Buy Google Tv In India for Price 99$ | Logitech Revue

Buy Google TV in India

Logitech Revue Companion Box and Keyboard Controller
Logitech Revue Companion Box and Keyboard Controller

Now the Google TV can be brought in India or any other country for just 99$ from Amazon!

Google TV In India From Just 99% From Amazon
Google TV In India From Just 99% From Amazon

Google TV in India for 99$

The Google TV by Logitech Revue is now available in India for just 99$ (4400 INR). The Logitech revue continues its debut after selling over 5 million units worldwide. It's also one of the Internet TV sets that works very well in India (and in almost all other countries). Previously the price of Google tv from Logitech Revue was 250$. Recently, the prices were reduced to less than a third from the initial cost. The best part is, now you can buy Google TV in India for just 99$ from Amazon. You can ship it to any address in India for an additional 29$ ( Approx 1400 INR). Like, other gadgets there are no import duty for shipping Google TV. Amazon is one of the best trusted online shopping sites in the world and getting Google TV from them in India for such a cheap price is a fair deal to go.

Google TV Works With Your Current Television

If you are thinking of dumping your current HDTV to get a new Internet HDTV you might reconsider the desicision. The Logitech Revue is all you need to turn you TV to a new Internet TV. It is compatibe with the current Television sets. The Google TV box acts as a mediator that merges the USB (For playing medias in pen drive OR connecting Webcam for video chat), your Internet connection and the cable/satellite channel connections.

Make your TV better than an Internet TV - Get the Logitech revue for Google TV

Internet TVs like Sony bravia are still not mature enough to fuse Internet with television. In this respect, one great advantage of the Google TV logitech revue is its keyboard-like remote control. It helps you type anything you want on the television and search for it in google in an instant. This makes your television as good as a computer. With all this great features, to buy a logitech revue google tv in India for 99$ is an offer you really can’t refuse. Check out the product link to Amazon at the top right of the first paragraph of this article to buy Google TV in India. With Diwali and Christmas season setting in it’s the best deal you will find nowhere else. Check out the video review of Logitech revue Google TV from Amit Agarwal, one of the finest blogger in India.

Google Tv In India for 99$

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sharing is Caring ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Abhi 5 years ago

where can I buy the Logitech revue in India?

nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 5 years ago Author

You can buy only online from here :

raj kumar 5 years ago

want to purchase this logitech revue but would not allow cash on delivery option.. can I have it??

sikander 5 years ago

i want to buy revue googel tv

lokesh 4 years ago

where can i buy the same in india for 99$/5000 INR

nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 4 years ago Author

Amazon does delivery to India also. You can purchase it clicking in the product box at the top of this page. They will deliver it to your doorstep. However, they don't have a cash-on-delivery option. Amazon is one of the world's largest shopping site and you can trust them for your purchase.

Binay Pandey 4 years ago

I tried Amazon, but its not ready to ship this product to India. I get this message:

We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.

The price is $169, but i think its still worth it, but not sure how do i get this. I do see it on eBay, but don't trust ebay for such expensive product.

dude 4 years ago


Does this Android TV box work on battery like laptop or cell phone in case of power failures or it needs continuous uninterrupted electricity ?


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