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Google Television

All About Google Television

What is Google Television?

Have you heard about Google Television yet? It's the internet giant's latest high tech offering, set to explode across the country into a living room near you.

Google television will combine the interactivity and searchability of the web with the pure eye candy delight of the traditional television viewing experience. Google television is a web-if-ication of your TV at its most basic level, but it's the advanced features and functionality that are really going to make google television popular.

Google television users will be able to customize their TV's own "homepage" where they can add their favorite web sites, internet television channels, movie streaming sources, chat applications and even their e-mail inbox!

The Google Television Experience

Viewers will be able to run their favorite episode in one corner of their google television set, all the while checking their e-mail in another or reading recipes from a website in the top of their screen! This multi-screen functionality is a key offering of google television and it's designed to allow users to do as many things at once as they wish.

You will be able to watch your favorite episodes -technically - alongside a friend as you chat back and forth on the same screen. Special remote controls are likely to appear soon, although google television will also support operation via cell phones. You can even change channels and start or stop playback via voice commands!

Just as google did with their android based phone, they are going to open up google television to third party developers within the first year of its launch. This will mean that users will be able to select from and install a wide variety of apps to their TV, just as apple iPhone users have been doing in past years. There will be productivity apps that give you important stats at a glance, e-mail and weather apps, fun apps that help you keep tabs on your favorite sports stars or episodes, and, naturally game apps.

Because google televisionwill mean that the TVs are set up on the web, the possibilities for multi-player gaming are limitless and it will be interesting to see how far the platform can expand in its first years.

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Tochukwu 5 years ago

I would like to connect google television to my own mobile and would appreciate if only i can receive it thanks.

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    Introducing Google Television

    The Google Television Set

    Some of the best news for those hoping to get their mitts on google television this holiday season comes in the form of google's assurance that google television will work with all current home entertainment setups.

    Whether this means that google television will come as a small device that needs to be hooked up to your current tv, or whether it will simply be a service you subscribe to remains to be seen. It is almost certain, however, that television manufacturers will be rolling out special edition internet TVs intended for use with google television soon.

    The Coolest Google Television Feature?

    What do you think the coolest google television feature will be? The ability to customize your own television homepage? The ability to search for your favorite show no matter what channel it happens to be playing on at that moment?

    Google has said that they will be taking a very creative and open-ended approach to google television as the product develops and becomes more and more popular. Google television will likely undergo a number of revisions and changes in the first year or so, especially since Google has said that Google television  will be handed over to third party developers after its first year, allowing for the kind of innovation and fierce competition that has driven the apple device market to success with iPhone apps and the like.

    What are You Looking Forward to?

    What Google Television Feature Are You Most Excited About?

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