected din ang line ko. dagdag ng dagdag sila ng subscriber di naman sila nagdadagdag ng bandwidth sa mga base station nila! kung pede lang kau sumpain eh sinumpa ko na kau! about sau greenhorn, babagal din yan maniwala ka! ako nga eh 1yr mahigit ok service nila tapos nung pinapaextend ako ng 2yrs contract di ko tinanggap, syempre ayaw ko ung nakalagay sa contract eh, parang agrabyado ako, aba at eto nag umpisa na ang kalokohan nila sa internet ko kasama landline.

cesar 4 years ago

GLOBE_ADMIN 2 months ago


Panira ha??? Punta ka dito at baka sa init ng ulo ko maihampas ko sau itong wimax modem! baka bumilis ito pag naihampas ko sa mukha mo itong modem.

frank 4 years ago

maganda po ang wimax ,,mabilis pang download

kylie 4 years ago

super nakakainis, palaging wlang connection and once nakaka conect nadidisconnect. pag nkipag chat sa customer service palagi na lang may service issue. I bundled my internet with phone and I was just able to use my land line for just a month then di ko na nagamit.

globe tae 4 years ago

ang pangit ng service nyo....bulok...

chester fernandez 4 years ago

globe is the best

swoosshhhh 4 years ago

summer of this year, sobrang bumagal ang connection namin. magsurf ka lang sa net, bagal mag-load. lalo na naman manuod ng videos. talagang hindi mo magugustuhan.

Mike 4 years ago

Sa mga nagcocoment po pwede po ba sabihin area nyo? ang alam ko kc depende tlga sa area. im from santa rosa laguna.. BTW Sun Broadband Sucks here!

ms mel 4 years ago

kaasar wimax na yan ha....almost 3 days na kmi la connection kabwisit mahal bayad 2mbps taz la nga 1mbps...kaasar....pwede ba ayusin nyo naman service nyo..kaasar kayo ha..

globe disappointed cust. 4 years ago

ganun din samen....1st month is OK get 1 to 1.5 MB...then the following month.....halos every other day walang net connection.... .300 max na un sa off peak pa!....pag peak paputol putol pa.....

jobz 4 years ago

bukod sa palpak cla mag send ng bill.....meron hidden charge...tapos when you call customer service.....mag apologize lang tapos observe lang 24 to 48 hrs hanggang masira ulo mo kakahintay internet....patitikimin ka lang 1st month tapos kakaladkarin ka na after a month wal kang magawa dahil tied up ka na sa kanila.....tsk tsk

DsP_wiT.WeW 4 years ago

Laggg talaga ang globe grabe wala ako masabeh!! malaki binabayaran namin tapos mahina internet!! youtube d na nga maka loading sa laggg 3 years ago

...grabe , ang laki ng bill ko 3months agad ang bill eh pa 2 omnths palang naman kami..!!!

XXXX 3 years ago




unknown 3 years ago

Pangit talaga ang service ng globe...maganda lang sa umpisa....itry ko na lang ang PLDT baka sakali di na ako mapapahiya sa kachat ko. Di na putol putol ang pag uusap namin. Sobrang tagal bago makaconnect uli sa globe kahit regular load na ang gamit ko, 15 pesos per hour.

wakokok 3 years ago

Ulol, bitin ka lang sa ka sex chat mo at di makapag video chat. HAHAHA

Deli 2 years ago

Just a small tip. If you do not want to get a very slow 0.17mbps or lower internet connection with Globe Wimax. Never unplug your modem upon installation. It works in our place. One time we did a speed test and it even came to whopping 2mbps to think that my plan is only 1mbps. But if however you accidentally unplugged your modem then that is where the ultimate hassle comes in. But you can fix this. A Globe technician came to our house and recommended me these simple steps.

1.)Open your modem homepage by typing this to your browser's address bar:

2.)Enter username and password. (username: user ; password: user or 0SlO051O)

3.) If you accessed it go to the wimax tab.

4.) Check your BSID. If your BSID looks like this : 00:00:1B:0C:0C:01 then you really have a problem. your BSID should end with a 00 not with a 01.

5.) Press disconnect and connect simultaneously by doing this several times you may obtain the 00 digit in your BSID.

Warning: ever unplug your modem after this, although there are times where it'll return to 01 you may just repeat the cycle again.

Thats how I fix my internet connection. Actually in our place the Globe customer service is really decent and a technician will come on the day they promised.

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