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Google Desktop Download

You can download Google on your desktop. You can search your computer as easily as you search the web with Google with the help of Google Desktop. With just a few keystrokes, you can find and launch applications and files.

You can add Google gadgets to customize your desktop. You can get news, weather and much more anywhere on your desktop. Download and Install Google Desktop to get all the information around the globe on your desktop.

You can search your computer, gather new information from the web, and stay organized with gadgets and sidebar with the help of Google Desktop. Google Desktop shows you new mail, weather, personalized news, photos and more.

Download Google Homepage (Desktop Download)

Google Desktop Homepage
Google Desktop Homepage

Google Desktop Sidebar

Google Homepage Sidebar Desktop Download
Google Homepage Sidebar Desktop Download

Features of Google Homepage Desktop Download

  • Search your computer.
  • Useful search results.
  • Quick Search box.
  • Smart Indexing.
  • Finding deleted file.
  • Multiple file types.
  • Advanced Search form.
  • Google gadget and sidebar.
  • Deskbar and floating Deskbar.
  • Add gadgets interface.
  • Outlook Integration.
  • Lock Search.

These are some of the important features of Google Homepage Desktop Download.

Get the more information about Google Homepage Desktop download at this place. Download Desktop Gadgets of your choice. This would help you to organize your daily lie. I hope you found this hub helpful. Please share it with your friends by sharing options given at the end of this hub.

How to search your computer with Google Desktop?

Google Desktop for the Mac + Gadgets

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wmeseocompany profile image

wmeseocompany 5 years ago from Level 4, 51 Queen Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

All computer have search function build in the OS. How is this better? I've noticed that it actually slow your computer for a while trying to index your contents first.

anoopmohan 5 years ago


joykumar sukham 5 years ago

I want to download google homepage web search explorer

Ram Lakhan 4 years ago

This is most convenient website as start page. Easy search provision and to operate

m yousaf 4 years ago

I like google home

m yousaf 4 years ago


kevi boszin 3 years ago

i like it..............

the dog 2 years ago

i think it slowes your computer down

rinki 2 years ago

i like it its solve my all problem

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