Mobile telecommunication companies have a tendency of locking phones because they don’t want to lose customers. I wonder if they think we want to be there customers just because we bought some device from them, so absurd!. So to protest this, our friends made us some killer software which we can use to unlock our devices, however most are for sale, so absurd still!, again our other friends who hate this straight-daylight robbery share some of these software for us.

I will share with you the links when we kick start the real tutorial.

One such disadvantaged device are Huawei devices and that will be my focus in this tutorial, after this you will be able to put in the competitors Phone/modem simcard. I used it on my Huawei U1250 phone and it worked miracles but it should work on most Huawei phone/modems.

Just for the record this thing you are about to do is illegal in Newzealand

So let’s unlock this piece of shit:

1. Download the Huawei unlocker software from one of these locations:

2. After downloading unzip the file and click on the Unlocker software(It doesn’t require an installation)

3. Now connect the device you intend to unlock

4. Select the "Huawei" Tab

Huawei unlocker
Huawei unlocker

5.       Type in your imei and select calculate code

6.       You will now see on the left the unlock and flash codes

7.       Copy the Unlock code

8.       Now put in your desired rival sim card

9.       Select NCK and type in your unlock code and confirm

10.       Enjoy

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Comments 10 comments

yoya 6 years ago

not work for my u1250 from tele2

dexixy profile image

dexixy 6 years ago from Kampala Author

Yoya what does it say?

lee 6 years ago

It doesn't work for my u1250 from windmobile

frech 5 years ago

whats NCK??

emil 4 years ago

thanx a lot

ck.sufail 4 years ago

not working u1250

bence 4 years ago

does not work on u8500

ftu4 4 years ago

this is an unlocker for 3g-modems, NOT for cellphones

sam 4 years ago

how can i get nck in my u8650 huawei phone

jasmine 3 years ago

it do not work what do i do

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