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Choosing the Right Printing Paper

It can be confusing, trying to determine which type of printing paper is right for you. What you should do, though, is not that complicated, ask yourself two questions and base your decision on the answers. First, what kind of printer will you be using, and second, what do you need to print.

Regarding what kind of printer you have, the majority have a ink-jet printer, but some people own a laser printer.

Basic printing paper is 20 lb, and would function well with any printer, but for some jobs you may want to consider some of the heavier printing paper. These are called card stock and some of the heavier ones are 60 to 100 lb or even greater.

The copies made by card stock printing paper will feel thicker, smoother and more crisp, making ink-jet stock suitable for important projects.

If you wish to print pictures using an ink-jet printer, you should select photo printing paper. This type of stock is coated, making it smooth and a bit inflexible, thereby the prints will feel like photographs. For something less shiny, choose matte photo paper.

An advantage for laser prints are the fact that they are more permanent than ink-jet prints, since they use toner rather than water-based ink, which sometimes ”run and bleed”. Only choose color laser printer paper if you in fact do have a laser printer, since this type of paper is very unsuitable for ink-jet printing.

HP Office Quickpack Paper, 92 Brightness, 8.5 x 11 Inches, 2500 Sheets (11210-3)

Printer Type: This printing paper is suitable for both ink-jet and laser printers.

Type of Prints: Recommended for everyday type printing.

Description: HP Office Quickpack is intended for people wanting an abundence of printing paper that is lightweight and quick to load, since the paper doesn't come in the usual 500-sheet reams.

HP Office Quickpack is great for the run-of-the-mill printing you do every day, for example reports, e-mail, drafts, and memos.

A carton of Quickpack weighs merely 25 pounds and offers the following benefits:

- no waste

- no loose sheets

- no ream wrap

- practical storage protection.

HP Office Quickpack paper is intended to function with HP LaserJet, copiers, inkjet printers, and fax machines.

It gives you wonderful, sharp results each and every time, at a very reasonable price.

Customer Review: Nathan Beauchamp of Oak Park, IL USA writes:

"A Bargain. I love these 2500 paper packs. I don't know why some reviews have has an issue with the paper quality; this is standard quality laser printer paper in a standard brightness level. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the product, and prints on it turn out beautiful in both black-and-white as well as color. The carton is now shipping nested in a larger, thicker brown cardboard box, so shipping problems described by other reviewers are a thing of the past (at least those caused by shipping the paper without proper protection). When Amazon puts these cartons on sale, they're much cheaper than buying a ream of individually wrapped paper like you get at an office big-box store. This is standard (and by standard I mean excellent) quality printing paper at a great price. You can't go wrong here."

Epson Premium Bright White Inkjet Paper, 108 ISO Brightness, Letter Size, 500 Sheets (S041586)

Printer Type: This paper is designed for ink-jet printers.

Type of Printing: The price is low enough for everyday printing, but the quality remains high, enabling you to use the paper for important projects.

Description: A printing paper suited to everyday business and personal printing, possessing a polished, extremely glossy surface area with 108+ brightness.

Perfect when dual-sided printing is required.

Produces sharp black text and brilliant colorful photos.

Assured to perform in any ink-jet printer.

Customer Review: Richard Eltzroth of Cotopaxi, Colorado, US writes:

"Excellent printer paper. This is a very bright, white paper with enough thickness (4.3 mil, 24 lb) that you can print on both sides without seeing through it. Compared to most other ordinary printer papers, this is definitely superior. And at about the same price as cheaper papers as well.
My usual previous favorite was Kodak Bright White, which apparently is no longer made. This Epson paper is quite similar.
For the price, this is THE paper to use for everyday printing."

Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, 4 x 6 Inches, 100 Sheets (2311B023)

Printer Type: Ink-jet.

Type of Printing: Photos.

Description: Canon has a great 100-pack of photo printing paper that will make it possible for you to save money, and allow you to print your photos in the comfort of your own home.

Due to the glossy and smooth texture, Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II produces vibrant colors and quality similar to a professional picture.

Share your precious memories with the special people in your life easily and conveniently , producing wonderful quality photos in your very own home.

Customer Review: Aaron D. Christianson of San Francisco, CA, USA writes:

"The best photo paper for Canon printers. Canon photo paper Plus II gives me amazing results on my Canon printer.
I've tried Costco photo paper (returned it) and HP photo glossy (It's OK, but doesn't seem to give the same depth.)

Canon papers have always treated me well and I'm sticking with them!"

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