How to Use HP MediaSmart Software

HP MediaSmart Software Overview

HP bundles MediaSmart software with many of it's Pavilion notebook computers. The software provides a convenient interface for viewing photos and video on your computer, as well as listening to music. You can also create playlists of songs, make photo slideshows and record webcam videos within the MediaSmart software interface.

Overview of HP MediaSmart Photo Features

HP MediaSmart software supports sorting photos in a variety of different ways. You can tag photos to make it easier to find all photos of your dog, your kid, or your favorite band. And you can build custom slideshows to play for friends and family. The video below demonstrates many of the HP MediaSmart photo features.

HP MediaSmart Photo Editing

In addition to several ways to view photos, you can also edit photos from the HP MediaSmart interface. The video below walks through all the photo editing features built into HP MediaSmart software, including image enhancement, crop, red-eye removal, rotating images, and more.

HP MediaSmart Music Features

HP MediaSmart software also includes music playback features. You can play songs from any album in your library or build custom playlists using HP MediaSmart software. The video below walks you through how to create a music playlist with HP MediaSmart software.

HP MediaSmart Video Features

Like the HP MediaSmart software photo feature, you can use HP MediaSmart software to view videos on your computer, as well as playback DVDs. One additional feature of HP MediaSmart software is the ability to record videos with your webcam. The software includes features for adding avatars and special effects to your webcam recordings, with integrated upload-to-YouTube functionality. Below you can see a video demo of the HP MediaSmart software video recording feature.

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Tasha 6 years ago

my version of hp media smart is diffrent i think its newer in stead of having webcam make a move Create playlist

it has create playlist make a movie create a cd and every time a record a video when i look for it i cant find it it makes me so mad i need help?!?!?!?

Bekah 6 years ago

Tasha, mine is the same! i got mine for christmas and mine doesnt have the webcam either and when i look in my video folder it isnt there it is under the webcam folder instead

Jon 6 years ago

Can you show how to apply the same tag to a number of selected photos?

charlie 6 years ago

I would like to have some kind of manual on using hp MediaSmart

Dave 6 years ago

I got a laptop with Mediasmart, but no user guide. I loaded videos straight off the camcorder into My videos. I can watch them on Windows media player, but HP mediasmart does not see them. I put the "my videos" folder in the monitored folders, still nothing. It does pick up all the crappy vidos from our cell phones and digital cameras. But the good camcorder videos, which saved as mpegs, don't show up, and I can't find any information in the program on how to get them to. Therefore, the program stinks

Karen 6 years ago

Dave, the link states that one must choose in Settings whether to allow videos that exceed 10 minutes. Perhaps that is not allowed and that is why you see the short videos and none of your longer ones. Hope you see this!

gina 6 years ago

ok so this may be a dumb dumb question....... but i want to change the floder path that mediasmart photo saves TO.... but i can't figure out how to change it from C drive to my extenal drive. (in other words i want all photos i have to be saved to my external drive) i understand i can save all photos onto the drive and open them from there, but to "play " with the photos it asks me to import them- thus saving them onto my c drive. the reason for my external drive was to prevent the photos junking up my laptop. i'm sure there is an easy answer i'm just not seeing it!

Beth 6 years ago

I am a teacher and recorded short videos of my students in sign language class. All the videos are there, but there is no minimize button, edit button or anything. All I can do is play them. I need to be able to upload them asap. Help?

Dave 6 years ago

The program used to see all the photos on my computer. Now no matter what I do it doesn't see anything. Useless.

Sean 5 years ago

Same problem as Dave. Dumb Dumb Dumb

iva 5 years ago

I have exactly the same problem as dave and Sean. I also make some slide shows and they disappeared...and can't find the files. Anyone know if these things can be fixed?? I have found HP help to be useless.

Imani 5 years ago

How do you import videos on it ????

christel 5 years ago

My hpmedia smart will not print pictures in color now. any suggestions?

mmmmmk 5 years ago

ablo ispanishhhh

ladykt 5 years ago

Is there a way to rename or delete albums on Media Smart music?

leslie 5 years ago

But how do you save the pictures you take ?

momof2 5 years ago

Same problems as Dave and Sean. But do you think I can find a website to help me? Not a chance!

Edward B White 5 years ago

I have a file on my media smart with pictures which I would like to copy to picture file on my computer. Some how I must of deleted that file on my picture file. Is it possible to copy a file from HP mediasmart to my picture file or Document file?? Please advise email address is

Liz 5 years ago

Can't figure out how to delete music??

Jackie 5 years ago

Have been trying for days to figure out how to delete music and haven't found out how yet. Very frustrating

Sassy 5 years ago

I made a slide show with music. Can i download this onto a disk?

luna 5 years ago

HOW the flaming clouds of my anger do we save the photos we take???? some of them have saved but the new ones i take are not automatically saving into my documents even though it says they should grrr i would love some help anyone who knows :)

curtis 4 years ago

my cam doesnt work when i click it nothing happen but like if i go to yahoo messy it will come on think im missing a file or something to turn in on in mediasmart is there a sight i can download the whole program.

niecey0721 4 years ago

how do u select multiple songs at once. would be ridiculous to develop this type of media program and have to add anything to a playlist one by one

suzy 4 years ago

how we can import our videos to it?

Daniel_P44 4 years ago

How do I combine my videos and photos to make like a video where it plays some of my clips and photos in one movie.

Jim Corbin 4 years ago

I cannot get a clear video when producing a DVD from the HP MediaSmart software. The MediaSmart Photo section plays the file clearly.. but cannot make a quality DVD. Advice??? Jim

didoune 4 years ago

1956 belkacem

Gill Clay 4 years ago

You have covered how to create a playlist, bt you have not covered how you create a CD

diana folden 4 years ago

how about making this user friendly. i have tons of music in playlists...plays on windows media but i have to make all new playlists on your mediasmart...nothing smart about it

mcrtd2 4 years ago

Hello all, below are HP links to the HP MediaSmart Desktop & Laptop application User Guides (these are Not for the older MediaSmart Servers, but are for the subject in this blog's thread):

HP Link to MediaSmart version 3 user guide:

HP link to MediaSmart version 4 user guide:

Best wishes.

Carolyn 2 years ago

Wow, so many of us are having issues with HP MediaSmart. I find it hard to believe the in this day and age no one knows how to delete photos from HP MediaSmart. I have tried every suggestion possible.

I even had my computer restored in late Dec. 2013, but still there are photos (no of which I know anything about dating back to 1997. AND, I CANNOT DELETE them. HELP.

I am on an HP utilizing Vista Home Premium.

napajnibor 2 years ago

My MediaSmart Photo has worked well for over 3 years, enhancing and cropping old documents. Recently when I click Auto-enhance, I get the message "Cannot save the file. Please check available disk space", and for crop "Access Denied. You don't have the proper permissions to save the file", both result in no change or save for the photo. The fact is these files are taken from and saved to the same location on a 2 TeraByte iomega drive and it still has plenty of space. I tried restoring to an earlier date, no good; uninstalled and reinstalled a different version from a download, one that doesn't work so well or so easily, so I uninstalled that and restored my factory software for MediaSmart particularly, but the result is the same. I can find no settings where I can adjust any memory volume settings or reestablish my permission (which I never required before). Any ideas, anyone?

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