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Why I Do Not Like Go Daddy

Well unless you are new to the internet you probably have heard of Go Daddy. They have very traditional marketing technique the focuses on attractive women and alcohol (nothing new). It is very affective and they do get a ton of exposure for their commercials. This stuff does work and was exactly why I chose them when I registered my first domain online. They also claimed to have great customer service and the best prices. I can't say I disagree with either statement but after using them for a couple years I decided to move on. This was an important decision as I had several domains registered with Go Daddy along with the hosting of my online passive income site.

Here are the reasons why I do not like Go Daddy.

1.Too many upsells
When you are going through the GoDaddy shopping cart they tryto trick you into buying a bunch of services you generally do not need. I think they actually fool people into buying these service when they do not actually need them

2. Charging for Domain Privacy
They charge and extra $9 per domain every year for domain privacy. This is something they created and do not need to charge this much for a simple service. When adding this to you domain name it comes out to around $20 per year for a .com domain. This is quite pricey especially when you are just buying domains for ideas that may not work out.

3. Go Daddy Management Interface
I found their management interface to be very slow and a but confusing. It has gotten better over the years but I still find it very sluggish and almost painful to use.

4. Go Daddy Marketing
Even though their commercials are funny I am starting to get annoyed by their marketing methods. I like attractive girls but for some reason the constant pushing of them on their website and on tv is getting old.

Even after saying this I still think Go Daddy is a good company with great customer service. I just think Name Cheap is a better option when purchasing domain names.

Why Name Cheap is The Best

After discovering Name Cheap several months ago I decided to transfer all my domains over to them and purchase all new ones through them as well. Even though they are a much smaller company that is not as widely known I think they provide a better overall experience.

Here are some of the reasons why I prefer Name Cheap

1. Searching Domain Names
Their domain name search feature on the home page is the best I have found. It is very quick and provides great alternatives compared to others.

2. Reasonable Prices
Pricing on Name cheap is always consistent and affordable. They also include domain privacy for free with every domain making them half the cost of Go Daddy.

3. Easy-to-Use Interface
The domain management area is very easy to use. Name Cheap has also kept this very clean and responsive. Almost all the options are within a few clicks and can be changed with great ease

4. Features
The free url forwarding and email forwarding have been proven to be very useful for several projects. These features allow me to quickly redirect a domain to an affiliate link and have emails from my domains forward to my main email address. They also have a free domain push feature which allows you to transfer your domain to another Name Cheap account holder for free. This is great when you are selling a domain name or website.

After using Name Cheap for over a year now I still see no reason to look anywhere else. Their url and email forwarding are critical to my business and it is so simple to setup.

For more read my full review.

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