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Google : The most important to webmasters
Google : The most important to webmasters | Source

Google introduces author markup

Recently, Google introduces author markup, which means every webmaster should give his or her profile information in websites. Google wants to deliver best information to users about websites and their authors.

According to this policy, every webmaster need to have a Google profile.

How to set up Author markup to websites and blogs?

At first the webmasters need to get a Google profile by signing up to Google. If the webmasters a have the Google profile, they can implement the profile in website or blog as follows.

To set up author markup in websites to website or blog, the webmasters have two options.

Option1: To set the the HTML code like the following in any visible place of every page of the website.

<a rel="author" href="your Google profile URL">About Me</a>

Option2: Using a Google profile banner, the code is as like as follows-

<a rel="me" href="Your Google profile URL"> <img src="//"> </a>

In these HTML codes "Your Google profile URL to be replaced by the Google profile URL of the respective webmasters.

Useful Links

To know more about this please visit-

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Google video on authorship markup


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