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If you're shopping to buy an HTC Mobile Phone online and you want to buy it at a great price, then you really should be glad to shop on Amazon. You'll find hundreds of HTC Mobile phones available on Amazon, both new and used. Also, you can find many accessories and spare parts available to purchase. some of the variations of HTC mobile phones include:

  • HTC Evo
  • HTC Evo 4G
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Aria
  • HTC Incredible
  • HTC Hero

There are also many more variations of the HTC Mobile phone available on the market. I think I have covered enough for now though.

HTC Mobile Phones

HTC Mobile phones come in a variety of shapes sizes and models to suit most. You can have them with touch, type or touch and type capabilities. They all are Android 2.1 phones.Most of the HTC touch mobile phones come with the HTC Sense software. The only disadvantages can be that it's windows mobile phone, it doesn't have that many free applications, it has more bugs because it's from microsoft. but wait for the windows mobile 7.0 upgrade.

HTC US offers innovative & feature rich mobile phones. Explore all HTC smartphones and get support by visiting Then come back and compare prices on Amazon.

HTC Aria Mobile Phone

The HTC Aria mobile phone is closely related to theHTC Legend mobile phone, with different styling and support for AT&T's 3G network. Key features for this Android Smartphone are a large touch screen, 5 megapixel camera, 3.5mm audio jack, GPS navigation with compass, Bluetooth support, memory card slot and finally HTC Sense software.

HTC Aria
HTC Aria | Source

HTC Incredible Mobile Phone

This latest model of the HTC Incredible mobile phone is a step up from the droid Eris, it comes with an internal 8GB memory, higher resolution camera and a higher resolution display, a faster processor and even a built in FM radio. Other features of this Android Smartphone for CDMA networks include a large compaticive touch display, HTC Sense software, Wi Fi, EVDO Rev. A data, 3.5mm audio jack and a memory card slot.

HTC Incredible
HTC Incredible | Source

HTC Evo 4G

The HTC Evo 4G mobile phone is the first WiMAX Smartphone for the US. This high end Android 2.1 Mobile phone supports the HTC Sense interface a huge touch display and a whopping 8 Megapixel camera. Advanced features include HD video capture and HD to TV video output, Qik video recording and livestreaming. Other benefits from this model include Kickstand for table top video watching, GPS navigation, WiFi, Memory card slot, 3.5mm audio jack and built in FM radio.

HTC Evo 4G
HTC Evo 4G | Source

HTC Mobile Phone Review


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