H.O.M.E. Review: Online Organizing.com

Author’s note: In my effort to bring you information about keeping your home organized, I’ve surfed many websites. In order to share them with you I’ve created a rating system. Each site will be rated on Handling (how easy is it to navigate?), Outward Appearance (is it visually attractive?), Modern & Up-to-Date (are the links working?) and Educational (is the content useful?). The Overall HOME Rating will be an average of the four categories. Look for the houses at the end of the review.

Over the years the Internet has become a clearinghouse of information for just about everything. The trick is finding all of that information! If you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon a web site that has done the work for you. This is exactly what you’ll find at Online Organizing.

Online Organizing is a web-based “one-stop shop” for all things dealing with organizing. Since November of 2000, this site has offered everything you need to get your life in order.

Most people look for organizing web sites for one of three reasons: they want to get organized or help someone else get organized; they want to start or build their professional organizing business; they want to promote their organizing product or service on the Internet. Online Organizing can help with all three of these needs.

Getting Organized

The Do You Need Help? section has an interactive form that helps you calculate exactly how much your time is worth. Another interactive form helps you test your OQ (organization quotient) to see if you need to be more organized at home or at work.

Check out the Find an Organizer section to find lists of ways professional organizers can help you at home or at work. For example, in your living environment, they can assist you with clutter control, estate planning, time management, wardrobe consulting and relocating, to name just a few areas. In your office environment, professional organizers can help with your filing systems, meeting planning, ergonomics and project management, as well as other areas.

Fill out the form to get a referral for one of the many professional organizers located around the country who are more than willing to help you with all your organizing needs. I personally tested this, and was contacted by a professional organizer within 24 hours. If you are in need of a speaker or someone to do a workshop for your club or organization, this site can help with that as well.

The Useful Links is a gold mine of links for various businesses to assist you in your every need. Whether you are looking for a moving company, want to learn more about online auctions, need new paper tracking software, or need a personal chef, you’ll find it here.

Organizing Advice is a great place to stop for a quick tip. The “Clickable House” has nine different buttons with eight tips each, and the “Clickable Office” has 11 different buttons with eight tips each. Each month there are featured items, including products, services, awards and a professional organizer of the month.

Professional Organizers and Organizing Products

Think you might like to be a professional organizer? Take the test located in the Become an Organizer section to find out. Check out the courses offered, join the referral network, and subscribe to the trade newsletter Organized for a Living for articles on running a small business successfully. If you’re looking for statistics or recently published articles on organizing, you’ll find them in the blogs.

If you’re already a professional organizer, you’ll find all you need at this site to keep your business going. For Organizers is available for your use, with links to other sites that are of use to professional organizers. You’ll also find the Products section divided into twelve different areas: home, family, auto, office, time management, books and more!

Free Newsletters

Besides being a great source for online tips, this site offers two free newsletters available via e-mail. Get Organized is filled with tips for getting your life in order, while Organized for a Living is designed to help organizers, and other professionals, be better business people. Ramona Creel, owner of Online Organizing, is the publisher of both of these newsletters and the author of many of the articles they contain. I’ll tell you more about Ramona in another article, but until then, take some time to check out her site.

Overall HOME Rating:

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spiceyfood 6 years ago

Well Hi, I am green around the edges. I am just learning. It is fun I get a lot of help from you and other writers, Thank you for that it will teach me to grow. I like this hub, getting organized. Thank you very much for helping me. I think I took the rough edges off and if not will you please show me there is more room for learning. Thanks Mel

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