What is Green Technology?

Green Technology

Green is the way to go, so since we're in the age of technology, why not go green?

In order to go with green technology , you need to fully understand what green technology is.

Basically, green technology is that in which the technology is environmentally friendly and is created and used in a way that conserves natural resources and the environment.

You may hear green technology being referred to as environmental technology and clean technology.

Green technology is a field of new, innovative ways to make changes in daily life. Currently, this Clean Technology is in the beginning stages of its development, so the future will only bring bigger and better things for this field.

Goals of Green Technology

Green technology is the future of this society. It's main goal is to find ways to produce technology in ways that do not damage or deplete the Earth's natural resources.

In addition to not depleting natural resources, green technology is meant as an alternative source of technology that reduces fossile fuels and demonstrates less damage to human, animal, and plant health, as well as damage to the world, in general.

Next, green technology is so that products can be re- used and recycled.

The use of green technology (clean technology) is supposed to reduce the amount of waste and pollution that is created during production and consumption.

Types of Green Technology

Energy: The most important and urgent concern and want for green technology is for energy purposes. We need better, more efficient was to produce energy without burning all the world's coal and using all the world's fossil fuels and natural resources.

Building: Basically, speaking, green building is an innovative way to build buildings and houses so to use the tools and materials most efficiently towards the environment.

Preferred purchasing: Green preferred purchasing is a new way to find products and methods of production that have the smallest impact on the environment. This searching and researching yields products that are deemed to be the environmentally preferred purchases.

Chemistry: Green chemistry is the application of chemical products that eliminate harm to the environment.

Nanotechnology: Because nanotechnology involves manipulating materials to the smallest nanometer, it can be best to implement green nanotechnology is the use of green principles in the field.

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Batteriser 13 months ago

Batteriser 13 months ago

Our team strongly believe in green technology and we are producing a product named by batteriser which is the first reusable sleeve that

extends the life of your disposable batteries to save our planet.

Arohi 3 years ago

very very nice

s.bhuvana 4 years ago

now a days and for up coming generation,the green technology is most essential.because we are facing the lot of problems especially in health.we are going forward to the technology with out taking care about our precious earth.we must save our earth as well as our future generation.so we want to go forward to green environment......

siwe kai 4 years ago

this is good. i wonder if you can help me with more information on green technology. i am given an assignment on it which is supposed to be 40 pages.Siwekai@webmail.co.za/ Kai.siwe@gmail.com if you have more information on green technology please help .

katherina 5 years ago

This is such an amazing stuff........!

I really admire it .Keep going green and making the world a more lovely place to live

VSM KARTHIK 5 years ago


in today's environment it is the matter of how longer we live because our earth is in a very critical position due to man made disasters.

leo 5 years ago


green boy 5 years ago

i think going green is the best way to go througg our lives .going green is the best way to prevent pollution.

(^_^) 5 years ago

I agree with going green and using green technology entirely! We don't need to think and say much, just do it and do it together!

PRINCESS 6 years ago

We have to do an assiment about this at school sooooo boring!!

revati raman dewangan 6 years ago

good to see greenish al around

PERSONAL! 6 years ago


I dont like giving my name 6 years ago

It really appreciate this because it was useful for my project on ecofriendly technologies.Good information is published.Good job and keep it up.I guess people will help to make the earth green after seeing this.

whoknow kia 6 years ago

May the technology of today and tomorrow always remember we are not alone on this planet and we are responsible for not only saving our plantet, but making future generations realize just how beautiful our Earth is.

Go Green!! I ride my bike to my friends house intead of having my mom drive me there. Wash ur dishes by hand and don't use a dishwasher

ERika sales 6 years ago

i would help the green team do there job and help other people to

animeman 7 years ago

good page but I personaly think that any thing about the green tech is good but if people have to lye to make green tech get researched then i don't like it they lyed with global warming just to get funding which doesn't sit right with me.

Liza 7 years ago

Go Green!! I ride my bike to my friends house intead of having my mom drive me there. Wash ur dishes by hand and don't use a dishwasher

Andrew 7 years ago


May the technology of today and tomorrow always remember we are not alone on this planet and we are responsible for not only saving our plantet, but making future generations realize just how beautiful our Earth is.


bubbajoe 7 years ago

I agree with EcoAsh because i ride my bike every where i go that's in a 15 mile radius which is fun so you should try it some time

EcoAsh profile image

EcoAsh 7 years ago from Hemet

GO GREEN! I ride my bike around town to save on gas and not pollute. Plus it's a good way to exercise.

chillingbreeze profile image

chillingbreeze 7 years ago from India

 Sound interesting!! Let not Technology pollutes our environment. Let our ages be green ages of TECHNOLOGY.

Good and important hub!!!

packerpack profile image

packerpack 8 years ago from India, Calcutta

This is a new buzz in town of environment lovers. New buzz in the sense recently it has got some good hype or maybe I am listening for first time. Whatever it be, at least I am environment conscious. But why is it that people don't read or take interest in environment related stuff? Although it has become such an important issue now in the wake of global warming but still people aren't much interested. I see so less comment on Hubs like this. It is not good.

But never mind Whitney, keep writing. I am too an environment lover and have a blog dedicated to it. You will find my blog being mentioned in my profile. By the way, I too have post on the same topic but it is on my blog. Do read, maybe you will find it interesting.

Tlk 8 years ago

Hey you make a lot of sense when you say all of this i have an assignment on this green stuff i don't understand it!!!!!!! Well you make a lot of sense

xrated profile image

xrated 8 years ago

This is great stuff. I appreciate this. Great.

profile image

hendus74 8 years ago

Very good hub :)

Did anyone see the guy on the Colbert Report who is coming out with the movie Garbage Warrior. Check out www.garbagewarrior.com

this is green nano technology, see my hub titled "Super Battery Tech Stock"

Thanks, have a great day.

munroenet profile image

munroenet 8 years ago from Paso Robles

In my oppinion Green technology should be the only things sold. Sadly it will never happen because capitalism makes people want to buy the cheapest. Socialism is even worse by not being able to reasearch those things.

The only way green technology will thrive is if we can get the economy flowing and people have major surpluses in money to invest in green technolgy.

Cameron Munroe


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