The Disappearing Google Logo, a Magic!

A simple Magic Trick to fool your friend!

Many stage magic performances rely on optic illusions as our visual perception cannot always be trusted and capable of being deceived. There are many games and tricks, based on optic illusion, practiced by the professional conjurors to hoodwink the audience.

Let us take a classic illustration using the all too familiar Google logo. This is a simple trick anyone can perform as it calls for no professional expertise. As a matter of fact, this is not based on optic illusion but something different.

Gather your friends and open up the Google home page and request one of your friends to keep observing the Google logo. With this, the magic starts as you block the two ‘o’s in the logo with your fingers.

The Fake Google Home Page
The Fake Google Home Page

Incredible – but when you suddenly remove your finger, the two ‘o’s would have vanished. Like a seasoned magician, you can now request your friend to place his fingers over the missing ‘o’s. When he removes his finger - Lo and behold! Both the ‘o’s reappear.

Now, let us examine the method behind this simple trick.

First of all, know that it is not the true or authentic Google homepage you and your friend are looking at. Instead you are using the simulated or fake page (refer

When you click on this page, you will observe that the letters of the logo disappear after the lapse of five seconds. Clicking again will make the letters reappear after five seconds. The logo has been designed in that manner to create an impact on the visitor to that page.

Thus no extraordinary skills are required to perform this seeming magic. As you move your fingers to cover the Google logo, choose to click anywhere on the page and remove your fingers after a few seconds. Again, when your friend covers the letters, you click likewise.

Please know that a third click might land you straightaway on the original Google home page.

But the drawback is you cannot play this trick with a friend who already is aware of the presence of the fake Google page.

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Jack 5 years ago

This trick is is cool but you should try the google gravity

Jack 5 years ago

This is so confusing!!

Anoymous ola 5 years ago

not really a trick

ola 5 years ago

i know how you do it :

go on to: darks art media

hide the logo google and doulble click on the left button

on the mouse wait 5 or 6 seconds and here you go haha awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kate 5 years ago

I told my brother landen how to do this and they said it was we all tried it out and they said what a awsome google this is a fake google.

katelyn simpson 5 years ago

no oo its amazing never thourght it cought i do that

Anonymous 5 years ago

I know how to do this

bryan 5 years ago

wow dis is awesome got ny more tricks

Artemii 5 years ago

why google trick no oo????

damsai 5 years ago

magie hacker googl

e magie trick

5 years ago

my first message was my pet

-.- do u need to kno? 6 years ago

._. how do u do the trick -.-

hello my name is... 6 years ago

how do you get to this trick page??

annie 7 years ago


erika 7 years ago

I tryed it on my baby-brother and it worked, he told me to teach him it too so I did. but I think he dosen't remember!!!!!! it's so awsome!!!!butt they think it's not magic becuase I click it two times so it could disappear. but besides that it usullay workes:) erika<3!!!!!

erika 7 years ago

this is a really a very cool trick, my cuz played it on me and it worked, then i told him to teach me it so he showed me all the steps. and now i'm here pranking my family and friends:) ha,ha!!!!!!

lubna  8 years ago

what up u guys are stupin NOT

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